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Choosing the right Muhurat for your unique benefit

It is rightly said that, “Lost time can never be found again and its value can only be understood when it’s gone already.” Time is irreversible and defines our very existence in this world. Everything we do or decide to do has a definite time for it and when done right, everything falls in its right place. Be it your first date, or your first job, or that college reunion you have long awaited. Everything, however trivial it is, revolves around time, and anyone who has at least lived a good twenty years of their life, knows it very well.

Following a ‘Muhurat’ before venturing for some work, is a kind of predictive and elective astrology, which leads us to strong possibilities of the successful completion of that work with favourable results.

The relevance of doing the right thing at the right time

Apart from the day-to-day happenings that bind us with time, there are some very important occasions in life, wherein time plays the biggest factor. For such vital occasions, it is important that we take every step with caution and try to guard our insecurities with safe measures. Even Kings of the yesteryears, and the rulers and significant people of position today, go for guidance as such.

Like for e.g., when we decide to buy our first house or property, set up our own business, or start our own food chain, it is essential to know that such tasks need our utmost sincerity, planning, preparation, and futuristic views. Given the wonders and security the science of astrology delivers, it is only intelligent to move ahead to welcome it with open arms; so that we leave no scope for mishaps.

‘Muhurta’ – As a kind of Electional Astrology

Astrology has the experience, way, and treatment, necessary while choosing the perfect time for all our life events, however crucial and important it is. This branch of Astrology wherein Astrologers predict the most appropriate time for an event based on Astrological auspiciousness of that time, is known as Electional Astrology. So why not buckle up and explore the marvelous world of astrology on offer, and delve in its vast ocean of wisdom, while only gaining profits in the process.

Again, choosing an auspicious time is an act of free will and we should use it wisely, as opposed to simply doing what is convenient for us; that is, what agrees with our sense of gratification. Now that we know, wouldn’t it be intelligent of us to decide beforehand before taking the leap for an extremely important work? As per our Shastras, all auspicious actions have some spiritual effects on us, and to get best results from the effects, one must consider the right time to yield best results. This ideal time, known as Muhurat, is vital for every work that we plan to do and is decided as per our birth chart or Kundali.

The Significance of ‘Hora’ in Muhurat

An auspicious Muhurat can be calculated with the help of a Hora chart, which can predict the suitable time for an event’s undertaking. In an entire day, there are 24 Horas’, which change after every hour. Each Hora has a different planet as its Lord, and the seven planets are the Lords of these Horas. Different Horas are deemed beneficial for different matters, and they prove to be beneficial only when the exact measures are followed.

For example:

The Sun’s Hora will be strong on Sundays or the days of the Sun, and will benefit if followed for taking medicines, or going through a surgery, signing Government contracts, appealing for a promotion in jobs, entering politics, etc.

The various requirements for choosing the right ‘Muhurat’

There are many different requirements that are taken into account before settling down on the appropriate ‘Muhurat’, for the start of a new venture. The combinations of Panchang, Tithi, Yoga, Vaar, Nakshatra and Karan, are considered for choosing the apt ‘Muhurat’, to get desired results.

 The names of some Yogas, which are very auspicious for knowing the right ‘Muhurat’, are Amrit Siddhi Yoga, Sarvat Siddhi Yoga, Guru Pushya Yoga, Ravi Pushya Yoga, and others. These Yogas are used in various combinations to find the perfect ‘Muhurat’ for any auspicious venture, which would be unique to every individual.

Likewise, a very effective and extremely auspicious Nakshatra, ‘Pushya’, which is the 28th Nakshtra, is good for almost every new venture. Thus, can be used in most occasions.

Abhijeet Muhurta, comes daily from 11.36 A.M. to 12.24 P.M. This Muhurta guarantees success and positive results, if the native follows the exact time and rules. Also, when one is unsure about what time to go for a new venture, Abhijeet Muhurta comes to the rescue. 

Another very important Muhurta, ‘Chowgadiya’, is a half an hour which is regarded as the best and most auspicious time period to give a task its completion or starting.  This Muhurat comes between sunrise and sunset and is divided into 8 parts each, for the daytime and nighttime. For auspicious ventures like house warming (greh pravesh), starting a business , opening a store, etc., the ‘Chowgadiya’ Muhurta is considered so as to reap the maximum benefits.

How does ‘Muhurat’ bring about change in results

You can bring changes in your life through the various efforts required for being cautious before just starting about anything, without deeply analyzing it. However, sometimes things are not under your control; for example: we follow all the instructions of an auspicious ‘Muhurat’ during marriage but still we face some problems in our married life. This is explained in such a way the situation might have worsened if ‘Muhurat’ was totally disregarded, and one might have to face weirdly adverse situations. ‘Muhurat’ also alerts you about the impending incidents of your life. It will therefore be beneficial for you if you follow it before starting any important task of your life.

 Remedial measures can be taken afterwards, if at all due to some reason you were not able to select any ‘Muhurat’. Again, these can help only up to a certain extent and will definitely not make everything as perfect as before. ‘Muhurat’ is thereby believed to be either ‘preventive’ or ‘prescriptive’, and the latter is comparatively of lesser impact.

How does ‘Muhurat’ effect positively

Our life is the cumulative collection of every moment we live, be it big or small. Some moments in life are exceptionally important in particular. Those moments mark the beginning of something important and influential in a person’s life, and the happiness and sadness that follows after it, depends on the way the task has been performed. 

The birth chart and ‘Muhurat’ are interrelated because if you perform auspicious tasks and events in an auspicious ‘Muhurat’ according to your birth-chart, you will be able to get better results and returns from what you have invested as your hard work, time and money. The disastrous influence of the yogas in the birth chart can be lessened by performing special remedies, as per requirement. It is thereby advisable to  always select auspicious ‘Muhurat’ to get auspicious results, but if in the rare occasion when it does not work then you should accept the results as your destiny.

A ‘Muhurat’ is unique to very individual’s birth chart

‘Muhurat’ has been divided into forms and categories, and each one is based on the type of birth chart of a person. A person’s ‘Hora’ determines the best ‘Muhurat’ for any of tasks he is involved in. 

If we talk about ‘Muhurat’ in general, we can widely say that Tuesday, Thursday, an Friday does have auspicious ‘Muhurat’ for everyone. To be specific and live up to our own expectations, we should follow what is best as per our birth chart, and then decide the time, date and place of an event, for best results. At times, the results are even better than what we would have even visualized. Different ‘Muhurats’ are unique to different events in a person’s life, for e.g., for marriage, house warming, start of a business, travelling, planning a baby, career decisions, education, and so on. ‘Muhurat’ is thereby significant in the circumstances where you wish to get positive results for your efforts. For knowing the best possible ‘Muhurat’ for you, it is advised that you see an astrologer who would guide you throughout and show you how to utilize it for your ultimate benefit.