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Yoga for Government Jobs

A well-posted government job can secure your life, both financially and professionally. Different unique yogas in Vedic astrology determine if you will get through a government job. This article focuses on several and special planetary combinations for a career in the government sector.

Yoga for Government Jobs


Government Jobs are lucrative career options for a lot of people. Starting from a simple clerical job to holding an office of Honor in Central Government as that of the President or the Prime Minister of the country; or any other high position in the bureaucracy, all of these depend on the various Yogas created in one’s horoscope or Kundali. The various different combinations of planetary positions, conjunctions, interchange of planets in natal chart which suggest that whether or not will the native have a Government Job.

All the successful people who are or have aced new heights of success and growth in various departments of Government sector such as Civil Services, railway, Bank Jobs, Army, Navy, Air Force, Law Enforcement, etc., have similar string planetary placement in their natal chart or birth chart.

The Tenth House is also known as the House of Profession or Career and the quality of life of the native is directly proportional to the Tenth House (House of Career). In a lifetime a person majorly spends more than half of his lifetime in investing money in various processes to earn a livelihood in order to be able to provide for his or her family. so the placement of various planets in the Tenth House (House of Career) decides the course of career a person may most probably choose for him or her in their future and also let us know about what quality of professional life will she or he enjoy.

Sun happens to be the prime most important planets when a native should bank upon if she or he is planning to opt for a government job. Sun is considered as the planet for authority, prominence, royalty, leadership, and ownership. Hence, if the sun is strongly placed in anybody’s chart especially in the tenth house then the person will sure shot make it big in various sectors of Government as a career.

The Direct Aspect or Placement of Saturn in the Tenth House (House of Career) also has positive effects for those aspirants who are looking for a landing a Government job. It is always better to have a direct aspect of Saturn in the Tenth House (House of Career) than having a placement as it is a sure shot guarantee for a native to bag a government job in his or her pocket.

Here we will talk about the various planetary position and placement, interchange and conjunctions of planets that contribute largely to have a great career scope in the various fields of prestigious Government Sectors. Following are the few Great Yogas in order to have a successful career in Government Job.

  1. First Yoga

The first Yoga is formed when in any chart, Sun has conjunction with Mercury or both are placed in the Tenth House (House of Career) together then it will be a great Yoga for having a successful career in any government sector for the native.

  1. Second Yoga

In the event that Sun is placed with Mars and has conjunction especially for Leo, Scorpio, and Cancer ascendants in the Tenth House (House of Career), then it is an auspicious Yoga for those who are aspiring for Government Job especially in Defense or Law Enforcement (Police) fields.

  1. Third Yoga

In any chart if Saturn has direct aspect on the Tenth House (House of Career) or Saturn and Venus or Mercury or Jupiter has conjunction in the Tenth House (House of Career) then the odds of succeeding in a Government profile increases for the native.

  1. Fourth Yoga

On the off chance that in any natal chart or horoscope, in the Tenth House (House of Career), Mars has conjunction with Jupiter or has a direct aspect in the same house especially for the Cancer and Scorpio ascendants then the probabilities of getting a reputed and prestigious government job increases for the native.

  1. Fifth Yoga

In the event that in any horoscope or birth chart, the Lord of the Tenth House (House of Career) has a strong placement or is exalted or is interchanging with a places with a friendly planet in any of the good houses then the chances of bagging a decent Government Job will become easier for the native.

  1. Sixth Yoga

To have a successful career in Government, certain planets play important roles such as Sun, Mars, and Saturn. In the event that of one these planets has a direct aspect on the Tenth House (House of Career) then the chances of getting a government job is higher for the native.

Along with the above-mentioned Yogas, it extremely important that is there is no aspect of either Rahu or Ketu on the Tenth House (House of Career). On the off chance that they have conjunction or an aspect on the Tenth House (House of Career) or on the Lord of the same house then success in Government sector profile can be stalled for time unpredictable and the native may have to face failure or disappointments at the career front.

Along with it other houses and their Lords also play their important roles to evaluate the right level of success and growth in a Government Job. To know it all it is imperative for the native to get his or her natal chart or birth horoscope deeply analyzed or read by a professional, highly experienced, genuine and certified astrologer to get a closer look on the actual chances of the Government job and the level of growth and recognition he or she will enjoy.