Lucky Colour for your Zodiac Sign (Holi)

Holi is a festival of colours that brings joy and positive vibes for all of us. A kid or a grown up, each one of us love to play with colours and water, irrespective of age. Colours also depict reverence for deities and elders. Find out which colours are lucky for you to play Holi with.

Lucky Colour for your Zodiac Sign (Holi)


Holi remains one of those festivals which happens to be the most awaited of all. And why wouldn’t that be? It is this one day which is considered auspicious and is popularly meant for letting go of all the differences and marking a beautiful union. That’s the real beauty of Indian festivals as they all have a such an insightful meaning related to them. And we cannot really forget the unending fun it brings along with it. Brimming the baskets with water balloons, numerous packets of colours, the home-made ‘gujiyas’ (Indian sweet) and other delicacies surely make the day even more amazing. Another major requirement of this festival is to be with your family or friends and let those positive vibes bring you together from all those busy working days where you do not really get to spend time with your family. So, if you have made no plans to go visit your family already, then go make one now. Let the wind of vibrant colours smear all of you with radiance and positivity.

Holi is the Hindu festival of colours, celebrated during the spring season. This festival signifies the triumph of good over evil. People smear each other with vibrant colours and are seen enjoying themselves. This festival is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Even though Holi is celebrated for fun and frolic with colours, we mustn’t forget that each colour has its own significance in human life. On this festival, let us determine the lucky colours for each of your zodiac sign.

  1. ARIES

Aries is a fire sign. As an Aries native, you are connected with your family, friends and with your loved ones. Being independent, you always try to get your own way or upper hand in every activity you undertake. Lucky colour for you on this auspicious day is Red. As moon is the ruling planet of your fifth house of your horoscope, you should worship your Ishta [God] and offer red colour to the deity for blessings before you start playing colours with your family and friends.

Lucky colours: Yellow, Pink and Red.
Avoid: Black.


Taurus sign celebrates the festival of Holi with zeal and enthusiasm but always keeping up the authenticity and beauty of this festival. As Taurus moon will be in the fourth house of your horoscope, on this auspicious day, you can play with vibrant colours like pink, blue, white and green. Your sign is ruled by Venus and playing with these bright hues will bring prosperity to your day.

Lucky Colours: Pink, Blue, White and Green.
Avoid: Red.


Your zodiac sign is a water sign, with Mercury as your sign planet. You love to play Holi with your friends and relatives and enjoy the festival with good food and loud music. You are very social and love to interact with your dear ones. To keep up the sizzling spirit of joy and happiness, you can play with colours like yellow, pink, blue, green and purple.

Lucky colour: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green and Purple.
Avoid: Red and Black.


Your zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon which is represented as a water sign. This makes you remain strongly connected with your family members and friends, in emotional terms. You like to celebrate this auspicious day with people who has similar convictions as you, mostly along with your selected group within your comfort zone. To keep away any negative energy and to maintain peace and harmony, you can go for white and orange, if you aspire for some bright colours.

Lucky colour: White and Orange.
Avoid: Blue.

  1. LEO

Fire sign Leo is the zodiac ruled by the Sun. Your sign has good leadership qualities. You love to enjoy attention showered on you and love to brace the limelight with your bold personality. Since colour of your zodiac sign is orange, you should go for purple, orange and all shades of gold or red, for this festival.

Lucky colour: Orange, Red and Gold.
Avoid: Black.

  1. VIRGO

Virgos are earth signs, and your ruling planet is Mercury. Your Moon will be in the twelfth house on this auspicious day. Therefore, you will spend little time playing with colours but you should rather spend some quality time socializing with your family and friends. You will be feasting and dining with your near and dear ones, as you have a very balanced attitude to welcome each person with equal integrity. Your lucky colours on this day will vary from green, orange, light yellow, brown, navy blue and peach.

Lucky colour: Earth colours like Green, Orange, Yellow and Brown.
Avoid: Red and Black.

  1. LIBRA

You are an air sign and are ruled by the planet Venus. You will be cordial and harmonious with everyone you meet during this festival. There are also chances to meet new people and make connections, making the best of this grand celebration. You should opt colours like violet, pink, purple and white. Being your aesthetic best, you will probably plan the day in advance and celebrate it with pomp and show.

Lucky colour: Violet, Pink, Purple and White
Avoid: Green and Yellow.


You belong to the zodiac sign which is ruled by the planet Mars. You are popular and well received in your personal groups and always favour peace and harmony. To preserve the same on this auspicious day, you can use red and its shades, as you love to celebrate this festival with joy and enthusiasm. These colours will bring happiness in your life.

Lucky colour: Red and its shades.
Avoid: Blue and White.


Your zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter and is one of the fire signs of the zodiac. You are very spirited and cheerful, wanting to make the best out of every available resource and situation. Thus, to match your positive energy on this auspicious day, you must play with purple, indigo, plum and dark blue colours as they are perfect colours of prosperity for you.

Lucky colour: Shades of Blue.
Avoid: Red and Black.


You are an earth sign, and your zodiac is ruled by the planet Saturn. You are fond of festivals but do not like to indulge yourself too much with colours. Therefore, you can begin your Holi celebration by offering black colour to your deity, Lord Saturn. You will play with colours for a short time with your family and friends but would rather prefer to spend more quality time with them. Your lucky colours for this auspicious day are grey, brown or blue colours.

Lucky colour: Grey, Brown and Blue.
Avoid: Cream and Yellow.


Your Zodiac sign is ruled by planet Saturn, and you are one of the air-signs of the zodiac. You love to play with water and colours and Holi is the best time for you to be busy with socializing with your friends and family. Your lucky colours are green, blue and violet, as these colours can enhance the warmth of your relationships on this auspicious day.

Lucky colour: Green, Blue and Violet.
Avoid: Orange and Red.


You are one of the water signs of the zodiac. So, you will enjoy the splash of water and colours and spread positivity and harmony in your relationship with your loved ones and friends. So, choose a basket of bright and vibrant colours like green, red, indigo and pink to play Holi with your loved ones. Mild hues of sea-blue and sea-green are also positive colours for this auspicious day.

Lucky colour: Green, Red, Blue and Pink
Avoid: Dark Shades