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Synchronicities and Omens : The coorelation between the two

Does a bird sitting on an animal signify something special? What happens when you see a crow in the night? Signs and omens are a way that the universe communicates with us. Today we talk about omen & synchronicities and how both are correlated.

Synchronicities and Omens : The coorelation between the two


Omens: The Protent of Good and Evil

Are you experiencing repetitive events in your day to day life, like, for e.g., seeing the same colored flower everyone around your own garden, finding crawling spiders on your clothes, or the sound of a beautiful bird, before leaving you home? All these are nothing but signify that something related to your life is going to happen, be it good or bad.

The human civilization is very rich as per their work and culture. Everything which is present in the universe has been analyzed by the human being, whether it is related to Science, or the Astral plane. Each culture has its own depth and dimension of knowledge, and everyone has done their work in the field of Omens.

Omens can be defined as the phenomenon, which is believed to foretell the future of a person or a country or anything or that matter. Ancient Rome and Greece has been implementing the Omen to give believable predictions. They have included the birds, animals, natural phenomenon, as well as the solar and lunar eclipse, in order to predict the event.

Does the Vedic Astrology use Omen for predictions?

Sage Varahamihira was a good astrologer who had given importance to Nimitta, which also stands for Omen. In Vedic Astrology, it is believed that Astrologers can not give predictions if we are not experts in observing the subtle clues given by the Environment.

Omens or Nimmitas are very important to be able to pin point and be sure about the events in life and to take decisions whether one should start a new project, or wait before starting it in their lives. Horory Astrology works on the basis of the Omens.

The Science of Omens, Nakshatras and Planets:

The Science of Astrology uses all the creatures to predict events. With the help of Nimmita or Omens, the picture gets more clear and the questioner will get satisfactory answer.

If you observe each and every thing, you will know that they are interrelated with each other. We are all channelized through the Planets based on our Karma. The Planets work in the zodiac plane, which has the energies related to various Nakshatara, which is the real source of energy of the zodiac plane, and also makes various events to possibly happen in our life.

There are many significances related to the Nakshatras (constellation), like the symbols, animals and body parts, etc., which are related to the Nakshatra, and will give you the clue how the events and yoga will work in your life.

It is not always necessary that crossing of a cat is a bad omen for you. For example, if you are born under the Cancer Moon sign in the Ashlesha Nakshatra, then the Cat is the most auspicious Omen for you.

You should know and note down in which Nakshatra you are born, as well as the animal symbol or the tattoo related to your Nakshatra, as these will give you good results in your life.

If your ascendent Lord or Moon sign falls in the Nakshatra that belongs to the beneficial star for you based on the Nav-Tara, then the Omen related to that Nakshatra and Zodiac sign will be good for you.

If the sixth, eighth and twelfth Lord’s Nakshatra’s symbol and animal, comes as an Omen, then you need to take care of your finance and health.

Good and Bad Omens

Some Omens or Nimmita will give you goose bumps. You just need to be cautious and know which one is good for you, and which one is just a hint to be aware of what work you are going to do.

In order to know better, come let’s have a look some of the Omens in our daily life.

  • If you have been bitten by ants, it signifies that you need to stay away from arguments, or you might get into a problem.
  • Bees coming into your home would bring give prosperity in your life.
  • If you see a deaf or a blind person, who might also be very poor, before leaving your home, then you might have the thought that you will not have success in your work, but you are wrong. The disabled person signifies Planet Saturn, so you would be infact guided by the Universe if you help the disabled person or donate some money, as it would give you will a great amount of success in life.
  • While leaving your home, if you see a black cow, it means you will have guaranteed success in your project.
  • If Dogs cry near your home, then you will get bad news related to health of your family member.
  • The presence of crow is the prior information about bad news is on the way so you need to improve your deeds.
  • Seeing Widow Women before starting journey is not a good Omen, but you need to change the perspective and be careful to decode the Omen given to you from the universe, which would be specially for you.

In the scriptures, widowhood signifies with the shadow planet Ketu, and one of the Das-Mahavidya known as the Doohmavati (The widow incarnation of Goddess Parvati), and this Omen tells you that you need to take care your life related to where Ketu is placed in your birth chart.

The Widowhood Omen is saying that you need to be religious and spend your time in meditation (The self-assessment). If you donate money in the Widow Hermitage, this donation will give happiness to the Shadow Planet Ketu, and you will get extraordinary wealth in your life with these deeds.

  • If you see a crow at night, then the health of family member will be affected.
  • Sniffing of footwear by dogs is a good Omen related to gains from traveling.
  • If you see a white horse while wishing something, you will get that wish fulfilled in your life.
  • If you saw any bird sitting on an animal, then this is good Omen.
  • Seeing a snake signifies prosperity in your life.
  • If you see a bangle vendor coming towards you, is a good Omen.
  • Fish in water or in the aquarium is a good Omen.

Don’t get scared with the Omen or Nimmita that you get today, as you would just need to be in the same frequency zone with the universe and get the insights from the Vedic Knowledge. This would let you be in the divine light of the Nakshatras present in the cosmos to guide you towards a fulfilling and contended life.