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Does the Universe really help us with Future Forecasts?

The study of the planetary movements through the lens of astrology enables us to understand the meaning of life. What is our destiny and how do we reach the goals of our life?

Does the

We get many signals every day regarding the future. There are many such examples where people have got opportunities, and are saved from calamities. This universe carries a lot of mystery, and humans are unable to decode these mysteries, many a times.

Some people are easily connected to the universe. Our astrology chart has various clues to find who can easily get the signals from the universe. These are based on Nakshatras, mostly. Therefore, those who follow western astrology may find it difficult to understand these concepts.

There are twelve signs and twenty-seven Nakshatras in it. The Moon owns all these Nakshatras. These nakshathras are known as the wives of Moon. There are certain Nakshatras which indicate mysticism. Those people whose Moon is in those Nakshatras, will strongly feel the messages conveyed to them from the universe.

Signs which have strong Universe Connect

Most of these Nakshatras reside in the sign of Scorpio,   Pisces, Aquarius and Leo. Jupiter is the teacher of devas and it is known as the ultimate planet for spiritual knowledge. Ketu is also a planet for spiritual knowledge, but it is known as an asura, so Jupiter is known as the positive kind of intuitions. That is why most of the Nakshathras in the sign of Jupiter is known as the portals for intuitions.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Pisces itself is known as the sign for moksha. The nakshathras in Pisces are Purvabhadra, Uttarabhadra and Revati. When your Moon is in any of these nakshathras, then there are huge chances for you to get intuitions. You will be easily be capturing the messages from the universe.

The Planets and their role

If the Moon is in the twelfth, eighth and the fourth house in these nakshathras then there are huge chances for one to grasp the signals from the universe.

Ketu is also shows mystic realms, so, if your Moon is in the nakshathra of Ketu, then there are huge chances for you getting the signals from the universe. Ketu is the planet for spirituality, and as per ancient Hindu texts, there is a world called Ketu Loka.

Among the twelve zodiac signs, Scorpio also indicates the dark realm of mantra, tantra, and rituals. If you have Moon in Scorpio, in any Nakshatra, then there will be a deep interest in mantra, tantra and mysticism. You may have the talent to understand the calls from the other worlds.

The universe would be sending signals to you through various methods. They are mainly unnoticed by the rational. Let us see how the universe follows you with its powerful messages.

Understanding the message

The universe itself has many aspects where it reminds us that it is asking to track our ways. It can be through illness or physical troubles. There are many stories like people getting ill and thus they staying back at home, and escaping from many accidents.

Animals are hundred per cent a tool of the universe. Especially the most popular pets, dogs have saved many people from big calamities. They comfort us, love us, and are very sincere. They never hesitate to face danger zone in order to save their owners.  

Our Feelings are the other ways through which the universe sends signals. When we are in troubled situations, we normally get a gut feeling and we withdraw from doing or undoing things.

Insight into the message

Recurrent obstacles are mainly the most common signal, which can be identified as a signal from the universe. Common people have experienced this signal as well. When recurrent obstacles come up, then there are fewer chances for the intended event to happen.

We can never ignore the power of dreams. They are very sensitive but they send strong signals on cautioning us.  All dreams may not have the power to show us what is going to happen but, there are certain dreams , which has the power to tell us what we should expect and not.

The signs from Planetary Retrogression

Planetary retrogression is a very strong signal from the universe. Every planet, other than Sun and Moon moves in a slowdown mode. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the primary planets. These planets when moves in a slowdown mode, then that will bring reversals. You may have to rework on certain projects.

Meeting with old friends or peoples from the past is very much possible when these planets move in retrogression. When Venus gets into retrogression mode, then there are huge chances for us to meet our ex. We may even get news from them.

It is an open truth that when Mercury moves in a slowdown mode, the electronic network and devices are damaged. Therefore, prior to this retrograde, we get chances to save our electronic devices and data.

Mercury is also the indicator for traveling and communications as well. Therefore, during the Mercury retrogression, there will be issues in the communications. During the Mercury slow down, arguments and lack of understanding is common. During Venus retrogression, it is a known fact that we should not go for any beauty treatment, as it wouldn’t prove to be of any benefit.

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