Earth Day, 2021 – Zodiac signs and their efforts towards environmental conservation.

We celebrate earth day each year to increase awareness about conserving our planet. We all do best within our resources to conserve our earth. However, compassion towards environment differs from one zodiac to another. Find out here, how different zodiacs are compassionate about their surroundings and protect our Mother Earth. Read more…

Earth Day, 2021 and Environmental Conservation

Earth Day is observed on April 22nd every year. The purpose of the day is to increase public consciousness about climate change and global warming. The day encourages people to take action to protect the environment and to emphasize the importance of conservation. Earth Day is widely regarded as the world's largest public gathering. Earth Day suggests that human emissions, oil leaks, hazardous waste disposal, and other issues be addressed immediately. The year 2021 marks 51 years of Earth Day.

Zodiac signs as Environmentalists

Everyone should be concerned about the environment, given the state of our surroundings. However, certain people are more passionate about Mother Earth and environmental conservation is at the top of their priority list. The environmentalist zodiac signs, in fact, are more than just nature lovers. An environmentalist is someone who is deeply concerned with environmental conservation and devotes his or her time and resources to trying to save the earth or bring awareness about why our earth needs to be saved.

Ways in which your zodiac sign can contribute to environmental conservation:

  • Aries – Aries are those groups of people who react with strong desire and impulse over any subject or situation, same it is with their case of conserving our planet earth. They are strong activist, who will work with strong aptitude towards fund raising for this cause. But, they will also flow with the tune of other activist friends and will glide in the same basket of efforts as their partners. Their personal connection is very less which is why they will connect with nature only when playing any out door sport, which is their passion.
  • Taurus –Taurus is a fixed earth sign, who reveals that they love to be connected with the Mother Earth in their own unique way as they have an inherent connection to nature by their natural empathy towards animals, planet earth, and all living beings. They love to be surrounded by lush greens rather than skyscrapers and they will naturally be in support for conserving the natural resources and will firmly support any motivational moves towards conservation.
  • Gemini – Gemini is the moderate sign who will connect with the nature, in comparison to many other zodiac signs. Their connection with nature is such that they remember to water their plants in time. Conserving nature on this planet has very less connection to the Gemini people. They often forget and are required to be prompted by any other nature lover for any action.
  • Cancer - Cancer natives have a very strong respect and affection for our earth, and they want to conserve it. They use bay leaves to kill cockroaches and cayenne pepper to control ant problem because their home is precious to them. Reusable water bottles, reusable sandwich cans, metal straws, and cotton shopping bags are among the items they carry. Cancers try to spend as much time as possible with nature, and when they do, they take precautions not to damage any natural resources.
  • Leo – Many Leos put their excellent leadership qualities to good use by enhancing the environment. They give speeches at rallies and fundraising events and set an example as someone who tries to live a green lifestyle. Wherever possible, Leos choose to stroll, cycle, or use public transportation instead of driving. If they do drive, they do it in an environmental friendly electric vehicle. If there is a rally to push the government to take significant environmental action, Leos will always be a part of it. 
  • Virgo – Virgos help the world by putting their outstanding research skills to work. They make cleaning supplies and pet food from scratch. Virgos have a knack for recycling items. They don't want to pollute the environment or contribute to the existing garbage. They repair broken items or rent them from others so that they don't have to buy them. Also, they don't waste much water, helping in water conservation.
  • Libra –Libras seek balance in all areas in life and they are focused on making the smallest environment impact possible. Libra individuals believe that one should not take more from the Mother Nature that cannot be replaced back to the planet. This idea applies to the use of land as they favour small homes and less encroachment into nature, for providing more land for wildlife as their home.
  • Scorpio – Scorpios are great environmental activists and they cannot be stopped if they become adamant about a cause. They are particularly concerned with wildlife habitat protection and strive for increased funding to help animals. Often Scorpios don't consume meat or try to reduce their consumption of it, and actively avoid buying leather, fur, or snakeskin.
  • Sagittarius – Sagittarius natives are hardcore animal lovers and are very passionate travelers. Someone with such strong passion for exploring the world and discovering distant corners of nature should have strong connection to it. They have the capability of understanding nature on a deeper level but they are so engaged in their personal endeavor they tend to forget their connection with the planet Earth.
  • Capricorn – Capricorn is considered the least concerned zodiac sign for the planet earth. They may be least bothered what is happening to the environment due to the paucity in their life where they tend to get distracted from all matters and only avail comforts for themselves and will not put much efforts for the saving the planet earth.
  • Aquarius – The planet's sustainability is of utmost importance to Aquarius, and they are on the frontline. They help the community by volunteering, participating in charitable activities, and raising awareness. They make an effort to live a life that does not cause environmental pollution or wastage. When they can, they ride their bikes, and when they can't, they ride-share. They are committed to living a green lifestyle and try to encourage others to do so, as well.
  • Pisces - Pisces are concerned about the environment. They are conscious of what they throw in the trash, and they recycle, compost, or refurbish whenever possible. They like being around water and do their part to help clean up beaches, lakes, and streams.


You may say you care for the environment, but there is a big gap between someone who says they care and someone who really does something about it. Working for change isn't always simple, particularly when some people refuse to accept there's even an issue in the first place. The planetary configurations in your Birth Chart decide whether you are an environmentalist or not.

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