The Reality behind Your Communications, Intellect and Many things: Mercury, the Messenger of Gods

Today is 'World Development Information day'. This day is celebrated to improve the wide spread of information across the world to reach maximum populace with an aim to promulgate key issues related to development of countries. This concept has been mooted by the UN (United Nations) with a belief that information and communication technologies play an important role in solving development problems. Now let us come to the astrology behind information and communication.

The Reality behind Your Communications, Intellect and Many things: Mercury, the Messenger of Gods


If you want to be a good writer, then you should have good Mercury. If you want to be a successful businessman, then also your Mercury should be good. Good Mercury is very much required for accountants, teachers, scientists, and even for public speakers. Mercury indicates communication, media, speech, nerves, intellect, and analysis. These are the basic qualities needed in everyday life even if you are not specializing in any domain. You need good Mercury to make yourself successful.

Mercury in Ancient Texts

According to various Hindu texts, Mercury is the child of Moon and Taara. Moon or Chandra went to Brihaspati to learn Vedas. Earlier day’s students used to stay at the Guru’s house to learn and Chandra also did the same. There he says his Guru’s wife Taara, and they both fell in love and eloped. Mercury is the love child of Taara and the Chandra. He is known as Budh as well. Mercury got a curse from Brihaspati and he became a neuter gender. Still, according to the Vedas, Mercury is married to Illa and they had children as well. Illa is also known as a neuter gender and it could change its gender.

Taara went back to her husband Brihaspati, so Budha was adopted by Rohini, which is the favorite nakshatra of Chandra. Buddha is also the father of King Pururavas.

Mercury or Budha as a Planet in Astrology

There are multiple qualities attached to Mercury. Even though Jupiter is connected with higher learning, Mercury is connected to education. Without basic studies, one cannot go to higher learning. Even if you want to take post-graduation, you need to have a solid and fine basic education. Mercury indicates what we learn through reading and we are taught in institutions. Such education is very much important for life. There are sages who guided rulers even without basic education. Their knowledge is represented by Jupiter.

So, Mercury is very much connected to the learning and development of your logical thinking. The skill of identifying dos and don’ts will come under the domain of Mercury. You need that analytical skill to grow in your life as life is all about moving forward. In the journey of life, you will have to take up many decisions. There are people who lost their opportunities since they took the wrong decisions. If your Mercury is really good, then there will be good and practical decisions in your life.

In Western astrology, Mercury is known as the messenger of Gods. So, in astrology, Mercury rules electronic mails, data and every kind of communication.

Mercury indicates speech and bargaining skills. It is very important to have good business skills to make a good deal. There is a special feature attached with Mercury is that it is a neutral planet. When it is supported by a positive planet, then it will also become positive. When it is supported by a negative planet, it will become a negative planet. So, it would not be ideal to judge just by looking at Mercury whether it is good or bad for the native. Mercury is also a planet for networking and information technology as well.

Mercury is the main planet for HR, analytics and marketing people as well. It represents siblings, small groups and relatives as well. That is the community; you interact early on in your life. If your Mercury is good, then it can give you a good relationship with these people.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo, which is the own sign of Mercury and it is debilitated in the sign of Pisces. There is no strict rule that debilitated Mercury is bad because there are scientists and high intellectuals with debilitated Mercury. So, you have to treat each chart as a different one.

Mercury is a fast planet and it also indicates multitasking. You may take up multiple jobs and if it comes to the 10th house then the person will have more than one job.

Finely placed Mercury will be prominent in the chart of researchers and critic. Mercury wants to know everything and it is a curious planet. It also indicates working with your hands

  1. Case study

Albert Einstein

He had debilitated Mercury in the chart. This is a perfect example of how to not lose hope if your planetary placements are not strong. He has issues during his basic education suffered a lot due to his speech issues. Still, he could prove him as a great scientist. Debilitated Mercury can give a lot of curiosity and it can at times be harmful.

Amitabh Bachan

Mr. Bachchan has exalted Mercury and it is with Mars, Venus and the Sun. It indicates protection because Mercury is in the house of volatility.

Mercury with Rahu indicates high intelligence. Still, Mercury when conjunct Moon, that too in closest degrees, then it can even indicate nerve related issues.

Mercury which is a very sweet planet is also known as Soumya. More than its own existence, the aspect, conjunction, and placement give a lot of strength to it.