The Relation Between Zodiac Signs and Your Body Parts

Both astrology and the human body is a fascinating subject to learn trivial facts. What is more interesting is that your zodiac sign has control over particular features of your body. In this article, we discuss how zodiac signs can have a direct influence on your body, making it prone to sensitivity and health complications.

The Relation Between Zodiac Signs and Your Body Parts


Vedic astrology, even though it has a Persian background, has a lot of features and the credit goes to our Vedic culture. In Vedic astrology, Kaal Purusha is the ultimate man and he is timeless. He is eternal and the only eternal thing in the universe.

The 12 zodiac signs are known as the organs of Kaal Purusha. Aries is the first sign in natural zodiac wheel and it is known as the head of Kaal Purusha.

By knowing the planetary placements an astrologer can easily say which part of your body is sensitive. It is also possible to say when the sensitivity can become a problem as well.

There are other factors like our body disposition which is also an important factor for assessing the possibility of our health.

  1. Aries

This is the first sign of the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is Mars. Aries indicates complexion, skull, eye diseases, cranium, sunburns, head, brain, hair, forehead and pituitary glands. This house also indicates emotional disposition. By analyzing this house, we can understand how strong the personality is. If this sign is under negative influence, then the person may not be that strong. He may get physical issues every now and then. When this sign comes in lagna, the person will have red complexion. Under negative influence headaches, minor injuries will be very often.

  1. Taurus

This is the second sign of the natural zodiac wheel and it indicates face, nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth, eyes, facial bones, upper neck, gullet, larynx, cerebellum, trachea, throat and, tonsils, etc. Since this sign indicates facial organs, when a negative planet is placed in this sign, then there can be some issues with teeth and eyes. This sign also indicates food intake.

  1. Gemini

This is the third sign of the natural zodiac wheel. This sign indicates neck, shoulders, arms, ears hands, collar bones, thyroid gland, respiratory and nervous systems, etc. Any affliction in this sign can bring breathing issues. This is also the house of courage. Communication and troubles related to communication also can be seen through this house. Deafness is also identified through this sign

  1. Cancer

This sign is ruled by the Moon. It indicates the rib cage, heart, chest, blood, lungs, and breasts. This house is also important in studying the psychological aspects of the person. This house indicates happiness and peace, so any negative influence in this house can indicate unhappiness in one’s life.

  1. Leo

This is the fifth sign and it is ruled by the Sun. This sign generally indicates the upper abdomen area. This sign rules the upper abdominal area, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, diaphragm, colon, spine, and spinal cord. This sign also deals with childbearing capacity.

  1. Virgo

This is the sixth sign and it is ruled by Mercury. This sign rules waist, navel, lower abdomen, kidneys, small intestine, an upper part of large intestine, liver, intestinal function, and appendix. Mercury, the ruler of this sign is always in a combust mode, so it’s natural for all of us to have digestive issues.

  1. Libra

This seventh sign of the zodiac is ruled by Venus. Venus indicates reproductive organs so most of them are ruled by this sign. This sign rules pelvic area, lumbar region, large intestine, bladder, ovaries, uterus, cervix, testicles and prostate gland, etc.

  1. Scorpio

This is the eighth sign and it is a very mysterious sign. When this sign is under a negative influence, the person may have some issues which may not be able to diagnose. This sign rules scrotum, anus, outer sexual organs, excretory organs, pelvic bones, etc

  1. Sagittarius

This is the ninth sign in the zodiac, and it is ruled by Jupiter. This sign rules thighs, left leg, thigh bones, bone marrow, hips, hip joints, and the femoral arteries. They supply the blood to these areas. Paralysis is seen through this sign.

  1. Capricorn

This is the tenth sign and it is ruled by Saturn. This sign rules the knee, kneecaps, joints, and bones. Any affliction to Saturn may indicate some issues with bones. When Saturn is debilitated then the person can have joint pains. If Saturn is in the sixth house, it indicates spinal issues.

  1. Aquarius

This is the eleventh sign and it is ruled by Saturn. This sign rules, ankles, right leg, left ear and left arm. This is also the sign for enlightenment and moksha. So, this sign also can be seen to learn the mental status of the person. If Saturn is debilitated then it indicates injury to the leg.

  1. Pisces

This is the twelfth and the last sign of the zodiac. This is also the sign for moksha and enlightenment. In the natural zodiac wheel, it rules the last house, and is also the house for spiritual awakening. This sign rules left eye, lymphatic system and feet. If the Jupiter is afflicted, then it can cause trouble in the feet.