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Which Power Color to Flaunt if you are an Aquarius native!

Colour therapy really works when used well. Vedic astrology assigns a specific colour to each planet. Based on your Ascendant or Rashi, using colours that are beneficial to you, can help you immensely. Here we will discuss the power colour for Aquarius sign.

Which Power Color to Flaunt if you are an Aquarius native!


Enhancement of your moon sign with colour power

Colors are part of our everyday lives. One of the most widely seen variety in nature, colors signifies many things to which humans can connect themselves. Be it emotions, sentiments, feelings, relationships, etc. We are at times so intrigued by the various colors that nature has in store for us, that we are overwhelmed about them.

It has been studied and research says that colors play a very important role on how we humans perceive a certain object, thing, brand, or anything we see. Color psychology has been in use since long, and it is based on the thought that humans have a deep relation with colors, and are to a great extent very much influenced by various colors. This is what color psychology is. It is all because colors intrigue us largely and we are very much in awe of them, so much so that they are able to psychologically heal us, influence us, and also attract us to an extent we would not even realize at times. Such is the power of colors.

  • Humans have a very deep connection with colors and the various colors greatly affect our moods, emotions, feelings, and the way we process a certain thing, owing to the color it projects.
  • Every color has different meanings concerned with its shape, effect, and nature, and we have that ingrained in our minds since a very young age.
  • If we see closely, we would realize that every color has its own vibe and energy, and we are only able to process it as per our mind’s reach.
  • Varieties of factors are responsible for us being dependent on various colors as per our moods, and this depends on the upbringing we have had, our surroundings, and the kind of person we are.

Vedic Astrology believes that every zodiac sign has its own power color, which is the luckiest for them. Using this power color, would definitely give the native an advanced form of energy to deal thing with, and also give him/her the positive vibes, luck, and fortune required to get ahead in life.

The Colour of your moon sign - Blue for Aquarius

Being an Aquarius, you are ruled by the planet Saturn and therefore the most lucky color for you would be Blue. Blue is the significator of the sky, the water, the sea, the ocean, and the air, and is therefore often very much associated with depth and stability. The color Blue strengthens the inner powers of an Aquarius born and give them a rock solid base to grow on and build up their skills. This color will surely shower a native with loyalty, intelligence, wisdom, stability, trust, faith, truth, and would be symbolic in ushering the native towards a life of progress and success.

  • The color Blue is also considered to be very beneficial to the human mind as well as the human body.
  • It is associated with tranquility and calmness, and gives a very different type of serenity to whoever uses it.
  • Try and use blue in your clothes whenever you have an important occasion to attend or for any auspicious occasion, and also try your very best to use its various hues and shades to your maximum benefit.
  • Also try to surround yourself with hints of it or fully, in and around your workplace and also your home and daily essentials.
  • Blue also symbolizes piousness and sincerity, and is directly linked to our consciousness and intellect.
  • Regarded a masculine color, it is very popular among males, and is thereby also very beneficial for any kind of work that needs luck and fortune.
  • Blue is also considered to be very auspicious for improving health, bringing around tranquility, understand among relations and giving you a soft heart to understand others.
  • It also represents knowledge, power, integrity, and thereby leaves no reason to not let this color come into our lives and fill us with its unique benefits and immense power.

The power Gemstone for an Aquarius is the Neelam, also known as the Blue Sapphire, which is very beneficial for removing all kinds of negative effects in one’s life. It is associated with wealth, popularity, leadership skills, affluence, struggle, and philosophy, and thus this stones steers the wearer through all of these, keeping them away from the ill effects of any malefic planets.

Lucky colors for an Aquarius - Green and Black

The friendly colors for an Aquarius born would be the colors Green and Black. Though Blue is the power color, using Green and Black for auspicious occasions and also for all things which need luck, support and positivity will be increased manifold by the usage of these colors. Try to involve yourself among these colors and also wear these colors whenever you have something really important planned, or even surround your workplace and home with colors that best complement you and are suited to give you productivity, hope, luck and happiness. These colors would also give benefic results in times when you need solace, and help you have a settled mind and an enthusiastic body at all times.

What colors should an Aquarius native avoid?

Since in Vedic Astrology, we give utmost importance to various benefits of planets and the stars; we are also required to take care of what the malefic effects could be and how to keep a track on them. Keeping them in mind, we have also shortlisted the colors that would cast a negative impact on an Aquarius, which are the colors Red and Milky White, which are to be avoided especially when we are preparing to visit an important venue, occasion or are ready or a very auspicious occasion in life.

Now that you know, you can very well flaunt that power color and absorb in all the positive vibes around you and reflect a glow very hard to let go.