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Lesser Known Facts about all Moon Signs

Zodiac sun signs and moon signs can reveal innate characteristics about oneself. Moon signs are often considered to be more accurate than sun signs in terms of authenticity of character and inherent personalities. Let us here find out about the lesser known or less common facts about the different zodiac moon signs.

Lesser Known Facts about all Moon Signs


Moon signs in Vedic astrology and Sun Signs in Western astrology are very vital astrological bureau of information that defines the primary factors that influence the horoscopes. When we talk about Moon signs, they represent inclination and varied potentials within us that is often obscured by a faint veil of fog over our awareness, which greatly determines the events in our lives. The moon is particularly connected to how we truly view ourselves and therefore an analysis of moon sign is often more personal, detailed and intricate than the sun signs.

Uncommon Facts about each Moon Signs:

We all ascribe certain characteristics to our zodiac signs. Apart from all the common qualities that are attributed to certain moon signs, let us take this opportunity to discuss some of the lesser known facts about each moon sign.

  1. ARIES

Aries is known for its confidence and courage. They are born leaders with their ability to anchor the ship with their leadership. They can always achieve what they aspire for. But, a very strange fact about Aries which less prevalent is that they are more determined rather than aggressive and this quality is depicted by the fact that they love to dominate but will not brag about their accomplishments.


Taurus sign is well known for their being very practical and responsible. They are very happy when they know that about any schedule scheme which will make them secure. This aspect is very important for Taurus. Taurus have a very strong sense of inner wisdom, which is generally correct but very few are aware of this fact that Taurus natives lack the conviction about the strength of their gut feeling. Always trust your inner wisdom always as it your natural inherent gift.


Gemini has the ability to learn quickly, adapt and exchange ideas with their minds being clear about a certain event and this makes them an effective liaison, communicator and negotiator. But, the lesser known fact about a Gemini is that if they feel they are not being given the required attention, they will tend to retreat from the scene rather than forcing their point of attention.


Cancer has the essence of high emotional sensitivity and your mission is to help, heal and support others. You are radiant with satisfaction when your hard work makes a difference in the lives of others and recognition for all your support and nurturing is a great motivation for you too. But it is a lesser known fact that you are shy and you will have to learn to come out of your shell and express your intuitive faculties and recognition for your efforts with more fluidity and confidence.

  1. LEO

Leo sign is the element of amazing wit, charm and intelligence. But, if you are denied a proper place of respect and authority, it does not bode well with your personality. But the rare fact about Leo natives is that with their sharp intellect, comes a tendency to process their actions too quickly and this makes them miss the subtle clues in communication with others and the resultant misunderstandings which occur takes them with self surprise.

  1. VIRGO

Virgo sign is like sponge that absorbs all the water and in the same way, you try to bring some semblance into any chaos around you. Sorting out details and making everything organized and logical tends to make you happy and content. This kind of an intuition is a gift. The lesser known fact about Virgo is that your standards of perfection are higher than everyone else. So, simply recognize your standards for yourself s your "average" performance is actually excellence by anyone else's standards.

  1. LIBRA

Libra has the art of balance. You tend to observe tremendous beauty in the simplest elements, and seek to keep purity and clarity in all your dealings [balance is your unique quality]. The lesser known fact of Libra native is that there is the love for challenge and you work very hard to balance the equation by finding solutions to contradictory situations. This means you're always seeking a complimentary balance to your energy - particularly in partnerships.


Scorpio natives are more at ease when they do not have express their emotional feelings in public. Scorpios are deeply intuitive and can read other people thoughts and feelings with ease and they need to isolate themselves to synchronize with all these feelings. The lesser known fact for Scorpio natives are that they are very harsh on themselves, where they tend to hide their feelings from others, thereby increasing their tension to try and renovate the situation to make things neutral.


Sagittarius is constantly in the lookout for activity, variety and mobility. The life needs to be with the high tide of change and the need for the essence of newness brings lot of trouble as you open the wrong bridge during the high tide, which brings lot of turbulence in your action. The lesser known fact is that Sagittarius native have the unique quality of justice and humanity, which brings in the passion to lead the life in correct manner. This places you in the pedestal of a mentor or a teacher and people are easily influenced by your true verdicts.


Capricorn is well known for being self-disciplined, dignified and often termed as mistaken as uncaring. But, beneath your cool exterior you are pragmatically planning the next moves in your strategy to accomplish your goals. People look up to you with regard for your patience and hard work as their mentor for guidance The lesser known fact of Capricorn is that beneath their cool exterior there is a caring soul who expresses his/her affection by the manner of his/her actions and not words for their loved ones.


Aquarius is well known for its unique knack for good perception and intelligence that makes you read the undefined messages of others and lot of your decisions and actions are based on your inherent inner wisdom. The lesser known fact about Aquarius is that you are the unknown catalyst for bringing the positive changes in the lives of others due to your humanitarian nature which enables you to help others.


Pisces are gifted with the unique quality of observation. You are sensitive and intuitive, which makes you shrewd, as you make correct assessment of situations and have a sound judgement that you use it in a creative way to enhance prosperity for others. The lesser known fact for Pisces is that as long as others allow you to work in your own unique way, you will remain pretty content but if you are criticized, it can unleash an animosity against them.