World Mental Health Day 10 October, 2021

The World being plagued by different mental health problems needs to be assessed carefully. In order to determine the problem, the root cause or the trauma needs to be identified. Covid-19 has serious psychological implications on each one of us, which needs to be addressed and dealt with.

World Mental Health Day 10 October, 2021


World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on 10 October, with the overall objective of raising mental health awareness and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. Mental Health includes emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. Mental health is very important at all stages of life – childhood, adolescent as well as an adult.

Mental Health problems could be

  • biological (genes or brain chemistry),
  • life experiences (trauma) or
  • family history (hereditary).

This year’s World Mental Health Day comes at a time when the world is still under the grasp of Covid-19 Pandemic. The past year have brought many difficulties for everyone. An unknown disease taking over all aspects of life is threatening and scary. It leads to social and personal anxiety. The toll that lockdown has taken on the mobility of every person – being locked away in their houses, unable to step out, unable to meet family and friends, is a heavy one often causing psychological disorders like acute anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression etc.

With the economy in such a bad shape, people are losing their livelihood. The loss of income and earnings have been consistent across all strata of lives. The marginal labourers lost their daily work and wages and the skilled labourers lost their jobs or were laid off.

The second wave of Covid-19 in April 2021 was another disastrous time for the people in our country. With rampant deaths and lack of medical infrastructure, we lost lives of our loved ones to this pandemic. The pain of having to lose someone, without even having said a proper goodbye or the undignified deaths they died, took tolls on many of us mentally. Creating an atmosphere of morbid depression, panic and anxiety added to the existing stress and soreness of dealing with the deadly pandemic. The question of uncertainty still looms at large.

Considering all this, it is expected that the need for psychological support will largely increase in the coming months and years.

The role of self-care becomes especially important here to maintain the sanity during such stressful times. Find out which form of self-care you should practice according to your zodiac sign.

Role of Astrology in diagnosing Mental Health Issues:

Astrology can assist to diagnose these problems and answer them accurately.

Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are the key planets responsible for the soundness of the mind. When these planets - along with fifth and sixth house are afflicted by any means, then the person is likely to suffer from mental illness.

Astrologically speaking, Moon signifies mind, thoughts, and feelings. A strong Moon gives effective thinking skills, hidden powers of imagination and an innovative bent of mind. However, if Moon is weak, the person becomes prone to mental disorders like Schizophrenia, Depression, Sleep deficiency, and menstruation issues.

Moon is considered weak in a chart when some malefic planet aspects the Moon. This also causes mental illness. Furthermore, when Moon is in the Sixth, Eighth or Twelfth house, it causes lack of concentration.

If Rahu and Moon are in the ascendant and any malefic planet is posited in the trine houses, then there are chances that the person may suffer from anxiety disorders such as Phobia.

Gemstones have great healing powers and often helps in keeping anxiety and other mental tensions at bay. Check out which gemstones you should wear to activate their healing powers in your life.

Following are few mental parameters along with astrological explanation:

Mental Peace - The Fourth House and Moon are the significator of mental serenity.

Emotional Peace - The Fifth House and the Moon are the significator of emotional wellbeing.

Nervous Control - The Sixth House and Mercury signify healthy nervous system.

Depression– The Fifth House indicates depression and anxiety disorders.

It is important that we keep our optimism level high so as to be ready to face challenges in life. Check out how you can be more optimistic in life according to your zodiac.

Judgment of Mental Issues from Planets and Horoscope

  • A weak moon makes children fragile and less motivated towards their studies.
  • A person could experience suicidal thoughts due to Saturn’s affliction on Moon.
  • Affliction of Rahu-Ketu on Moon hampers the person’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Mercury is the significator of the nervous system. When Mercury is afflicted in the horoscope, the native tends to suffer from any mental illness.
  • Jupiter is the significator of wisdom and maturity. An afflicted Jupiter affects the mental health of the native.
  • In astrology, the Fifth house is the ‘House of Hope’. If this house is ruled by an airy sign (Gemini or Aquarius), then there are high chances that the native will experience mental health problems.
  • Saturn is considered as one of prominent Karakas for gloominess and nervousness. If Saturn is posited in the Ascendant with Mars in the Fifth, Seventh or Ninth House, it causes psychological disorders.
  • When a trine of Saturn is in the Ascendant, Sun in the 12th house along with Mars or Moon in a horoscope then this becomes a reason for mental illness.
  • Saturn’s placement in the 12th house along with a weak Moon likewise causes mental illness.
  • If Saturn is connected with Mars or the Sun, then the native is likely to suffer from mental health problems.

To live with the challenges and ups and downs of the world, it is important to recognize how resilient and powerful you are. So, find out how strong, resilient, and powerful your zodiac sign is.

Most Effective Remedies for Mental Illness and Problems

Expert Astrologers have devised certain remedies that are effective for mental health.

  • Malefic effect of the concerned planet can be reduced by worshiping the planet.
  • Nav Grah Puja / worshipping all nine planets is also very effective.
  • Keeping Moon Yantra or Chandra Yantra improves your mental health.
  • Worship the Ascendant or Lagna Lord and the deity connected to them is very beneficial for curing mental health issues.
  • Lastly, donating a gold Elephant helps in pleasing the malefic planet.


If a person suffers from mental health issues, it leads to complete distraction and destruction of individual’s routine life. Maintaining a healthy mind is therefore very important. Many Celebrities have suffered from mental health issues. However, timely and appropriate treatment made them fit and fine and now they’re seen enjoying their luxurious life.

If any of your friend or relative is suffering from mental illness, you should suggest them to seek help of psychiatrist or counsellor or an expert Astrologer.

Do not make a great fuss about mental health after all, “IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY.... "