Power Colors as per Zodiac Signs

Colour therapy really works when used well. Vedic astrology assigns a specific colour to each planet. Based on your Ascendant or Rashi, using colours that are beneficial to you, can help you immensely. Here we will discuss the power colour for moon sign.

Power Colors as per Zodiac Signs


“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky.

Have you ever thought how this World would have looked if it did not have a myriad colors to awe us, and appreciate the beauty it bestows on nature? Life on Earth would have been pretty much boring, and the Monochromatic World would surely be not be even half as interesting as it is today. Frankly speaking, most of us would not even be able to imagine how a single colored world would actually look like. Moreover, with a vast list to choose from, amongst the various shades of different colors, who would want to settle for lesser?

Significance of Colors

Colors play a very significant role in our lives. Since we are emotional beings, colors affect our emotions, psychology, mood, and our thoughts.

  • We use different colors for expressing ourselves at different times, and choose them according to what appeals us keeping in mind the occasion.
  • Colors also act as a source of pleasure and help us heal in more ways than one.
  • There is thereby no denying the fact that, colors affect and influence our actions at various stages of life, and given the chance, we would be happy to know which colors suit us and make us feel better, while which of them might have a negative impact on us.

Vedic Astrology uses various dimensions to help us understand the usage of colors as per our Zodiac Moon Signs, and lets us know which colors to use and why.


Since you have already landed on our page, we believe you are eager to know what your Zodiac Moon Sign’s lucky color is. Known as your unique Power Color, this area of Vedic /astrology is also known as Color Astrology or even Color Therapy at times, and makes you understand the real essence of colors in our lives, as per our Zodiac Signs.

Power Colors are those colors, which invoke strength, happiness, mental peace and such type of positive energy within us, with their usage. Have you ever noticed how wearing a new color one fine day makes you happier and how others see us? This is because of the power a specific color might have on us, our decision making abilities, emotions and feelings.

The thought behind Power Colors goes deeper than just season changes, and depends on the Planets that rule a particular zodiac sign. Vedic Astrology believes that colors communicate to our consciousness. Vedic Astrologers believe that wearing colors that complement us, would resonate with the ruling planets of our zodiac signs, and would thus be favourable for us.

To know more about which colors are lucky for you, and why, click on your Zodiac Moon sign below!

If you are still unaware of which Moon Sign you belong to, worry not. Our experts have it sorted! Click here to discover what your Moon sign is!

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If you are still unaware of which Moon Sign you belong to, worry not. Our experts have it sorted! Click here to discover what your Moon sign is!