World Youth Skill Day - Most suitable skill for your Zodiac sign

(Moon Sign Based)

To flourish in your career, you need to have certain specialized skill set. Find out all about the World Youth Skill Day and its importance in obliterating youth unemployment. Utilize your skills well to have an amazing career graph. And in case you are confused about your skills and abilities, let us guide you through the process with the help of your zodiac moon signs.

World Youth Skill Day - Most suitable skill for your Zodiac sign


With growing unemployment among the youth, economies are facing significant development crisis. Without jobs to sustain themselves, youth unemployment is becoming a rampant problem in both developing and developed countries alike. The youth of the nation is an asset, with their hard working capabilities and tenaciousness. However, if this youth pool is not utilized to its maximum potential, there arises a raging gap between potential and reality in the structural development of an economy.

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Every year World Youth Skill Day is celebrated on July 15 to recognize the strategic importance of the role of youth in shaping an economy. It brings to focus the significance of equipping young people with skills of employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. This day raises awareness about the importance of technical, vocational education and training and development of vital life skills.

Using these life skills into effective career option will be the best course of action to take.


Selected by the General Assembly, United Nations in 2014, World Youth Skill Day brings an opportunity for young people or the youth of the country to celebrate the importance of youth in shaping up the economy of their nation. Skill development is the process of identifying your skill gaps and ensuring that the said skills be developed. These skills can be soft skills or technical skills. Technical skills can often be taught at vocational and training institutes. Soft skills include your personality, attitude, flexibility and manners. Both these set of skills are equally important and thus must be developed.

Theme for 2021:

World Youth Skill Day 2021 will face challenges in being observed due to the global pandemic and lockdown situations in most countries of the world. Most of the vocational and training institutes are shut down in order to curb the rising cases of the Covid-19 virus. This in turn has threatened the continuity of improvement and development of expertise and skills among the young population.

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” is the educational objective for Sustainable Development Goals, 2030. Keeping in tandem with that, it is important that we recognize the importance of skill development and keep it flourishing in order to build a strong national economy.

Suitable Skill for your Zodiac Sign:

Based of the placement of stars and planetary bodies at the time of your birth, you are often blessed with some innate qualities that form the foundation of your basic character. We are all born with certain skill sets, which needs to be brushed and polished with proper education and training, but our zodiac moon signs shows us exactly wherein our inherent interest lies and shows us the path to mold those skills to our benefit.

Find out about your inherent skill set, based on your zodiac moon sign and see how you can use your skills in obliterating the unemployment situation in your country.

  1. Aries

You are energetic, thriving and dynamic. You have a lot of stamina for hard work and have the perseverance to follow through your goals and ideals. You are enterprising and have great managerial skills. You are a natural born leader. You know how to hold authority and be authoritative when needed. As a quick thinker, you may come across as impulsive but you do take timely decisions. You are also sporty and like sweating it out, which adds to your soft skills.

Soft Skills: Authoritative, enterprising, ambitious, go-getter attitude, leadership, resourcefulness, critical thinking.

Technical Skills: Vision and assessment skills, Analytics, Networking, Subject Matter Experts, Technical Documentations.

  1. Taurus

You are practical, hardworking and money minded. You have an affinity for money management and material well-being. You are stubborn and often times rigid. You are meticulous in your work and very patiently work towards your goals. You are great at handling money and thus become great accountants, investors and financial advisors. You are traditionalist and often conservative, but know how to get your work done.

Soft Skills: Patient, ambitious, intuitive and shrewd, decision making, conflict management, organizational.

Technical Skills: Financial Management, Managerial Skills, Statistical Analysis, Structural Analysis, Numeracy, Information Management.

  1. Gemini

You are clever and quick witted. You are also extremely intelligent and passionate towards your work. You have been blessed with great conversation skills, which makes easily influence people. You can articulate complex ideas easily and make them into tangible concepts. You are eloquent in your speech and have a way to convince others. You have a penchant for picking up new skills and use them to your benefit. You are full of innovative ideas and are almost always excellent at what you do. You are thoughtful and tolerant towards others.

Soft Skills: Effective Communication, intellectual, quick learner, critical thinking, persuasion.

Technical Skills: Public Speaking, Oration, Teaching, Data Analytics, Coding and Programming, Networking, Information Management, Client elationship.

  1. Cancer

You are emotional and loving. You are very caring and sensitive and can easily through the heart and minds of others. You are a people’s person as you have this capability to make others comfortable in your presence. You can look through people and understand what they want, and you act accordingly. You have a way with people, which makes you very popular. You are hardworking and compassionate and thus you make excellent healers or doctors.

Soft Skills: Kindness, Charitable, Mind-reading, intuitive, open to criticism, stress management, conflict management.

Technical Skills: People Management, Nursing, Healing, Hospitality, Quality Control, Task Management.

  1. Leo

You are natural born leader and are very dominant. You aim for the stars and settle for nothing below that. You work hard and with passion to achieve your goals and targets. You love the spotlight and are a cesspool of talent when it comes to showcasing your skills. You have a robust personality and are very good at multi-tasking. You have a sharp intellect and are very attentive. You have great stamina and are extremely charismatic. You bring out the best in others and that is one of the main reasons for your popularity.

Soft Skills: Multi-tasking, Meticulous, Brave, strength of character, critical thinking, time management.

Technical Skills: Leadership Quality, Eloquent communication, Project Management, Analysis, Digital Media Management.

  1. Virgo

You are serious and very career oriented. You love to work hard and establish your place. You are a quick learner and are extremely efficient and organized in your work. You have an analytical bent of mind and are very good at jobs like data mining. You are target driven and do not rest until you have completed the work assigned to you. You have a perfectionist attitude and often have a remarkable way of doing complex jobs. You are legendary workaholics.

Soft Skills: Effective and efficient, target driven, time management, detail oriented, organizational, decision making.

Technical Skills: Documentation and Monitoring, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Creative Writing and Editing, Precision.

  1. Libra

Libra loves their peace and harmony and are known for their straightforward and open minded attitude. You have an eye for everything beautiful and want to make life for everybody around you beautiful as well. You are patient and are easy to get along with. You are very drawn to arts and aesthetics. You are quick-witted and clever and demonstrate patience and tolerance. You are keen on learning new skills and with your intelligent efforts, you are often successful in all that you undertake. You are a social person and are great at networking through effective communication skills.

Soft Skills: Artistic, Open-minded, Perceptive, non-judgmental, Team work, Resourcefulness, Adaptability.

Technical Skills: Performance based instructors, Client Relations, Customer Relationship Management, Networking, Human Resource, Information Management, Data Analysis.

These skills that you develop help you to build your financial success. Sometimes it takes more than just skill and hard work to get success. See for yourself if you have Guru Chandal Yoga in your horoscope, which creates opportunities to improve your life.

  1. Scorpio

Brooding and deep, you are the emotional kind. But you do not let out your emotions to others. You feel deeply and are able to form lasting and trusted connections with people. You have an air of mystery around you, which others frankly find very fascinating. You are intuitive and are fiercely loyal towards the people or work you care about. You are passionate and independent. You have an appealing personality with great interpersonal skills.

Soft Skills: Effective communication, passionate, risk taking attitude, Critical thinking, Resourcefulness.

Technical Skills: Client Relationship and Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Social Media Management, Documentation and Monitoring, Solution Delivery.

  1. Sagittarius

You are a lover of freedom and independence. You do not tolerate restrictions of any kind. You are a free soul and do not like to be hindered or inhibited by traditional rules. You are target oriented and like to complete your work within the stipulated time period. You are innovative and have new and modern solutions to any work related problems. You have a love for nature and prefer open environments. You are imaginative and are an easy person to be with. People like you as you accept others for who they are, without wanting to change them in a certain way. You are straightforward and often brutally honest, but you always mean well.

Soft Skills: Progressive, Time Management, innovative, open minded, honest, generous, Open to Criticism, conflict management.

Technical Skills: Managerial and Ownership, Business acumen, Enterprising and entrepreneurial, Solution Delivery, Project Planning, Content Management Systems, Inventory Management.

  1. Capricorn

You are highly ambitious and goal oriented. You are a workaholic who loves and thrives on your work. You are always after the most prestigious positions and will do anything to climb up the professional ladder. You are honest and hardworking. You are loyal to a fault and have a traditionalist attitude. You are independent and believe that your endeavours will give you lasting results. You do not depend on luck or anyone else to accomplish your goals. In this way, you are quite self-sufficient and diligent.

Soft Skills: Independence, self-sufficient, intelligent, hardworking, ethical, organizational, Problem solving.

Technical Skills: Database Management, Big Data Analysis, Documentation and Modelling, Network Maintenance, Restoration and Security, Benchmarking.

  1. Aquarius

You are basically the jack of all trades. Whatever you set your mind to, you find a way to accomplish it. You are confident and know your worth. You are reflective and detail oriented. You have an innovative bent of mind and have a flair for technology. You are progressive and have a non-conformist attitude. You love your independence and do not let anyone else control it. You are also quite a humanitarian as you are sensitive and compassionate.

Soft Skills: Confidence, Self-worth, compassionate, problem solving, decision making, Stress management.

Technical Skills: Information and Communication Technology, Operating Systems and Programming, Solution delivery, Systems Analysis, Technical Support, Troubleshooting and Usability, Task Management.

  1. Pisces

You are creative, imaginative and very artistic. You have a vivid imagination and often have the ability to think outside the box. You make wonderful artists and creators. You are sensitive and caring. You have a positive attitude towards life, which draws people towards you. You can look through the good in people and at the same time you are highly intuitive and perceptive. You can become great counsellors or teachers due to your ability to read people well.

Soft Skills: Intuitive, Perceptive, Compassionate, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Adaptability.

Technical Skills: Creative Writing, Quality Control and Analysis, Content Management Systems, Web Analytics, Client Relations and Management, Research and Documentation, Blueprint Design.


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