Can you be a Successful Businessman?

In this article we study the combinations in a horoscope that can make a successful business person. The yogas and the planetary positions have been explained with the help of an example.

Can you be a Successful Businessman?


It is not an easy thing to be a good and successful businessman. You need a special knack to have a progressive business. If the business is not bringing profit, then the business will end up in losses. There are many houses in astrology and certain houses are dedicated to business prospects.

The first house shows the strength of the person and how much determined he is. So, a deep analysis of the first house is very much required for the possibilities to run a prosperous business. If this house is weak, then the person will not be able to make good decisions. A businessman should act quickly and be ready to take good decisions and he should be able to manage the stress.

The third house is known as the house of courage. This house shows how strong the person to start a business. This house is shown as the shourya bhava. Looking at this house, we will be able to identify, how courageous the person is to start and take the business to a progressive level. If you have to be a powerful businessman, then you will have to be a finely placed third house.

The fifth house is the twelfth from the sixth house and the sixth house indicates work, so the fifth house shows loss of work, so if the fifth house is strongly placed, that indicates the person has the chances to have own business that work.

The seventh house also should be in a good placement, because it is known as the house of business deals. The person should have a strong seventh house to make great business deals.

The tenth house of this person should prove that he will be having a strong leadership quality.

The eleventh house indicates the profits and gains, so a strong business man’s eleventh house should show great profits and gains.

Yogas for powerful business people.

Only Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius rising sign can have this beautiful yoga.

This yoga shows the person will be a kind of an undivided empire.

Jupiter should own the 2nd, 5th or 11th house from the lagna. At the same time, one of the lords of these houses and the 9th house should be Kendra from the Moon. This yoga can also come up when Jupiter is in 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th houses, as well. The lords of the houses should be Kendra from the moon.

This is one such yoga shows the person can be a big business shot.
The chart should have a lot of Dhan yogas and Raja yogas.

What is Dhana Yoga?

The 2nd, 5th, 7th,9th, and 11th are the houses for wealth. If the lagna lord is getting connected to the lords and these houses and the lords should not be retrograde, debilitated or combust, then it creates a beautiful dhan yoga. If the planets have any negative effect, then the dhanyoga do exist, but there will be a lot of hardships and challenges in making money.

In Brihat Parasara HoraSastra, Rishi has said that in counting the wealth, place of the 5th and 9th house is very important.

Lakshmi Yoga is also promising wealth. For that, the Lagna lord should be powerful, and the 9th lord should be in a good dignity like exaltation, or own sign.

Mahabhagya yoga

If a man takes birth during the day time and his Sun, Moon, and Lagna are in odd signs, then it is said to be a Mahabhagya yoga. For a woman, the birth should be in the night and the Sun, Moon and Lagna sho0uld be in Even sign. This is a great yoga which promises wealth and long lasting power.

While doing the business, the 3rd house is very important as it shows your own efforts. However, this house is a very harsh house as well. Saturn is placed in this house shows own ventures. If the 3rd house is making any connection through placement aspect of conjunction with Saturn, then there will be a lot of chances to start a business.

Case Study

Here in this chart, we can see the third house is ruled by Saturn. This chart belongs to a multi-millionaire. He has Mahabhagya yoga as well because the Sun, Moon, and lagna are in Odd sign.

Case Study

This chart also belongs to a big businessman, who is running into bankruptcy during these days. In his chart also the 3rd house is making an indirect connection to Saturn. The third lord id Jupiter and it is ruling the 12th house also and Saturn is in the 12th house of loses

Case Study

In this Chart, Saturn is ruling the 3rd house of own ventures and placed in lagna.

To identify the chances of own ventures, we need to analyse the full chart. However, the Saturnine connection to the 3rd house shows, this person will try his luck in own ventures.