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Astrological significance of the Full Moon

The Moon signifies emotions and feelings and thus it is natural that the different phases of the moon will bring significant changes in our character and innate feelings. Full moon or when the moon is fully illuminated is the time when the lunar energy is at its peak. Find out the astrological significance of this beautiful natural occurrence.

Astrological significance of the Full Moon

Moon in astrology has a profound effect on humans and other living beings. If the Sun is considered the King, the moon is considered the Queen. The moon rules the mind – emotions and feelings. The Moon denotes mental and emotional power. Moon, in astrology, is a natural benefic planet, capable of bringing great mental power and prosperity. Moon is tender by nature and represents beauty, love and splendor. Moon being closest to our Earth has the strongest influence on the psyche of human beings.

As the moon passes through stages of waxing and waning, it exerts different levels of influence on the minds of humans and especially that of women. Moon represents mother as she nourishes life on earth.

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Role of Full Moon in Astrology:

The moon also plays a symbolic role in different religions and cultures as well. In the lunar phase, when the moon is fully illuminated, as seen from the earth, it is called the Full Moon. The Sun and the moon are in opposite directions to the Earth, such that the moon is entirely lit up by the light reflecting off the Sun. The positive moon manifests sympathy, memory, joy, and enthusiasm, peace of mind, care, receptivity and patience. And the negative or debilitated moon manifests mood swings, worry, tensions, depressions, suicidal tendency and emotional instability. In Vedic astrology, the moon is an indicator of mother, pregnancy, brain, intelligence, pride, emotions, behaviour, romance, gardens, salt, medicines, travel abroad, milk, etc.

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Lunar Energy on the Full Moon Day:

The phases of the moon are different each day and have a tremendous effect on our moods, our emotions, our energy levels, and our personal growth. In order to comprehend astrology properly, it is necessary to understand the cosmic symbolism of the moon cycle. The most powerful moments of monthly transformation are specifically the new moon and the full moon.

The energy that emanates from the moon can be both positive and negative, depending upon the phase of the moon at the current period. While sometimes the lunar energy brings out the softer, maternal and self-protective instincts, at other times it can trigger and magnify the intensity of our feelings. The full moon is known to expose secrets and reveal the hidden agendas. Under the full moon, things often get out of control and one is known to act boldly. It often becomes a mismanaged mayhem.

The moon moves through each zodiac cycle the quickest, spending about two and a half days per zodiac sign, passing through all the zodiac signs in about 28 days. Astrologically, this accounts for our changing moods and energy levels in each month.

Each Lunar cycle starts with a new moon and then grows larger or waxes for about two week till it climaxes as a full moon. Thereafter, it starts waning or growing smaller for another two weeks until it reaches the phase of the new moon again. A full moon thus occurs once in four weeks’ time. The energy varies depending on the position of the moon in a certain zodiac panel, along with its making aspect with other planets. Full moons are associated with new releases.

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The full moon results in a culmination of energy, bearing the fruits of our labour and also brings more mental clarity. They are associated with chaos and intensity. It can result in an ebb and flow of emotions in the extremes. It can make us feel energized or leave us bereft of all energy. Keep your eyes and ears open during a full moon if you're looking for cosmic guidance.

Another important aspect that needs to be mentioned here is that the full moon may be the brightest point in the lunar cycle but from that point onwards, the moon is in the process of shedding or waning. As it gets smaller and smaller in the coming two weeks, the lunar energy will help you to shed toxic patterns, releasing bad habits and help you quit situations that you're ready to leave. If you have intentions related to releasing and shedding things, you can set these on the full moon instead of the new moon and feel extra cosmically and astrologically supported.

Effect of moon on the Zodiac elements:

Moon being a tidal force is attached best to the water elements. It exerts its most sphere of influence on the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Moon is the most passionate and personal and brings about drama, tears, and childhood traumas in these water signs.

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For the earth elements, the behaviour of the moon becomes more practical and methodical even. The connection that Moon makes with these earth elements, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn makes them wary of the changes in the material world. It helps these signs to be more concentrated and rooted so as to get things accomplished on time and with vigour.

The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius sort of makes the Moon fleeting and ephemeral. The air obscures the deeper perceptions of the Moon, making the air elements to become confused, shallow, indulge in gossip and become disorderly.

Fire signs, as it is, are feisty and when the whimsical moon enters these fire elements, sparks fly. The crackling energy of these fire elements like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius is visible through their erratic, impulsive and risky behaviour during the full moon.

Thus, no matter how diverse, the effect of full moon on these zodiac signs cannot be denied.