Mother’s Day: Gifts you can give your mother as per her zodiac

Each year, Mother’s day is observed to celebrate the contributions and sacrifices a mother does for her children and family. On this special day and every day, your mother deserves to be treated with utmost love and care and be showered with gifts and appreciation. Find out what you can gift your Mother, on the special occasion of Mother’s day to bring a smile on her face. Read more..

Mother’s Day: Gifts you can give your mother as per her zodiac


Mother’s Day is celebrated each year on the second Sunday in the month of May. This year it will be celebrated on May 9, 2021. This day is especially dedicated to all the mothers and celebrates the essence of motherhood. The bond that all of us share with our mothers is unparalleled, and should be acknowledged each day. However, celebrating a special day in the honour of an extraordinary woman, the hard work and sacrifices of a mother, deserves a mention.

From an astrological point of view, the moon is the significator of our mother and our mind and interestingly, Vedic astrology based on moon signs. Vedic astrology can determine ways to keep your mind and mother happy by studying your birth charts. On the special occasion, you must be flummoxed thinking, what gift can you possibly give your mother, to the woman who has given you everything? We are here to help you find the perfect gift, which is guaranteed to bring a smile on your mother’s face.


  1. ARIES:

Your Aries mother is vivacious and adventurous. Energetic and young at heart, she will appreciate things, which will make her feel more connected to the youth of today. She is quintessentially the cool mom who gels very well with their kids and their friends. You must keep her feeling ahead of the pack, making her stand out. Gadgets fascinate them. Therefore, anything that is fun, exciting, expensive and most importantly, something that is trending, appeals to the Aries mom.

Best gifts for Aries moms: Gadgets (new and on demand), an adventurous gateway, vouchers for extravagant shopping, an expensive looking statement piece jewelry or a statement piece home décor.

  1. TAURUS:

Taurus moms have a flair for finer things in life. She loves aesthetic gifts, which will elevate the feel of her room or cupboard. They usually have an impeccable taste and therefore, you will need to be really thoughtful about your gift. Your gift is a reflection of how you see her and therefore, it will matter to her self-image. She is classy, loves to splurge and show off, and yet is very subtle about it. She will appreciate practical gifts, things she can put to use or things, which will enhance her status among her friend circle.

Best gifts for Taurus moms: A vintage designer bag or dress, limited edition records of soundtracks of old music, modern art by some quirky and famous artist, a subtle every day wear diamond bracelet/earring.

  1. GEMINI:

Gemini moms are chatty, funny, and full of life. A quick call with her turns into an hour-long conversation, about myriad topics and harmless gossip. With her dynamic personality and a big nurturing heart, she will appreciate the smallest of the gifts and gestures. But, your Gemini mom is so adorable that you’d want to pamper her with niceties in life. She is social, loves throwing parties for her friends, and wants nothing but appreciation in return.

Best gifts for Gemini moms: Eye-catching dinner and wine glass set, a diamond pendent, the latest and expensive cellphone, exclusive or limited edition liqueur or gourmet food.

  1. CANCER:

Cancer moms are loving, nurturing, and are the personification of the sacrificing moms. Their lives tend to revolve around their families and they spend less time on themselves. She is usually shy and a homebody. Sensitive and affectionate, the smallest of the thoughtful gifts would touch her heart. You should gift her something, which she usually would never think of getting for herself. Personalized and customized gifts would be best for her.

Best gifts for Cancer moms: A luxurious spa day coupon, an indulgent and stunning fragrance or a bath set, a hand written note along with a bunch of her favourite assorted flowers, a customized framed photo of the family, beautiful earthenware for kitchen.

  1. LEO:

Leo moms love being the center of attention. They are regal, elegant and have an amazing sense of style and fashion. She is often a great host and loves to host parties and soirées for her friends. She also loves to show off her latest purchases and acquisitions. Your gift to her should be luxurious and yet interesting. She likes to maintain a lavish life and therefore your gift to her should be expensive and one of a kind.

Best gifts for Leo moms: Statement jewelry with expensive gemstones, high end make up products, designer clothes or handbags to add to her collection, luxurious fragrance or an antique home décor piece.

  1. VIRGO:

Virgo mothers are very matter-of-factly and practical. Perfectionist Virgo mothers want things clean and organized. They are constantly on the run, looking after their careers and family and therefore, fuss-free gifts would be best for her. She is analytical and detail oriented and extremely hard working. Anything that can ease her load of work would be best for her. Also, no matter how much of a tough master she is, everyone needs occasional pampering and your Virgo mom deserves the same.

Best gifts for Virgo moms: Dyson home technology products like vacuum cleaner, air purifiers or hair airwrap range, a stunning one-piece jewelry, a customized binder or journal, or a simple gesture of breakfast on bed.

  1. LIBRA:

Libra moms are happy with the littlest of gestures and gifts. She values all things aesthetic and has an eye for beauty. She is stylish and loves to surround herself in a pleasing and harmonious environment. She loves playing a good host and therefore, cares a lot about the comfort of the guests. She will be as charmed by a luxurious gift, as she will be with just a customized hand written letter, as long as both aesthetically pleases her.

Best gifts for Libra moms: A statement home décor piece to wow her guests, a bottle of fine wine, or a voucher for fine dining, fragrances, bath products or diffusers to please her senses or even an antique jewelry set.


Scorpio women are all or nothing. She is intense and fiery but always so cool. Dainty little things do not appeal to her. She has a dark sense of humour and even as your mother, she will be remain mysterious and passionate. She likes to keep up her appearance stylish and contemporary. She is fierce when it comes to the people she adores and loves to spend time with her family. Gift her something that will indirectly involve all of her family members.

Best gifts for Scorpio moms: A family vacation to the destination of your mother’s choice, a punk and solid looking statement jewelry, a modern art painting, high end make up products and designer bag/dress or a fancy spa coupon.


A Sagittarius mom is full of life and energy and always ready to be on the go. She has insatiable curiosity and a knack for travelling. She is outdoorsy and you are guaranteed to have super fun with her. She loves to try out new things, be it food, music, or clothes and therefore any adventure is exciting for and with her. She is the best companion to have around because she is more of a friend than a mom to you.

Best gifts for Sagittarius moms: A weekend getaway for some adventure activities, coupons or vouchers for the exotic new cuisine restaurant that has opened in town, a quirky travel gear or travel boots to add to her collection or even a postcard set.


Capricorn moms are very straightforward and hard working. As a very reliable and responsible parent, she often tends to neglect her own wishes and needs. She is a simpleton without much demand from anyone; therefore, it is very easy to please her. However, she is constantly striving to make her place in her career and her family. Best gift for her would be something that would bring her peace.

Best gifts for Capricorn moms: A noise cancelling headphone, records with best meditative music, a designer but all-purpose bag, a spa and wellness gift card, comfortable silk bed and pillow covers or even anti-ageing wellness beauty products.


Aquarius moms are quirky at best. She has innovative ideas about life and it shows in her different ways of upbringing. She is drawn to everything unique and innovative. She is experimental and loves new things. She loves to socialize and is very drawn to culture and history. She is independent and loves to take up on new projects, which she implements with her own innovation and expertise. More than material gifts, she prefers a wholesome experience.

Best gifts for Aquarius moms: Limited editions books on history and culture, home DIY kits, quirky showpieces or home décor, antique jewelry, or even a day to spend volunteering at an orphanage or old age home.

  1. PISCES:

Pisces mothers are caring and extremely nurturing. She is warm and emotional and is very thoughtful and kind. Little gestures rather than the grand ones, touch her. Dreamy and in her own world, she tends to be forgetful. She is also very imaginative and knows how to express herself creatively.

Best gifts for Pisces moms: Kitchen appliances like an oven or OTG, a cookbook with dishes from over the world, a membership to a meditation class, a Polaroid camera, or a candle and diffuser set.