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Rationale behind the Astrological Significance of Feeding Stray Birds and Animals

When you feel deprived of personal peace and a lack of decision in life, astrological techniques help us find inner peace. And in the process, success is achieved due to higher energy & focus. Let us read here about the astrological benefits of feeding stray bird and animals and the rationale behind it.

Rationale behind the Astrological Significance of Feeding Stray Birds and Animals


Nature has the incredible ability of syncing many forms of life in her bosom. It paves way for nurturing it with love, care, food and water. Human beings are one of the prosperous and intelligent forms of life. Mother nature has blessed us with many more privileges of expressing our grief, joy, hunger and pain through dialect whereas the other forms like birds and animals are dependent on the availability of food or on the others to provide them with food. All nature lovers have the habit of getting up early in the morning which allows them to enjoy the chirping of birds. The mesmerizing view of the rising sun is so beautiful which is strong enough to melt even a stone heart. These little companions of sky or earth start chirping or barking that it seems that they are calling to feed them as scheduled.

Feeding birds and animals is beneficial for each planet in astrology as it affects planetary motions and brings positive changes in one's life.

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How does feeding of birds and animals affect planetary motions?


Sun is a glorious and powerful planet which represents power and status and to make your Sun beneficial in your horoscope. It is very essential to feed birds and animals. It is considered good to feed wheat chapatis to cows and jaggery to monkeys on Sundays which is very auspicious and it can bring luck in one’s life.


The Moon is a very sensitive planet and to strengthen your stability of mind and emotions you should make efforts to give a boost to the placement of the Moon in your horoscope by feeding birds and animals. To gain the blessings of a calm and composed Moon, one should feed flour balls to a white cow or a fish. In addition, one should also give water to cows on Mondays.


Mars is a fiery and impulsive planet and to appease the planet Mars in your horoscope, it is very essential that one should feed gram and jaggery to monkeys. Tuesday is the day when the energy quotient of Mars is very high and to gain the blessings of the planet Mars you can feed the birds with millet and water.

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Mercury is the planet of intellect and to enhance your Mercury in your horoscope it is essential to feed animals.. One should feed green grass or fodder or spinach to the cows, and feed millets to birds. It is very important not to keep birds in a cage and the positive results of these remedies will be noticed if they are performed on Wednesday.


Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and when it is well placed in any horoscope it blesses with peace, harmony and prosperity. Thursday is the day of the planet Jupiter and to get the blessings of this planet, soaked gram lentils and jaggery should be offered to cows and horses and one should also feed corn to pigeons on Thursdays.


Venus is the planet of beauty, luxury and relationships and to walk victoriously and successfully through the galleries of life you have to attain the blessings of the planet Venus and for this, one should offer milk to cats. In addition, feeding wild fishes is also beneficial. All these remedies should be performed on Fridays for positive results.


Saturn is the planet of discipline and honesty and if it is well placed in any horoscope it gives results according to one’s deeds. Black is the color of Lord Saturn. On Saturdays, one should feed oiled or buttered chapattis to black cows and black dogs which is very auspicious and Lord Saturn will bless them immensely. Feeding cooked and salted gram flour to the crows will give quick and beneficial results. It is believed that offering chapatis to black dogs on Saturday ends the problems of Saturn.


Rahu is a shadowy planet which is also known as the North node which creates adversaries and wrath in the lives of people. To avoid ill effects of Rahu, one should feed sugar and flour balls to ants. Your wishes and desires seem to be fulfilled if you feed ants, fodder or green grass to buffaloes. It is believed that offering chapatis to black dogs on Saturday ends the problems of Rahu.


Ketu represents karmic collections both good and bad, spirituality and supernatural influences and is the karaka or indicator of intelligence, wisdom, non-attachment, fantasy, penetrating insight, derangement, and psychic abilities. To attain the blessing of planet Ketu, Astrology advises keeping a pet dog, rabbit or a cow. However, it is also important to take proper care of them. Feeding sesame seeds to ants is also preferred. It is believed that offering chapattis to black dogs on Saturday ends the problems of Ketu.

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Remedies are some of the most amazing ways to enhance your luck on this planet. There is no doubt, by doing these little remedies you can fill your home with love and happiness. Therefore, whenever you get a chance to feed the birds or any stray dog or any stray animal go forward with it as it can bring miraculous benefits into your life.