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Flowers According to Your Zodiac Moon Sign

Flowers are the icon of beauty that associate with different zodiac moon signs based on the similar inherent traits of beauty, strength, wisdom, and intuition. Find out your flower that associates with your zodiac moon signs.

Flowers According to Your Zodiac Moon Sign


Flowers are the delicate expressions of emotions that add core of strength to your panel of affection and attraction in the same platter for your loved ones. Vedic astrology has the icon of self awareness that brings every individual in close bonding with the cosmic stars in the sky and with heavenly connection with the flowers on earth.

Astrologers have a strong notion that flowers have power and the strength to bring forth your best productive traits, concentration and happiness as it is well known that nature has the unique ability to increase your progressive trends that will enhance your abilities.

Every zodiac sign has specific qualities that are aligned with the personality traits of that particular sign and each sign is associated with flowers that depict the celestial energy of that sign.

Let’s walk through the allies of all signs and observe what is the flower and traits attributed of every zodiac sign.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, who are always persistent for new beginnings with their well known assertiveness over their events and tasks.

Honey suckle and Thistles are gorgeous pair of Aries flowers that reflect the vibrancy and eye-catching colour during the spring season. The lively colors of both flowers resemble the fiery personality of Aries as both season and flowers are associated with action and new experiences of life.

Other flowers that are connected with Aries sign are- Tulips, Amaryllis and Tiger lilies.


Taurus sign is the second sign of the zodiac with their strong positive trait of being determined and well footed with their practical thinking and love being surrounded by love and natural beauty.

Poppy and Lily are the Taurean flowers where poppy flower grows in the most hard conditions landscapes and Lily triggers the sensuous emotions of love of Taurus natives by their strong fragrance which depicts the positive beauty of their emotions.

Other flowers that are connected with Taurus sign are- Foxgloves and Roses.



Gemini sign is the third sign of the zodiac that is one of the most social creatures who have a unique blend of actions and intelligence.

Lavender is the birth flower of Gemini with the vibrant hue and strong fragrance of the flower which blends well with the versatile personality of Gemini. The pleasant scent of the Lavender can be a strong ingredient for soothing their anxious mind and stress in routine life.

Other flowers that are connected with Gemini sign are- Chrysanthemums, Ranunculus and Azaleas.


Cancer sign is the fourth sign of the zodiac that is one of the most nurturing and caring natives for their loved ones with fine sense of serenity.

White roses compliment the caring and tender lunar glow and the thorns of the stem display the protective streak of Cancerians towards their loved ones. To earn the love of Cancer home maker, gift bouquet of elegant white roses that will melt the Cancerians heart towards you.

Other flowers that are connected with Cancer sign are- Morning Glories, Irises, Delphinium and any white flower.


Leo sign is the fifth sign of the zodiac that have the exclusive gift of being confident, warm loyal, charming, as they attract all by their vibrant personality.

Sunflowers are aligned with Leo sign as Sun flower with its vibrant yellow petals depicts the looks of the lion of the zodiac. The identical ability of Sun flowers to Leo natives, is to attract all with their vibrancy and warmth that are in the orbit of their connectivity.

Other flowers that are connected with Leo sign are- Marigolds and Heliotropes.


Virgo sign is the sixth sign of the zodiac that is one of the most perfeconist clan of individuals that have the keen eye for small detail over any designated task or surroundings.

Daisies are the flowers that are symbolically related to Virgo sign due to similarities in nature. Daisies wind up their petals at night and open during the day to brighten the surroundings and similarly to Virgo, share a guarded attitude towards strangers and show their warmth of nature only to their loved ones.

Other flowers that are connected with Virgo sign are- Chrysanthemums, Buttercups, and Narcissus.


Libra sign is the seventh sign of the zodiac that is one of the most composed and balanced creatures like the evergreen classic roses. Libras are represented and teamed as born lovers and not fighters.

Libra natives have the unique blend of peace and balance in their overall attitude and personality. The colourful petals of roses indicate the sign of strength with love and harmony and avoid conflict over any matter. Colourful roses and Libra nature represent inner positivity with abundance of outer beauty that represents the core strength of both.

Other flowers that are connected with Libra sign are- Hydrangea, Blue bells


Scorpio sign is the eighth sign of the zodiac that has hasty action oriented approach that is dominated by their innate volatile emotions, so they are prone to be attracted towards anything that has magnitude of making deep connections with Scorpion soul.

Red Hibiscus is the flower that symbolizes Scorpion passion and mystery with outer striking beauty and inner strength of utility as this flower is used for making anti-oxidant tea.

Other flowers that are connected with Scorpio sign are- Geraniums, Anemones, Amaranths.


Sagittarius sign is the ninth sign of the zodiac that have the mind and spirit of their own and avoid being bounded by others in every way. Sagittarius natives have the stamina and patience especially when pursuing any task or their loved ones.

Carnations are their birth flowers that have the ability to mingle with other flowers in a beautiful bouquet but will last longer in freshness than the others flowers, portraying their core strength.

Other flowers that are connected with Sagittarius sign are- Calendula, or Purple flowers.


Capricorn sign is the tenth sign of the zodiac that is one of the most practical natives who lack the art of catering their inmost feelings through expression of love in words. They will express their depth of love through persistent actions of care and responsibility towards their spouse/partner.

Pansy is the power flower of Capricorns that really strive hard for its beautiful existence during the winter time and it is one of the flowers that bloom first and are seen in New Year.

Other flowers that are connected with Capricorn sign are- Gardenias, African violet.


Aquarius sign is the eleventh sign of the zodiac that is one of the most integrated and honest natives in the zodiac belt. They are one of the most sensitive clans on the earth who will always work on humanitarian grounds with a larger picture on their canvas by following their own unique perception.

Orchids are the birth flowers of Aquarius that are always displayed individually and not in bouquet as similar to independent to Aquarius streak.

Other flowers that are connected with Aquarius sign are- Birds of paradise and Golden Rods.


Pisces sign is the twelfth sign of the zodiac that is one of the most artistic natives of the zodiac that have the whimsical but positive approach towards life in their own way. They have the art of blending into everybody happiness and sharing their own happiness with others.

Classic Water lilies are the Pisces birth flowers that are the perfect combination of colours and attitude of wisdom that they gain from their own experience similar to Pisces sign.

Other flowers that are connected with Pisces sign are- Iris and Lotuses.

So, we can say that Flowers are the delicate blend of wisdom, beauty and strength of action that is derived from their own observation.