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Anger and the Moon Sign

Anger is an emotion; it comes from the deeply agitated and troubled mind. The mind is indicated by Moon in astrology. According to science, anger arises due to the bad liver and gall bladder. Ancient people very well understood the connection between body and mind. They tried to explore the secrets of human life, mind, and body through celestial objects. Or some heavenly beings taught them the secrets of human life and how they are connected to the universe. They found that it’s easy to study human life through the birth chart.

The Moon, the mother of all Minds

Whomever you are King, or Queen, lunatic or a spiritual guru, according to astrology, Moon rules your mind.  Any affliction to the Moon makes a person very sensitive. However, the majority of the population’s moon is somehow afflicted. For some people, these afflictions can have a major impact as there is no such benefic aspect on them. For some Moon’s affliction is totally recovered with auspicious placement, aspect, and conjunctions.

Everyone has anger in them, but when it gets into severe wrath and violence, and then it becomes a weakness. When Moon is closer with complex planets like Mars, Mercury, Sun, Rahu or Ketu, there can be mental stress, but not necessary that it should be anger.

When the Moon is hemmed with a negative planet, Mars is weak, and the Sun is also weak, then the anger can be in a higher mode. The way people express anger can be different. That totally depends on Mars.

The Role of Mars in Anger

A person with Mars in Cancer can express the anger in a very intense mode. That won’t be the case of a person’s Mars is in Capricorn. Mars is the planet for emotion, passion, and aggression.  In cancer Mars becomes weak, while in Capricorn, Mars gets exalted. So, the person whose Mars in Cancer have a violent expression of anger, while Capricorn Mars gives dignified anger which is very reasonable? 

The Placement of Moon in Anger Management

The Moon is a very watery planet and that likes to be in comfortable signs. When Moon is in, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, that will give more stress to the mind. This is a very sensitive placement and these people can have a lack of peace.  That doesn’t mean they are very short tempered. If this Moon is influenced by a weak Mars, then the expression of anger can be in a violent manner.

Anger According to the Moon Sign


They are very sensitive and it is very easy to make them angry. Aries is a fire sign and naturally, they are always sensitive. They need a little spark. However, their anger can be for a short term


Moon is very powerful here, so they are much-grounded people. They don’t get into violent anger for simple reasons. Once they get angry, then it will be very difficult to control them as well


They can get angry at multiple times a day as they are the people for multitasking. Since the sign Gemini indicates communication, they may talk a lot when they get angry.


They are mild people, but once they get angry, then they may not able to control it. They will be recollecting all your past deeds.


Like a lion, Leos will be staying calm for almost all day. Yet, they wait for the proper opportunity to attack the enemies.


When a Virgo gets angry, then it will be for the proper reason. They will not hesitate to do physical violence when they feel misunderstood.


This is a sign for balance in the relationships. So, they cannot get easily angered. They like to hide it majorly, but it will be impossible to control them like Virgos


Moon gets debilitated in this sign, so anger is the main challenge for Scorpios. They will take that anger for life and don’t even hesitate to take revenge.


They are not basically very angry people, but they can be blunt when they get irritated. Sagittarius is the sign of higher visions, so they can’t tolerate small speech.


This is an earth sign, so they may not get angry easily. Still, in the heights of anger, they will try to be patient.


They are very jovial kind of people and they don’t like to get angry. Still, there are chances for uncontrollable anger if they are highly triggered.


They are basically emotional than angry. Anger is possible, but they will go into the moody mode if get angry.

The second house is known as speech, so a harsh planet or aspect on the second house can indicate bad words while angry. A malefic planet in the second house indicates cuss words in anger. 

How to Manage Anger

Poor help is the best remedy for anger. You must go to physically unfit people and help them and it should be in a regular mode as well. There are many yoga asanas which help you to control your anger. Balasana and matsyasana is also good for anger management.