Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius: How Does It Effect Scorpio Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius: How Does It Effect Scorpio Moon Sign


Jupiter is the guarding angel for a thinker and blesses one with high intellect. It is the second slowest moving planet after Saturn in all the Nine Planets (Navagrahas). The transit of Jupiter in considered important as it is known to take around 12 years to complete the zodiac cycle which signifies that it spends around a year in each zodiac (moon sign).

When Jupiter transits in the Scorpio moon sign, it will remain highly favorable for the native. It will make Scorpio quite a humble person and will you gain high regards in society. Jupiter will help you love life to flourish and you will be able to share your innermost feeling with your spouse or partner.
Thus, the bond of understanding shared between you two will strengthen and happiness and prosperity will become constant factors of your life together.

Work front will remain extremely positive and flourishing for the native where growth and success will constantly be embracing you every now and then. During this transit, Jupiter is favorable in the Second House of Wealth and hence, you will hear much good news in respect to your financial and monetary growth during this period of time.

Jupiter Transit Period:

  • Jupiter will transit through Sagittarius in Scorpio moon sign from 4th November 2019 to 20th November 2020.
  • Jupiter also conjuncts with Saturn which is said to end on 25th January 2020.
  • Ketu has conjunction with Jupiter during this transit which will remain till 20th September 2020.

Jupiter Transit and Its Effect on Various Houses

Jupiter will transit through Sagittarius in Scorpio moon sign for approximately 13 months. In the Scorpio moon sign, it is the Lord of the Second House of Wealth and the Fifth House of Love, Relations and Education, and the Tenth House of Career.

As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the most generous planet of all the Nine Planets and bestows the native with blessings of luck, wealth and fortune. It is known as the Guru or the teacher who helps the native choose the right path in life and helps the native to keep his or her values intact even in the most difficult of times. It is the karaka of good judgment, rectitude, generosity, natural goodness, and prosperity for the native.

Jupiter is said to be the most benefic planet according to the Vedic astrology and its transit is extremely important. Therefore when Jupiter transits in Scorpio moon sign, it transits in the Second House of Wealth from where it will be aspecting the Sixth House of Service, along with the Eight House of Sudden Gains and the Tenth House of Career. Thus, Jupiter will positively influence the native’s love life, career, and health.

Effects of Jupiter’s Transit on the Sixth House of Service

When Jupiter transits through the Scorpio moon sign, it is aspecting the Sixth House. As a result, it will bring a swift increase in wealth and other financial and materialistic gains with it. Since Jupiter is aspecting the Sixth House which is also the House of Enemy, they will also become a source of prosperity for the native. Following are few benefits of Jupiter’s aspect on the Sixth House:

  • Jupiter aspect on the Sixth House will be good for the service of the native as well especially for native who has a career related to the job.
  • They will experience success at their job.
  • At service, Jupiter will also help you to have a cordial and friendly relationship with your colleagues.
  • The native gets indirect gains from his or her enemies
  • On the financial front, if you have been trying for a loan (of any kind) for a very long time and have been unable to get one then the long-awaited loan sanction will come and fall in your lap.
  • You will also feel relieved from any health issues you have been suffering from.

Jupiter is standing by you and is sworn to make your life better than before. Still, it is highly advised to the native that he or she must at all time to stay away from any shady or illegal or unethical activities.

Effects of Jupiter’s Transit on the Eight House of Sudden Gains

Eight House in Vedic astrology is generally considered as a malefic House as it represents death, longevity, and sudden events and gains. Eighth House is also related to wealth in the form of sudden gains from various sources. Following are the few good effects of Jupiter’s aspect on the Eighth House:

  • You will have sudden monetary gains through speculations
  • There are high chances of benefits and profits coming your way through Business partnership.
  • You can have financial gains with the help of your spouse as well
  • Jupiter’s aspect on Eight House will also provide much relief from the prolonged major health issues that you’re suffering from (if any).

When the benevolent Jupiter has an aspect of the Eighth House, it is sure to bring some good news and positive shades with it to the life of the native. This is a blessing to a native where he or she gets a surprise deal of all the good things in one package.

Effects of Jupiter Transit on the Tenth House of Career

In Vedic astrology, the Tenth House is considered as the Karma Bhava or the House of Career or profession. It basically deals with the work or profession of the native. Jupiter, the Teacher of all Houses expands the results of the Houses it sits in (both positive and negative) and therefore, when Jupiter is in the Second House, it has its aspect on the Tenth house of career; this means that Jupiter will boost the career of the native spectacularly and will open new doors of opportunities and challenges that will be beneficial for you in the long run. Following are the positive effect of


Jupiter’s aspect on the Tenth House.

  • It will give you growth and promotion in career. Long and most awaited promotions will come your way!
  • You will share a healthy, good and growing relationship with your boss and seniors.
  • The Jupiter Transit will bring you name, fame, and respect in society. Your social honor will also increase.
  • Your relationship with your father will also improve and strengthen during this period.

To conclude, we can easily that most of the period of transit of Jupiter will remain favorable for growth and financial gains from work also are strong.
You will experience growth and prosperity on the family level too and they too will also be a support system and play a major role in bringing all sorts of gains including monetary or financial ones. Overall the Jupiter transit in Scorpio will remain good for you and will help you flourish in every aspect of life.