Oldest Horoscope in The world, where can we find it?

Travel through time & space to experience the true essence of Astrology - the origin, its eventual emergence, and the reason behind it becoming one of the most popular streams in the world. Understand how the oldest horoscope in the world is connected to each one of us.

Oldest Horoscope in The world, where can we find it?


Babylon, the city on the banks of Euphrates is seen as the birth place of humans. In almost all religious texts, this geographical location has given a lot of importance. Ancient people in Babylonia had direct contact with higher beings and they taught them the significance of celestial bodies.
Astrology as a method to read the human and the nature came into existence in Babylonia only. From there this stream got popularity all over the world.

Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa

One of the earliest astrology document drawn by humans is Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa. This tablet marks the movement of Venus. It says when Venus rises and sets. In this document we can see a twenty one year of record of Venusian movements. This is also known as Enuma Anu Enlil Tablet.
Enuma Anu Enlil men of higher intelligence and they can be even seen as extra-terrestrials who taught great things to Babylonians .There are a series of tablets by these deities.

Vedic astrology also has a connection with the Greek civilization. There are various texts written by ancient sages of India. Among that Bhrigu Samhita stands out with more than five million horoscopes in it by Sage Bhrigu. Most of the pages are lost, but it is said that this book even has the horoscope of Ravana. These horoscopes were based on all the nine planets in astrology.

There are various topics in astrology. They are divided into three parts.

Siddhanta: Also called “Ganit skand” by which speed of graha, is calculated by mathematics. On this basis position of Graha, Swantsar, Ayan, Mass, Grahan, Kalnirnay, etc. is known.

Siddhanta - This contains Grahaganit from Kalpa-arambha.

Tantra - This contains Grahaganit from Mahayuga. Karan - This contains Grahaganit from any one Shakvarsha. Sahinta Vibhag- Which contains graha bhraman in nakashtra mandal, graha yudhe, dhumketu, grahane, and ulkapat by which universal prediction and muharta are calculated and study of atmosphere on earth also.

Hora Vibhag - Also called Jatakskand, by which complete prediction is carried out with the help of horoscope.

In Bhrigu samhita there are 11 chapters. They are

  • Kundli Khand - horoscopes;
  • Phabit Kahand - forecasts;
  • JarahParharan - previous lives;
  • Tathalin BhriguPrashan - questions of Bhrigu;
  • Nasht-Janmong Deepiha - index to lost horoscopes;
  • Sarivarisht-Nivaran-Khand - remedy to human problems;
  • Raj-Khand - pertaining to rule;
  • Santan-upaya-Khand - for begetting children;
  • Narpati-Jayacharya Khand - for the victory and works of a king;
  • Istri-PhabitKhand - on the nature of women.

There is an interstinhg story behind the formation of Bhrigu Samhita. Sage Bhrigu was a huge devotee of Lord Shiva, but he did not want to worship Parvarti. Parvati was not happy with this approach. Sage Bhrigu shape shifted into a small bird and went around Shiva. Then parvati sat closer with Shiva, and then Sage Bhrigu shape shifted into a bee

This instance made Sage Bhrigu to write Bhrigu samhita, which is a guideline for entire humans.

These five million horoscopes are said to have horoscopes of people from the past as well as future. Horoscope of Ravan is a highlight in that.

Eventhough there are many carvings in the ancient settlements regarding the astronomical events, there are less information regarding the predictive part of astrology from that. The good thing about Bhrigu samhita is it speaks about the predictive part of astrology.

Brihat parasara hora sastra, which is known as the bible of astrology is not a complete book. Ancient tablets are part of all ancient settlements, but they are difficult to interpret. The bright side of Vedic astrology is the nakshathra. Which is not available in any ancient text other than Vedic texts? The connection to the nakshatra makes the Vedic astrology prediction accurate.