Which unfavourable traits can get you into trouble, as per your Zodiac Sign

(Moon Sign Based)

Good and bad are the two sides of the same coin and cannot coexist without each other. While astrology celebrates the positive innate traits of each zodiac, it also makes you aware of all the negative traits and flaws of individual zodiac signs. Find out here which your zodiac’s unfavourable negative traits are.

Which unfavourable traits can get you into trouble, as per your Zodiac Sign


Everyone has flaws in them. It is important to embrace the said flaws, because it helps us to figure out the biggest problems in life and actually take a step towards changing them. Unless we acknowledge our flaws, we can never become the perfect version of ourselves.

Have you ever noticed the particular bad habits that have formed from nowhere? You have not consciously picked them up and therefore try as you may, most of the time you are unable to shake them off. They become a part of your intrinsic personality – something that can be explained with the help of your moon sign. Though many factors can be attributed to the formation of such habits, astrology can help a lot.

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Interestingly, astrology has answers to all our personality related queries. While we love to dwell on the good side of our personality, there are a few traits in all of us, which one must be cautioned about. As important as it is to learn about and celebrate our good side, it is equally important to be wary of the unpleasant side. For every quirk and positive trait, there always is a counter negative trait associated.

Every sign has its own brand of unfavourable traits and the unique damage that it inflicts upon the world. Listed below are a few of the unfavourable traits to be looked out for in each zodiac.

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Negative Traits that can get you into trouble, as per your zodiac sign

  1. Aries

You are energetic, vivacious and have great skills to be a natural born leader. However, your need for attention and recognition can cause you to appear self-centered. You chase validation and that can become exhausting for others sometimes.

You are also prone to cursing as you like to communicate with emphasis. This behaviour often gets you into trouble. You are also impulsive and impatient. You act without thinking and are prone to make rash decisions. You are also known to interrupt a lot.

  1. Taurus

You are ambitious, dependable and extremely mature. You are responsible and reliable. However, you are extremely stubborn and set in your ways. You refuse to take into consideration the point of view of others simply because they are not the same as yours. You see life in black and white and suffer from the virtue of righteousness.

You have a tendency to become cynical and pessimistic. You say ‘no’ too often and miss out on terrific opportunities. You can be extremely rigid and set in your own ways and don’t budge unless everyone around you follows the same set of rules. You avoid change like a plague. You are averse to trying new things because you fear change. Your unwillingness to change your mind or even apologize when it is needed, often becomes the reason why you get into trouble.

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  1. Gemini

You have a bubbly personality, who is a social butterfly. You are friendly with extremely good communication skills. However, represented by the twins, you are often charged with being two-faced. Your mind is hyper-active causing you to change stances and switch your thoughts so much that it might seem you have different personalities. You also have a very short attention span and often come across as superficial.

You love a good story and are famously known for gossiping. But gossiping can adversely impact your relationships and cause you to get into trouble for breaching trust. You are impatient, tend to get bored easily and often are obsessive. You get distracted very often and zone out, which leaves you feeling very disconnected and scattered, like all over the place. You are also known to twist the truth to fit your respective audience.

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  1. Cancer

You are caring and nurturing and the most compassionate among all the zodiacs. You are emotional and sensitive. While this may be your strength, being emotional becomes your biggest weakness as well. Reacting to all kinds of emotions and sentiments, you come across as moody. This makes you controlling and you become passive aggressive. People have a difficult time in trying to understand you as you recede into your shell at the slightest inconvenience.

You are very prone to cribbing and complaining. Your need to vent often becomes borderline extreme. You are known to hold grudges and resentment, which leads to a lot of negative feelings and thinking. Sometimes you can become overly sensitive, causing stress and troubles to others. You are also known to be quite a hoarder as you attach much more than necessary importance to emotions and memories. You are also known to be emotionally manipulative since you are so good at reading people.

  1. Leo

You are charismatic, passionate and lovable. You are fiery, a natural leader and centre of all attractions. But, what you fail to understand is that the world does not revolve around you. Your worst trait is your big and often very fragile ego. Your constant need for validation and attention is also quite unlikeable. You also tend to be a show off in front of others. Your radical self-love often takes an unhealthy turn, taking the form of malignant narcissism.

Leos are however always in fear of change. You like to hold on to the past at all cost, which becomes a problem for moving on in life. Since you often believe that the world caters only to you, you tend to overshare and go overboard. You are also very prone to feeling insecure and tend to take things very personally. You are easily hurt which can lead to a lot of stress.

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  1. Virgo

You are intelligent, dependable and resourceful. You are also very efficient and organized. However, your detail oriented and perfectionist attitude causes you to become overly critical. You come across as an obsessive perfectionist who causes a tirade over the tiniest details. You are prone to endless criticism and brutal honesty – things that can be taken a few notches down tactfully. You insist on over-extending yourself to make things better, even if it is not required.

You are prone to excess worry, which causes undue stress and strain. You suffer from anxiety on account of this. You are a master procrastinator, which can become borderline laziness. You tend to beat yourself up and become overly critical of yourself when things do not go as per your planning. You are prone to nit-picking and argument when things don’t go your way and this often leads you into trouble.

  1. Libra

You can fit in anywhere due to your social grace and elegant manner. You can make friends very easily and are all about maintaining balance and harmony. However, you are a people pleaser, which makes you very superficial and flighty. You act differently in order to fit into different social circles, thereby losing your integrity in the process. When your over-the-top people-pleasing isn’t reciprocated, you feel like you’ve been treated unjustly, which leads to inevitable conflict as you think other people are accountable for your own wellbeing.

Some of the other not-so-good qualities of you include your tendency to splurge. You have no control on your spending as you are a firm believer of retail therapy and often end up spending too much, which gets you into trouble. You are known for flaking out of situations and commitments at the last moment. Since you are ruled by the planet Venus, you tend to fall in love very quickly, which too is one of the traits that are to be avoided.

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  1. Scorpio

You are intense, passionate and intuitive and have an air of mystery surrounding you. However, you are very emotionally guarded and do not trust others easily. You often feel that others have some hidden agenda and thus unnecessarily make things more complex than they need to be. You tend to find a deeper meaning in everything and are naturally drawn to anything masked in secrecy. You seem to be very controlling, which makes you extremely calculated and constantly scheming to make sure things go your way.

You are known to being quite obsessive, a habit that can get you in trouble. You have a need to control everything in your life, rather than chilling and letting life take its own course. You are so afraid of failing that it causes you stress. You have a hard time opening up to people and therefore come across as extremely secretive. You are very loyal and have similar high expectations out of people, which can be unfair at times.

  1. Sagittarius

You are happy-go-lucky, easy-going and are in constant motion. You are confident and bold. Blessed with so many life experiences, you sometimes tend to become preachy and try to impose your ideas often on others. In a way, you come across as a know-it-all and people think of you as conceited and pretentious.

You are impulsive and often spontaneous, which gets you into a lot of trouble since you tend not to think much before taking action. You are brutally honest with people around you, often borderlining on being rude and offensive. You love your freedom so much that you do not like to be fenced in. you tend to forget a lot of commitments and are known to break promises. You act on your whim and do not have any patience, which makes accomplishing things a bit difficult for you.

  1. Capricorn

You are extremely hardworking, dedicated and disciplined. You are very ambitious and leave no stones unturned to achieve your goals. You are extremely controlling, which you manifest through your incredible dedication and discipline driving you to work your way to the top. You are an authoritarian with no tolerance for spontaneity. Your stone cold demeanor makes you unapproachable to people.

You can be quite hard on yourself as you criticize yourself constantly in order to be better. You detest change and like to hold on to traditional attitudes. You are stubborn and negative. You always fear the worst, given any situation. You are quite pessimistic. You are also exploitative and manipulative and have an unhealthy ambition for power. You can easily dismiss and disregard friendship and relationship if they have outlived their usefulness.

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  1. Aquarius

You are creative, intuitive and humanitarian by nature. You dream about changing the world with your big ideas and unconventional attitude. You are a non-conformist and reject everything traditional. In this aspect you are quite progressive but are also closed to many ideas which make you narrow-minded. You love living in controversy and come across as the revolutionary with different and special thoughts all the time. You are the rebel but often without a cause.

You have a busy mind, with a lot of ideas constantly bouncing off in your head. This makes you spaced out or zoned out most of the time. You get too involved with the current state of events and obsess over them, often to lose faith in the world. You are constantly distracted by technology and can get lost in the tech world. You also lack empathy and come across as stone cold, distant and detached. You are also unpredictable and annoying at times

  1. Pisces

You are kind, creative and spiritual. You have brilliant imagination and are highly intuitive. But, you are always tucked in your own dreamy world. You are emotional and sensitive. You live in your own head and thus come across as flaky. Even while present, you drift off to your own world. You have very less attention span.

Getting lost in your daydreams is one of your favourite past times. Due to this, you are known as a master procrastinator. If you don't want to do something, you'll probably find it very tough to get the ball rolling. You are prone to breaking promises and commitment because you are mostly lost in your own thoughts. You are a spendthrift and have very little control on your finances. You actually suffer from covert narcissism and often play the victim in any situation.


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