Role of First House in Health & Wellbeing – Vedic Astrology Principles

Ascendant or the lagna rules over your physical body. The strength & stamina is assessed from the first house and any affliction to it results in a diseased and weak body.

Role of First House in Health & Wellbeing – Vedic Astrology Principles

Health & first house in your birth chart

Health is nothing less than money. We get to know its true value only when we lose it. We can earn great wealth with good health but not the other way round. There are several astrological aspects that govern our health, wealth and longevity. The primary karaka of health is the first house in a chart, because it represents the self, one’s body, constitution, complexion and overall wellbeing. It rules your instincts to take care of yourself. The strength of Lagna and its lord determines one’s degree of vitality and robustness of health.

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Interpreting 1st House in your chart:

While Ascendant is powerful, the 6th house (diseases), 8th house (near death experience) and 12th house (death) should be weak too. Sun is the major karaka known to bring health and energy to the native so it should be strongly placed in the horoscope, without malefic effect of planets such as Ketu, Rahu and Saturn. Moreover, Moon should also be strong enough as it reflects one’s mind, leading one to clear thinking and better judgment and mental health.

A look at Ascendant gives a learned astrologer a clear idea to the native’s constitution, stamina level and overall health. It determines one’s ability to fight diseases and overcome any health complications brought upon by malefic houses and planets. Now to establish the strength of Ascendant, two things should be given due consideration in a chart reading. First, the Ascendant should be free from any malefic influence. Benefic planets posited in Ascendant are considered auspicious as long as they do not correlate with a malefic house such as 6th, 8th and 12th.

In certain cases, even the malefic planets can bring positive results in terms of health, provided they are benefic for that particular horoscope. For example, if Capricorn is the Ascendant and Saturn, the lord of Capricorn is placed in First house then it will be treated as benefic for that Capricorn horoscope.

Another point to note is that the Ascendant lord is positively placed in the chart, such as in own sign, exalted, in a benefic house and not in the malefic houses like 6th, 8th and 12th house. First house represents the head, face and the brain, one of the most important parts of the body to function at all. An affliction of the house can be detrimental to health, increasing chances of complications such as headache, stress, paralysis, wounds, scars, mental disorders, nose bleeding etc. An afflicted first house and Aries suggests possibility of impaired brain and nervous system including lunacy.

If the ascendant is occupied by a mooltrikon sign and its lord is strongly placed (without malefic aspects, debilitation, and affliction) or is aspecting the ascendant along with other benefic planets, the Ascendant determines the longevity of one’s life and suggests a long house.

Here is an example horoscope with a strong first house.

In the above birth chart, Sun (the karaka of energy and vitality) is placed in the first house in its own sign Leo along with friendly planet Mars and neutral Mercury. Moreover, the Ascendant has benefic planets, Moon and Venus on each side. Jupiter, the mighty benefic planet is also aspecting the first house/ascendant so this placement is favorable in terms of health and overall wellbeing of the person. None of the malefic planets is aspecting or influencing the Ascendant or Ascendant lord. Such a planetary placement in the natal chart is very auspicious in terms of health. If there had been affliction in 6th, 8th, or 12th house, the story would have been different. 12th house is mildly afflicted due to Venus’ placement but overall, this birth chart projects a strong possibility of sound health. First house thus plays a crucial role in determining the native’s health and wellbeing along with situation in other houses as well of course.

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