The word – ‘Wealth’ assumes a special meaning & importance in the materialistic world today. One seems to be in a rat race to amass money in order to lead a secure, happy and blessed life with loads of currency under his belt. Thus the two words - ‘Happiness & Security’ are today strongly linked with the balance in your bank account. And the amount of money acts as a barometer to your status symbol, security and a happy state of mind. This propensity to amass funds & hold finances varies for people born in different zodiacs, as we will analyze in this article. Let us read to understand - how different Sun Signs attract money and what are the most suitable mode of generating money for individuals born under different zodiacs.

  1. Aries

Ram, the practical headed and a physical sign. You prefer to work with your hands rather than your brain. You are bold and courageous. You don’t want to stop in between, if started. In money matters, you may be careless in the beginning, not believing in saving little by little. You would rather go for big money. Invest a whole lot of money to get higher returns. This may be risky sometimes. But in other times, if done in the right directions & the right way, it will make you rich very soon. Arians are lucky enough to take their chances in gambling or share market as the ruler of the fifth House - Sun is exalted in Aries. It will support you to din stocks & share market. However, you should always believe in your instinct when taking any kind of risk regarding money. You have got a good business streak. Thus investing in business, shares & debentures will also suit you. Be very discreet in the matters of real estate. It may not be suitable to all Arians.

  1. Taurus

Taurus is a practical and at the same time, a materialistic sign. You always prefer to take very safe measures where finances are involved. You are happy when you have enough bank balance, so that you can enjoy your life with all the luxuries. You have that special streak for making money that others may not possess. You know how to start from scratch. Bank, savings, bonds, mutual funds are your best area for growing money. Investing in business ventures will always be beneficial for you. You will not do well in investments where risk of money is involved thus shares or developing funds through loans are not your fields. Real estates and property are not a better area for you to invest either.

  1. Gemini

A versatile sign of the zodiac, Gemini is careless in money matters in the beginning years. You require money for your luxuries and for expensive communication devices like laptops & mobile phones. You love money as it gives you freedom. Though it is difficult for you to be tied down to the routine of earning but when you take it as a challenge, the same will become easier for you. You have a knack for innovation. Your brain is good at calculations. Hence gambling and stock market will be beneficial for you. Even Real Estate will give you good gains. You are a restless person therefore your bank savings will always go through major ups and downs. However, fixed deposits will always be beneficial for a Gemini personality. But fixed deposits will hardly be opted by you as it will tie you down for a certain period, curtailing your freedom. You love to see the results instantly without any bonding. Money through loans or debentures will not be suitable for you at all.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is a great sign for ‘financial security’. Cancer natives are not as much bothered about their security as much as they are worried about the security of their loved ones. They want to create a hard shell around them, so that no blow or a storm of circumstances be able to affect them. Cancer will always go for secured investments. Real estate investments will be better for them to make some quick money. Other than that bank savings & fixed deposits will suit you. Avoid investing money in business or generating money through loans.

  1. Leo

Leo is a lover of beauty and riches. Leo goes for big riches. Little games are not for his platter. Gambling and big ventures always attract him. A Leo want to possess money quickly and he wants to capture the centre of the stage. But it is not always that the luck would standby you. A Leo is suggested to think big but never go without plan. Stocks, shares and big business investments always go for you. Never go for lending money or think of generating money through loans. Bank investments would also suit you.

  1. Virgo

Virgo is a very cautious sign in the zodiac. Virgo never takes chances in life. And when things are related to money, he will never go for anything uncertain. Virgo first plans his budget before spending. A Virgo always makes his bill payments on time. He loves financial security and periodicity. It is thus better for you to go for recurring deposits that will not drain out your funds at one go. Virgos never like to take chances. Shares and generating money through debts are not their game.

  1. Libra

Libra is the sign of balance and peace. It is ruled by Venus thus material happiness is a vital element for Librans. Librans want luxury at their best. Librans are cautious of their possessions. They will never reveal their bank statements to anyone. However, Librans are weak in making the final decisions. Thus Librans are suggested not to go for shares, debentures etc. It is always better to build your money with real estate investments. Fixed deposits or recurring deposits in bank will also support you a lot.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio - the eighth sign of the natural zodiac is strong, poised and never lets others know what’s running behind his cold eyes. A Scorpio is a money maker. Even his next neighbor will not know how & when he exceeded him in multiplying his money. The Scorpio has a marvelous business streak, thus investing money in business will provide you with good results. Investment in real estate and stock market will give you some extra boom. Even generating money through loan will also suit you. In fact, any line of making money will suit you provided you are patient and avoid hasty decisions.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter that stands for honor and law. Sagittarius will never go against his nature to generate money. However, you love to spend lavishly. For that you required a lot of money. A Sagittarian wants quick result and goes after a thing consistently without judging whether it is a beneficial path or not. This attitude may lead to loss of money. Sagittarius may generate money through gold, real estate and even through debts. He can do well in shares provided he is patient and observes the things deeply first. But he always forgets to follow this advisory. Therefore it is not recommended for you to go for shares or gambling or taking any risk in the money matters.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn, the most practical sign in Zodiac, is famous for their money streak. Sometimes you may turn selfish when it’s a matter related with money. Capricorn works hard to achieve his financial freedom. He will never go for taking chances. Sometimes you tend to weigh the pros & cons so deeply & for so long that you may miss the opportunity itself. However, whatever finances you have in your hands, you have generated them by your sheer hard work and patience. Capricorns are lucky in real estate, gambling and shares. Investing money in business also suits them well. However, they become weak in making money through debts.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius is a very social and intelligent sign in the zodiac. An Aquarius always gives more preference to the people who are close to him, including his friends than to money. You are quiet often found helping your friends with your possessions or funds. Often Aquarians are found lacking in funds in their later phase of life. For this, it is best for you to go with fixed assets. Fixed deposits of banks and real estate are the best options for Aquarians. Due to their generous nature, Aquarians cannot generate money through debts. However, investing money in industries and big business ventures will provide you with a lot of financial security.

  1. Pisces

Pisces is the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Pisces are well known for spending money and their love for spending makes them insecure about money. This insecurity makes Pisces save money. This attitude makes them much practical that sometimes their near ones think them to be selfish or mean. Pisces have good business streak, so investing money in business and fixed deposits at bank will always support them. Investing money in real estate, jewelry, various schemes like mutual funds or bonds will be favored. However, investing money in loans will not do well for Pisces.