Type of Shopper you are, as per your Zodiac sign

All of us have different shopping styles and habits. While one likes to spend hours peering through curious stuff, while others are very matter of fact-ly about their shopping needs. Analysis be done, it all boils down to your inherent personality, best described through your zodiac moon sign. Find out about your shopping habits here.

Type of Shopper you are, as per your Zodiac sign


Have you ever wondered if astrology has the answers to all the questions that ever arise in your mind? The answer is Yes! Is it possible that astrology drives our habits in and out of the stores? Some of us love to shop, while others hardly reach beyond their needs. While some of us are thrilled at the idea of going shopping and end up splurging, others are more subdued and stick to their list of necessities. This differential behaviour can be explained with the help of astrology, as our moon signs decides the kind of person who we are and our intrinsic qualities that shape our personality.

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Shopping experience is different for each individual. Whether you like to shop in the malls or flock to the flea markets, whether you are a patient shopper or an impulsive one, whether you stay within your decided budget or splurge at your will, or as basic as do you prefer online shopping more than going out, all these can be answered through your moon sign characteristics. And that is why, study of Vedic astrology through moon sign zodiacs, become extremely important in determining the kind of person that you are, which governs all your future actions.

The kind of shopper you are, based on your zodiac sign:

Our habit of spending money uncovers a lot about us, our taste, yearnings, culture, values, luxuries, extravagances, and needs. Astrology says a lot about your personalities, based on the twelve zodiac signs. So, we are here to tell you what your zodiac indicates about you in regards to your shopping habits.

  1. Aries:

As a fire sign, you are thrifty and impulsive. You work hard and spend harder. When it comes to your shopping habits, they are the same – will blow out all your savings on a shopping trip. Sales and discount often attract you and you live by the mantra- shop till you drop. You are energetic and ever ready for a shopping spree. You are an impulsive shopper and thrive on the hottest new trends and are very fashion forward. You enjoy shopping in the malls as well as in the flea markets and have a keen eye for discounts and bargains.

  1. Taurus

You have eyes for all things beautiful and fine. You have great taste and style. You are always down to pamper yourself with fine and fancy things. You do not care much about sales but shop when you feel like you deserve the best. Your shopping trips often ends with a fine dining, to make it a complete experience for all your senses. Ruled by Venus, you have eyes for only the finest and the most beautiful things available in the market. Price is not much as an issue for you, for you think of buying things more of an investment than an impulse.

  1. Gemini

You are a trend setter and have the eyes for all the newest trends in the market. You will see them flitting from one shop to the other, till the time they find exactly the things they were looking for. You are a great partner to have along with for such shopping trips with friends. You are patient and your friends value your opinion quite well. You are detail oriented and have already done your research on what you want, about the price ranges and what to expect in the market. You can shop all day tirelessly and try to acquire everything that you want, in a single day.

  1. Cancer

You are sort of a homebody and do not like going out much, unless it is absolutely necessary. You prefer the comfort of your home and thus online shopping is best suited to you. You love shopping for your home like home furnishings for creating cozy corners. When you choose to go out, often a shopping trip becomes a nostalgia trip for you. You are also a hoarder in the sense that you find letting go of old things very difficult. You are also very money-wise and will not be extravagant in your shopping. You have a budget when you go out and seldom cross that mark.

  1. Leo

You are all about glam, glitz and dazzle. You love to live life king size. You are always in quest for flashy, extravagant things. You love to show off and thus it brings you happiness to be the one who acquires all the fancy items. You love to buy glamorous things but also at the same time, things that can be replaced easily. You love buying new things and love to parade them in front of your friends. Money is not much of a concern for you, you splurge on things that make you look good in front of your friends. Shopping is a social event for you, for you will always be surrounded by your friends and fellow admirers during such trips.

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  1. Virgo

You are a very meticulous and efficient shopper. You are often the one who will have clear cut list for all your shopping items before you step out. You are very organized about your shopping trips. You know exactly what to buy and where to buy it from. You have a thrifty sense but you mostly stay within your stipulated budget. You like shopping for clothes and accessories since you always like to look presentable and nice. You are functional and are not at all impulsive. You do not mind shelling out a lot of money, unless the thing that you are buying matches its monetary worth. In that way, you are quite prudent.

  1. Libra

You are ruled by Venus and you have the ability to find all things beautiful amidst a chaos. You have eyes for finer things in life, which pleases you and others around you. You are an impulsive shopper who would pick up anything that catches your fancy. You are quite a spendthrift and don’t bother much about money, as long as you find what you are buying is appealing to all your senses. You often buy unnecessary stuff as long as it looks nice, feels nice and fetches you compliments. You love sales and discounts. However, you are quite a procrastinator and delay your shopping needs till the last moment. But once you are out in the field, you are completely uninhibited.

  1. Scorpio

You get what you want. You always want to look good and shop a great deal to perfect your looks and image. You buy everything that is in the latest fashion and in vogue. You intend on buying more luxurious items that will set you apart from the others in your circle. You are instinctive and have a great sense of intuition. You shop based on that great sense of intuition along with the knowledge of fashion. This makes your tastes impeccable and makes you stand out. You are known for your energy and focus and you won’t rest until you have found what you are looking for.

  1. Sagittarius

You are hopeful and optimistic. You love to travel and thus buy stuff that you think will make your travel pursuits easier for you. Last minute shopping is your forte. Your friends love going out shopping with you as they value your honest opinion. You often buy things hastily and at the last moment but still manage to get a good deal out of it. You love online shopping, as that gives you a chance to shop on the go. The idea of going to drab malls are often boring to you.

  1. Capricorn

You are a sensible shopper, just like your inherent nature. You are a traditionalist and are very down to earth. You shop only when you need something. You do not like to waste money, so splurging is out of question. You buy sensible stuff and do not go off your list of needs. You believe in saving money and keep aside for rainy days. You buy things that are long lasting and are important. You know the real value of money as you have rightly earned it the hard way and cannot just blow money on unnecessary stuff. You are a practical shopper.

  1. Aquarius

You love to explore new things and buy those things that are unique. You have a keen eye, which often explains your eccentric choices. You do not follow any particular fashion trend or anything but go by your own choices, which often makes you stand out. Your fashion trends are hot and at the same time obscure. It is never mainstream. You prefer to shop from flea markets or personalized boutiques where mass production does not happen. This gives you an edge over the others. You do not enjoy common stuff and are all about being different. However, you are a sensible shopper and like to stay within your budget.

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  1. Pisces

You have got eyes for all the quirky things. You are creative and artistic and find our own aesthetics in the things that you buy. You love a good bargain but at the same time, you are quite a spendthrift. You enjoy street shopping and like to buy things that are artistic and not mass produced. You find quaint little boutiques and obscure flea markets that caters to your sensibility and aesthetics. You are also very attracted to spa visits and love a lavish treatment of your life. You pamper yourself by buying stuff. You are a big believer in retail therapy.