Combinations for Good Relationship and Marriage

Its the presence of the favorable planetary combinations in your horoscope that determines the prospects of your partner. Indastro helps you learn the various combinations of planets that are responsible for healthy, prosperous, and long-lasting relationships.

Combinations for Good Relationship and Marriage


One of the most important things in life that has the power to make our lives ideal, even if we are facing a lot of hurdles and challenges; is being in a loving relationship that is perfect for us. At some point of time or the other, every one of us might be shattered with the challenges given to us by life, and therefore, we might not be able to believe ourselves. At that point of time, when we feel lost and tired, we get loving support from our relationship, and due care from our partner. Compatibility and Chemistry are the two things that can never be fulfilled with hundred percent surety in one’s life.

Marriage is a divine relationship, which gives a partner to you for a lifetime, who will exclusively be there for you always and forever. It is thereby your responsibility to take care and nourish such a relationship with proper care and love, so that it only grows and blossoms with time.

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Combinations for a good relationship:

Two people get married and take the decision to live life together and share each and every moment of life, in order to enjoy the real essence of togetherness in life. For this, our ancient Rishis have given a divine way to get to know how two persons will have good chemistry and compatibility with each other, and be able to live life happily. The following are the combinations of planets that give a good married life.

  • Mars signifies her husband in a girl’s horoscope. The good placement of Mars will give a good and smart spouse to the girl.
  • The Mars and Jupiter’s conjunction will give good financial support and high status to a girl’s husband.
  • Transit of Jupiter in the 1st or 7th house will give a harmonious marriage.
  • Jupiter aspects/presence on the fifth house or seventh house, will let the natives lead a good and happy married life.
  • Venus is a planet that gives a Venusians essence in married life, and so the placement of Venus in the good house, or in exaltation, will give a good married life to the natives.

Ashthakoot Milan:

Ashtakoot Milan appears when marriage is about to be decided and while the Kundali-Matching process is going through, as during this time it is a very important terminology. The eight parameters which include the zodiac sign and Nakshatra in a very broad parameter and the characteristics of the Nakshatra, get analyzed based on both the bride and groom, and the marks will be given to the couple which decides whether the match-making is perfect or not. With the analysis of the birth horoscope of both the bride and the groom, due marks which decide whether they need any remedies or not, are given. The minimum marks for the Ashtakoot Matching is 18, according to Vedic Astrology.

Get your Relationship Compatibility done with the Ashtakoot Milan, which gives a clear picture of married life with perfect remedies that lead to a successful and happy married life.

  Ashthakoot   Marks
  Varna   1
  Vashya   2
  Tara or Dina   3
  Yoni   4
  Graha Maitri   5
  Gana   6
  Bhakoot   7
  Nadi   8

Up-Pada: The giving up of responsibilities leads to contamination in a relationship:

The relationship is not one where just one of the partners will expect from the other. The dependency makes things more complicated. The puzzling situation in which a couple might be stuck, and wait for each other thinking that the first response needs to come from their partner, will lead them towards building a communication gap in their relationship. Therefore, you need to analyze their horoscopes based on the twelfth house and the lord of the twelfth house, which would give a clue on how much one would be able to stretch his/her based out of love for your partner. Giving up something for your partner does not mean that you are hurting yourself, but it shows that your respect for them only signifies that you have due respect and unconditional love for your spouse. The benefic influence on the twelfth house will give a blissful married life.

Manglik Dosha:

Do not get tensed while taking the decision of getting married to your love partner, if any one of your horoscope’s show Manglik Dosha. Vedic Astrology has parameters on the Manglik Dosha that will be cancelled and the results of your marriage will be good, if you get a spouse who will support you in your career and life and also help you in your work, whether it is related to finance or the household matters. You just need to know whether there is full Manglik or partial Manglik Dosha in your horoscope and how the Martian energy is going to work within your horoscope.

  • Based on the Vedic Astrology, the south node ‘Ketu’ works like Mars, as mention in the scriptures Kuja/Mars vat Ketu. The presence of Mars in the Nakshatra, related to Ketu, will cancel out Manglik Dosha. Your responsibility will be that both you and your spouse need to be clear with your thoughts and give proper time to each other.
  • Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign, which gives exaltation to Mars, and the exaltation in the seventh house will cancel Manglik-Dosha. This will lead to a good and happy married life.
  • The debilitation of Mars will nullify the bad effects of Manglik-Dosha. If the presence of Mars is in the seventh house; in the fourth zodiac sign of Cancer in which the Mars is debilitated, Manglik Dosha is canceled. Both of you just need to understand each other and share your feelings which might dissolve the disturbance in your relationship, and bring clarity, and this will give you a good relationship with your spouse.
  • Mars rules over the first and eighth zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio, and so the presence of Mars in these two zodiac signs will lead towards happiness and a harmonious relationship in your married life, which would

Understanding each other’s feelings will help you in trying to align with the positive perspective of the planets that are guiding you, along with their presence in your horoscope and with the special position in a special Nakshatra.