How good you are at saving money, as per your zodiac sign?

If you are struggling while thinking about money savings and you need to know the right way of planning finances based on your zodiac sign, then you have come to the right place. Find out some helpful money management tips for all 12 moon signs.

How good you are at saving money, as per your zodiac sign?


  1. Aries:

People born under Aries moon sign are very impulsive. They tend to do things suddenly without careful thought. They take buying decisions at the spur of the moment. You can expect an Aries moon sign native to be on shopping spree even at midnight. If they like something, they will buy it without looking at the price tag. This is why Aries people are not good savers.

Tip: Dear Aries, whenever you get the urge for shopping, try postponing for minimum 24 hours and start watching some sports match, adventure game, or wild life documentary on television. Once you stop thinking about shopping, you may start thinking logically.

  1. Taurus:

People born under Taurus moon sign have a stable personality. They are Super savers who save at least 20% of their income. However, when they walk throughout the stores, they lay their eyes on the most expensive item in that store. Taurus people spend most of their savings on shopping.

Tip: Dear Taurus, you should make a list of your long-term goals. This saving plan can help Taurus people achieve their dreams and goals.

  1. Gemini:

People born under Gemini moon sign are known for their duality since Gemini is a dual sign. Gemini people are very impulsive when it comes to shopping. They have a basic nature of spending money on unnecessary things. In this process, they tend to ignore the necessities of life.

Tip: Dear Gemini, you are advised to transfer a fixed amount of your monthly income into your savings account at the starting of the month and manage your personal and household expenses with the rest of the money.

  1. Cancer:

People born under Cancer moon sign are extremely emotional and sentimental. They try their best to fulfil the needs of their family members. This is because personal security and comfort of their close family member is of great importance to them. They love spending quality time with their near and dear ones by either creating their dream house in woods or bringing their travel fantasies to life.

Cancer people care about money and do not spend it like water. Cancer is a crowd-pleaser. They often go out of their ways to show people how much they love them.

Tip: Dear Cancer, sometimes you should treat and pamper yourself. It is good to fulfil the needs of your loved ones but you should also spend money on yourself.

  1. Leo:

People born under Leo moon sign are spendthrift. Their grand and royal lifestyle is the reason they spend money like water. They believe in creating a luxurious home far beyond their means. If they are left with money after that, they buy expensive gifts for their lover or friends.

Tip: Dear Leo, you should create long-term financial plans by setting the financial goals for your future. Use your creative ideas while gifting your loved ones something. Your expressions say it all and you don’t even need to emphasize a particular detail. Besides that, your innovative way of doing things is much more worthy than the amount of money you spend on gifts.

  1. Virgo:

If anyone wants to take the lessons on how to save for future then Virgos are the best teachers. A Virgo zodiac is known as perfectionist, hardworking and a super saver. When it comes to financial planning, Virgos are very practical and cautious and are highly conscious of financial savings.

Tip: Dear Virgo, you should learn to relax and allow yourself some time to do shopping as well.

  1. Libra:

People born under Libra moon sign are known to strike a perfect balance between expenditure and savings. Libra people are very generous with friends and family, especially in the times of need. They end up spending most of their money on their friends and family. A Libra will ignore his needs and save money but if someone needs financial help, they would happily part with their savings.

Tip: Dear Libra, you need to understand that people take advantage of your generosity. You should start saving more money and prioritize yourself first.

  1. Scorpio:

People born under Scorpio moon sign are quite secretive. They like to keep money matters hidden which may affect their future planning. It is true that nobody is fully aware of their actual financial position, yes not even their CA. They are good at making short-term financial plans. but when it comes to long-term planning, you need some external help.

Tip: Dear Scorpio, it is essential to discuss your long-term financial plans with your CA OR Accounts manager so that they can help to make the right decisions about spending and investing.

  1. Sagittarius:

People born under Sagittarius moon sign are highly adventurous. They are honest, smart and fiercely independent. They mostly spend money on travel, vacations, parties, get-togethers etc. The moment an opportunity of adventure knocks their door their money is gone. This is because Sagittarius people love to create memories and don’t mind spending (a lot of) money on that.

Tip: Dear Sagittarius, you should be mindful of your spending. Try to put away some part of your earnings on a monthly basis. You should start saving money for your vacations.

  1. Capricorn:

People born under Capricorn moon sign are very practice and realistic in money matters. They are good savers and stay within their limits. Capricorn natives are so disciplined about achieving their financial objectives that at times they even ignore the necessities of life.

Tip: Dear Capricorn, financial security is important but this doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying your life.

  1. Aquarius:

People born under Aquarius moon sign are one of the most intelligent and sensible signs. They love taking calculated risks but at the same time, they watch their expenses carefully and save accordingly. Also, these people are very kind, friendly and generous. They love to help others.

Tip: Dear Aquarius, it is good to be generous towards friends and family but not to an extent that people start taking advantage of your generosity. You need to be more practical about money.

  1. Pisces:

People born under Pisces moon sign are daydreamers. They make spending plans with the money they are yet to earn. Fancy and beautiful things attract them the most. The moment they have some money tucked away, they end up spending it on fancy things. No, Pisces are not at all good savers.

Tip: Dear Pisces, you should stop making castles in the air and learn lessons from the experiences. You need to be more practical and realistic in money matters. Spending money on things that cost a bomb is definitely not a good idea. So, you will have to carry some major changes in your approach.