Give your business a boost with these Astrological Remedies

Astrological remedies are a way to help you obtain favorable energies from the planets in your horoscope, responsible for various aspects of your life.Try these effective astrological tips and remedies for success - both in your business and career.

Give your business a boost with these Astrological Remedies


"Remedies related to the Nine Vedic Planets, to have a good gain from your business."

Being an Entrepreneur and making money on a large scale with persistent hard work to achieve the designated target each month, is a hard task. However, it would also make you responsible and let you be discipline-oriented in life. There will be days when you would have achieved the target, whatever had been decided, and some days will just give you work pressure needed to maintain your business graph.

In the ancient times, when the King had rulership over his kingdom, he also had the responsibility to run the royal treasury, for which he needed to do business. For the forecast of their gains and losses at any point of time, they were not using the analytics, or 3D-graphs, which are present these days to show the graphical observation of profit and loss in their business. However, the Kings had highly rich Vedic Knowledge and knew that the cosmic plane did not just have an influence on the horoscope, but also gave results on the mass as well.

The Mundane Astrology covers this rulership, and the transit of Planets in a particular zodiac sign and Nakshatra affects the status of the whole society. The business, money, as well as financial market, also has a great influence on planets. The ancient King appointed great astrologers in their court who calculate the right time and occasion for them to start a new venture, and the idea to invest in a business based on the planet which gives them benefits.


Business related to the Nine Planets:

Each planet governs a specific area in our lives, related to the business we are doing. All the nine planets control the signification of the element, and the things, which come in their zone. Based on Vedic Astrology, the remedies related to that planet will give success in your business, when done as per requirement.

Sun is a royal planet. It governs all the work related to government, gold, goldsmith, rice, food, and fruits business in its raw form. If you are doing a business related to the Sun, then be disciplined on Sunday. Eat food without salt on Sunday, and on the Sixth tithi (Waxing Moon’s sixth day), donate the salt to the needy people in your surroundings, or in the temple. Give respect to your elders and father, to attain blessings from the Sun. Don’t keep things in your shop, which are not in use, or are spare parts, as they should be avoided by the main business apartment. The unused things will have the influence of Rahu and Saturn, and these planets are not familiar to Sun, thus giving you loss in your business.

Moon is the one who has authority over business, where the liquid form is used more in comparison to the businesses rule by the other planets.

Business-related to beverages and dairy products, will give a good amount of profit to you, if you have strong Moon in your horoscope. Moon is a feminine planet, and has good ability to give you artistic skill, so business related to school or an institution, which provides various skills related to beauty, dance, singing, etc., will give good profit to you.

To have good gains in business related to the Moon planet, you need to give happiness to the females in your life, respect them and give them gifts during festive time, as they this give strength to your Moon. You can also fast on the Full Moon day, to pacify the negative effect of the Moon. Provide freshwater facilities to the needy people near your home, as this will uplift the rejuvenation quality in your Moon, and your business will flourish.

Mars is the planet who rules over businesses related to land, property, blacksmith, and the equipment related to the medical field, the contract business related to making road, bridges, airlines, railway track, Butcher, Restaurants, Gym, wrestling, and many other works, which require the physical effort and persistence. If you want to achieve success in business related to Mars, worship Lord Hanuman when the Full Moon is in Virgo. Donate sweets to your employees especially on Tuesdays, which is the day of planet Mars.

Mercury is the main signification of business. If you want to do business related to the planet Mercury, then the business of software, communication-related business, which can also include communication devices, and the selling of mobile phones, will be good for you. Business-related to the institute, which provides knowledge on various languages, will also give good profit to you. Publishing magazines, book, or the printing, are the businesses that would give a good amount of gain from the planet Mercury.

Jupiter rules over the wood related business, so carpentry or selling a wood product, could give good profit if Jupiter is good in your horoscope. Donate sweets on Thursdays and on the Full Moon of each month to have gains in your business related to the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter also rules over all the wisdom and knowledge, so opening a school or college will give good name and fame to your business. Give due respect to your grandparents and teachers to receive the blessings of Jupiter. Because Jupiter is a teacher of the Gods, so giving respect to the teacher and the parent who teaches you life’s lesson, will specify the negative result of your Jupiter, and give an abundance of success and wealth from your business.

Venus is the planet, which rules the entire luxurious zone in our lives and has the ability to give a life fit for a King. Tourist and travel businesses, fashion designing, fine arts, etc., are related to Venus, and so you would do well in these. Painting, farming, business related to flowers and perfumes, will be the best ones to attain gains from the planet Venus. Venus is a feminine planet like the Moon, your female colleagues; relatives are the Venus forms in your life, so having a harmonious relationship with them, will let you have blessings from Venus in your business. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi with her consort Lord Vishnu on each Full Moon, would also let you have profit from Venus.

Saturn commands over the businesses related to farming, iron, work force, real estate agents, oil, and law. All the businesses related to the Saturn should be done with hard work and in discipline, only then will you have success. Donate clothes to the needy people around you to pacify the negative effect of Saturn in your business. Saturn also governs astrology, so an institution, which provides the astrological knowledge, will give success to you.

Rahu commands all the technology and the internet businesses, with which we now have an interface on a daily basis. If you have the good placement of Rahu in your horoscope, then digital marketing will be the best platform for you to have good gains from your business.

Rahu will also rule over foreign language, and the things, which are foreign to your place, so the businesses related to institutions, which impart skills related to foreign language, and foreign things, would be best. The camera, photography, will be the best business to have financial gain. Rahu signifies the grandparents, so, worshipping the deity, who was worshiped by your grandparents, will give blessings of Rahu to your business. Feed the street dogs as they are also connected with the shadow planet Rahu.

Ketu rules over the businesses, which required backend process. The business-like running the work force, manufacturing medicines, etc., will give good profit. The organization, which is run by the big temples, like teaching them religious and spiritual knowledge, will give good successful business. Ketu is an old persona and signifies the widow, and so helping them and giving respect to them, you will have an abundance of success in your business.

Receive the blessings of the entire planet to run a business successfully, and to attain good financial gain without any hurdle.