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Travel Tips for Taurus Moon Sign in the Wake of Transit

Travel Tips for Taurus Moon Sign in the Wake of Transit


The following travelling aspects are based on the Moon sign, the sign where Moon was positioned at the time of birth.

Taurus is the synonym of patience. You adapt and wait for things to come. Taurus knows that great things take time and they will invest a lot to reach perfection. When you travel, you explore the place in depth to give your senses a stimulating experience.

Stubbornness tops your list of traits. You are strong, independent and make a wonderful travel companion. You are knowledgeable and emotional and can engage others in conversations for hours.

You are one of the most loyal and dependable person to be around. When it comes to travel, you want worth of every penny spent. And believe us, you spend a lot, with the kind of regal trips you tend to plan.

Summers are calling for some retreat. Much like your mascot bull, you are not afraid to work hard, especially if the reward involves money. In the coming months, with Saturn transit over your moon, no luxury trip is in store for you as for now, you are focused on moneymaking. It seems to be on the top of your priority list. But the good news is, you could have some work-related trips in the coming time. Moreover, ruled by Venus, you know how to mix business with pleasure. You could use this tool to have a merry time with your family.

  1. Is Travel in the cards?

You may travel abroad too. Saturn’s aspect over Moon sign indicates possibilities of foreign and long trips. A sightseeing plan while working will rejuvenate your senses and relieve work related stress too. On the other hand, with Jupiter transiting in your house of leisure, you would like having spiritual experiences on your trip. A meditation retreat would work best for you around this time.

  1. Where to Go?

Venus rules Taurus and it is the planet of beauty. You love luxury and don’t like to be depending on anyone for your lifestyle. You love to pamper yourself occasionally. You love to be treated as special. Taurus love experiences that are tangible, be it a rejuvenating massage or a culinary adventure to tantalize your taste buds. A spa vacation or sightseeing will be perfect for you. You prefer luxurious places rather than beaches and adventure.

  1. Travel Companion?

Taurus is a sign that seeks security and security for them means familiarity. You will prefer to go on travel with Scorpio and Cancer mates on a general note. You want to have fun, yet keep your sense of familiarity intact. You gel well with Cancer because you both like to have planned holidays and hang out with one or two close friends and family. Large group holidays are not meant for you as you love to maintain your privacy.

  1. Travelling Tips

You do not like changes and prefer stability in your life even when it comes to travel. You visiting one place repeatedly will not come as a shocker. You like things which sooth your eyes and other senses. You could go on a place with various sightseeing options or a place that offers memories and souvenirs to collect.