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What Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Gemini!

The Power of Colors

Color is a powerful tool used for communication and expressing views, emotions, theme, psychology, thoughts, and so on, of the human mind. It can be used to signal the various actions that are done, and most specifically can be used to reflect the mood and inner feelings of a person. Though not much has been done theoretically defining the influence of colors on the human psychology and its functioning, yet, owing to the many practical beliefs and evidences, the effect of colors on a human’s mood, emotions, feelings, and behaviors, cannot be ruled out.

Colors carry a lot of energy in them, and this can be felt if we attentively notice the very different colors in nature all around us, and how they have an influence on us. Colors bring out the hidden qualities in us which are not very evident otherwise, and brings our inner glow which thus enhances our confidence, calms our senses, and empowers us to be strong.

Color Psychology studies the hues as a determinant of the human behavior, and it has been found that colors influence the various perceptions in humans that are not very obvious. With studies as such, and much more, what more do we need to understand and believe that colors impact our lives to a big deal, and influence us in many more ways than one.

How is ‘Green’ the Power color for Gemini?

Gemini is ruled by the planet ‘Mercury’, and it is known as the planet of intelligence. With the blessings of Mercury, one can rise in intellect, get higher education, and grow as a person. Mercury rules the family affairs as well as communication in relationships, and thus having a strong Mercury is of utmost importance for all those who seek to get successful in life. Thus, the power color for a Gemini, is Green, as this color would elevate self-confidence, give better health and immunity, improve communication in relationships, leading to a harmonious atmosphere.

The color green nurtures the Gemini’s spirit and since it represents growth, it would give the native absolute progress in all spheres of life. Green has a deep connection to nature and is also the significator of springtime, which brings greenery into the world, and this this color has a significant connection to overall development of a Gemini native, be it intelligence, relationships, health, career or family.

The color Green apart from increasing and supporting growth, is also related to growth and harmony, if we consider it from a color psychology perspective. It is regarded to be one of the best colors for creating a equilibrium between the mind, thoughts, and the feelings and heart matters of an individual. If a Gemini native involves a lot of green in his/her life, then it would help them balance the heart and the mind and keep them in the exact same level.

Green is also the color of renewal of energy, and rebirth. The color green bestows positive energy upon the user, and gives restores any depleted energy they might be feeling in their life and around them. It relieves stress, and thus makes you drift away from the tensions of modern living, thus bringing us back to a sense of well being which caters to our minds and hearts.

Regarded as one of the most relaxing and soothing of all colors on Earth, the lucky color green proves to be a very good power color for the Gemini natives. This is because it is also a very emotionally positive color that is capable of inducing positive good vibes in to us, and gives us the ability to nurture life, give support to others, and also support them unconditionally emotionally. Also noted as a peacemaker, green loves peace and always tries to keep everything around it harmonious and serene.

The Power Gemstone for a Gemini would be the ‘Green Emerald’, and this gemstone will make the wearer confident in  all affairs of his/her life, and bestow them with an abundance of peace, sanctity, health, better earning opportunities, career growth, public recognition, and better relationship handling skills.

Friendly colors for Gemini

Apart from Green, Blue should preferably be the second choice, as this color with all its various shades would be lucky for you. This color would very well complement your zodiac sign, as it is the color of the friendly planet of Gemini’s ruling planet. The color blue also has positive effects on the mind and body and can either make the wearer take steadfast decisions when required or also be strong as well as friendly. Blue often represents the skies and the seas, and is thus associated with freedom, imagination, and expansiveness, thus giving the wearer a sense of liberation and hold onto his/her life.

Colors to avoid for auspicious occasions

The colors Red and Yellow cannot be categorized as unlucky or enemy colors for a Gemini, but these colors, as per Vedic Astrology, cannot be considered a the most auspicious colors. Though it is not possible that you totally avoid this color, but take care to not use them when you are going for some important work or for a very auspicious occasion. At times as these, it is advised to better avoid using these colors as they might be a hindrance in giving you the best results from whatever you have been going for.