How to Celebrate your Birthday – An Astrological Guidance

Birthdays are always special. On this day, we are given a chance to reflect back and see how blessed we are. On this day, we amplify our gratitude and pray for the coming year to be even better and more fulfilling. We share with you an astrological guide to help you celebrate your birthday in a fulfilling and rewarding way, so that your blessings can be enhanced. Read more…

How to Celebrate your Birthday – An Astrological Guidance


Birthdays are very special, auspicious, and illuminating day for every human being irrespective of the age.

Birthdays are very special in everyone’s life, as it marks the starting of one’s journey in this mortal world through innocent gallery of childhood to dreamy eyed youth and resting into content zone of maturity. It marks the birth anniversary of every native and complete travel of successful life journey into another year. The special day of everyone’s life, one is keen to celebrate with one’s own family and friends.

Astrological Significance:

Birthdays are special days in one’s life. It is the most happy and rejuvenating moment which we cherish with our loved ones and family members. We celebrate our birthday as per the position of the sun occupied at the exact moment of birth; this is known as your sun sign.

We follow Gregorian calendar. Sun represents the core personality, sense of self, basic preferences, and ways in which you move throughout the world. The most fundamental principle of astrology centers on the 12 familiar star signs of the zodiac.

Each sign has its own signification and enthusiasm to celebrate their birthday. Every sign is illuminated by its own point of view, complete with its powerful strengths and exhausting weaknesses.

Gregorian Calendar vs Vedic Astrology

Today, majority of individuals follow the Gregorian calendar or English calendar (western method) to celebrate their birthday and the one birthday cycle to the consecutive next birthday is calculated on the movement of Sun from one sign to another sign every month, which is termed as your Solar Return.

There is a traditional way in which can you celebrate your birthday as per the Tithi (lunar day) or as per your star birthday following the Hindu calendar which is considered auspicious and spiritually beneficial for you.

The significance of Tithis in Birthday is based on the Lunisolar calendar - a calendar that is based on both lunar and solar cycles of Sun and Moon or a system of time keeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year called the calendar of Tithi.

Interesting Ways of Celebrating Birthday as per Astrology Norms:

Birthday Agenda and Celebrations

  • Take a morning full body shower and pray Lord Sun by offering water for your long life and vitality
  • Feeding the less privileged ones on your birthday brings in lot of blessings in abundance.
  • Wear a metal bangle or thread given by elders – your father, mother or any elder member, in the form of blessings to prevent any form of negative energy or any obstacle in your life.
  • Donate in cash or kind on your Birthday to enhance the life of the poor and needy.

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  • It is considered auspicious if you could feed animals on your birthday or even donate it to any animal care centre.
  • Stay away from violence and anger and keep your behaviour or conduct positive.
  • Starting of new project or any kind of educational pursuit, buying land, renovation of property etc. will be very prosperous on your birthday.

Celebration of Birthdays as per your Moon Sign:

  1. Aries:

They love to be the number one and be in the middle of the center of attraction with their bold and beautiful personality. They make sure even in the harder times they always come out on top.

On your birthdays, you would like to party hard with your friends and family. One can also arrange a surprise party and gifts for them, which Aries natives will appreciate

  1. Taurus:

They are an earthy sign who like to be at ease and simply be and enjoy the moment. Taurus enjoy serene, soothing environment surrounded by soft music and soothing aromas.

On your birthday, you might like to take a spa bath, Swedish massage and pamper yourself with different therapies.

  1. Gemini:

Gemini natives are always busy with their own self for getting everything done. They are the first priority and center of attraction in a party. Spontaneous, playful, adorable, curious, these are few of your symbolic traits.

On your birthday, you would like to be surrounded by a big gang and will enjoy in an adventurous trip. You will love to explore many thrilling moments.

  1. Cancer:

Cancer natives exist in both emotional and material realm. They are a rather homely soul. This sign always indicates they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect them and their loved ones emotionally.

On your birthday, you would like a surprise gift or party from your family members and loved ones, including close friends.

  1. Leo:

Roll out the red carpet because the Leo has arrived! They are full of passion, and are very dramatic. They love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate everything in a royal way. King size is the attitude which they carry.

On your birthday, you would love to celebrate in a starred hotel with a huge crowd of friends to show off their happiness and achievements.

  1. Virgo:

They are quite a difficult person to satisfy. They are always thinking logically, practically, systematically and are a perfectionist by nature. They would not encourage surprises for their birthday.

In fact, on your birthday you might have already planned and booked a place for yourself for the perfect dinner date with yourself with a perfect glass of wine.

  1. Libra:

Libra natives love balance, harmony, and justice. They will always accept and welcome all surprises and gifts. They are a good receiver, will never complain on anyone`s face.

On your birthday, you will be thrilled to go for a surprise road trip with your friends and family members.

  1. Scorpio:

Scorpio natives are elusive, mysterious, secretive, emotional, and aggressive by nature. They are quite a complicated sign. They love dynamic and adrenalin thrilled celebration. They can go wild and enjoy the moment.

On your birthday, you would like to enjoy a camping trip with your friends. Trekking is recommended for Scorpio natives.

  1. Sagittarius:

They are always in the quest of knowledge and pursuits like blazing arrows, chasing after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures. Sagittarius natives are friendly and social and know how to party and also how to meditate and remain peaceful.

On your birthday, you would love to celebrate in a spiritual retreat and party hard with your friends at night.

  1. Capricorn:

The last earth sign of the zodiac, the Capricorn natives are practical, resourceful, punctual, and have great perseverance. They love mother earth. They are traditional in their approach and businesslike in attitude.

On your birthday, you would like to celebrate it in a cruise with family, climbing a mountain straight to the top, or on a holiday in a hill station.

  1. Aquarius:

Creative, innovative, intelligent, and spiritual, the Aquarius native is the mystic healer. You are a non-conformist and forward thinking which makes you interesting and socially aware.

You will love to celebrate your birthday in a beach resort with friends and loved ones, doing sky diving, and enjoying thrilling moments.

  1. Pisces:

The most intuitive, sensitive, empathetic person of the zodiac panel. They enjoy surprises by their family and friends. They are very creative and social and loves the attention showered on them.

On your birthday, you would like to spend good times with your family and friends. It could be a good dining, a picnic, a small get-together, or even a fun filled playful theme party.


Birthdays are like strong fliers as they come and go, they bring in baskets full of energy brimming with positivity. So, stay cheerful, as this day comes once in a year and enjoy to the fullest as you are the monarch of your birthday.

Always thank the almighty for his eternal support for always blessing you and tiding you over difficult times with his constant support for redeeming your smiles and enhancing your way in all your progressive prospects.

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