What to expect this Thanksgiving as per your moon sign

Traditional Thanksgiving is celebrated in North America with family and friends who gather together to spend cozy times with comfort food. This is the time to be grateful for all that we have got in life. Let us learn the history and customs of this festivity and what to expect as per your moon sign.

What to expect this Thanksgiving as per your moon sign


Thanksgiving is an annual holiday, celebrated especially in USA and Canada each year. This day is celebrated to give thanks to the harvest and blessing for the past year. In 2021, Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on 25 November.

Usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month of November, it marks the end of the harvest season in North America, thereby offering thanks for the produce and the blessings of the last year.

Legends of Thanksgiving

This American holiday is embedded in legends and stories of years gone by. It is said that Thanksgiving is based on the Harvest Feast shared by English Pilgrims of Plymouth and Wampanoag.

This tradition is embedded in legend and symbolism. Delicacies like Turkey, bread stuffing, potato roast, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are the traditional Thanksgiving spread.

Families often gather together to give thanks for the wonderful life and express their gratitude for having each other to enrich their experiences.

Pop culture reference of the sitcom ‘Friends’ can be mentioned here in terms Thanksgiving tradition, where one of the main characters Monica would cook an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner catering to the choices of everyone.

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Thanksgiving 2021 as per your moon sign

  1. Aries: Bright ideas through meaningful conversations

You are a go-getter. There is always something going on in your mind which keeps you mentally and thereby physically active and busy.

On Thanksgiving Day, you would want to get together with your family and friends which will help you to shed off your mental strife and will invigorate you.

You will engage in wonderful conversations with your friends and peers which can even spark some delightful bright ideas for future work-related business.

However, you will be more emotional than usual. Slight things can trigger you. Therefore, you have to stay in your lane and control your aggressive side. Try not to take things too personally, rather sit back and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

  1. Taurus: Eating and napping to heart’s content

Ruled by Venus, Thanksgiving Day is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate for the Taurus natives. Spending the day eating and napping is the perfect way to chill and unwind. There is a family atmosphere where your loved ones are present.

You prefer to have endearing conversations on various topics with your friends and family and cozy up in a corner, holding your favourite cup of hot chocolate. The couch becomes your best friend during the weekend and binge-watching movies and shows forms your ideal relaxation techniques.

This weekend, you will be more active in your ways. You will be participating in mentally stimulating conversations and have a chance to catch up on your pending discussions and even engage in some harmless gossip and flirtations.

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  1. Gemini: Take some time off to regroup

Represented as a dual sign, Gemini has two different sides of their personality. While one side is chirpy and garrulous, the other side can be quite mean and shrewd.

You are quite a social butterfly and love engaging with your friends and family. Thanksgiving for you is about expressing gratitude and happiness for all that you have received in life – it is a time to be thankful.

However, this Thanksgiving, you are in an undecisive mood. Therefore, you should take some time off and regroup. Set your priorities and ambition in a sustainable manner and gradually work towards achieving them.

  1. Cancer: Rejuvenation with family

Cancer natives are empathetic and nurturing. Ruled by the Moon, you are governed by emotions and feelings. Family means everything to you. Therefore, being with family on Thanksgiving Day means the world to you.

You look forward to a day of happiness and enjoyment with your close family members, along with comfort food and better company. This is the time when you bond and catch up on hot gossip with your close people.

Being an empath, you try to make everyone happy in your own capacity. You tend to please everyone and foreshadow any negativity that might crop up. However, this Thanksgiving, Cancer natives may feel more adventurous than the homebody that they are.

  1. Leo: Disconnect and enjoy the moment

As a Leo native, you are fun, creative, and full of drama. You can stir up a room and easily become the life of the party. Your family and friends count on you to take the center stage and bring the group together.

However, this Thanksgiving, you should hold back your theatrics a little and be more keen on hearing others out. The year has been difficult for all of us and therefore, a little compassion goes a long way.

This is the time to relax and bond as a family. It is necessary that now you master the art of forget and forgive. You might be bogged down due to a lot of responsibilities, but take this time to reflect, disconnect and enjoy the moment.

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  1. Virgo: Recenter your thoughts

Critical thinking and detail-oriented Virgo natives are also traditional at heart. Celebrating Thanksgiving with your family is a foremost agenda for you. Since you are extremely methodical, you even plan out exactly how you are going to spend every hour of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Instead, for a change, try to remain relaxed. Rejuvenate yourself with good food and the comfort of your family. Recenter yourself in this weekend with your friends and family and keep all thoughts and ambitions regarding your career for when festivities are over.

This weekend, reflect upon your life. You must learn to set boundaries so that you do not get hurt or taken for granted. This is in case of both your personal and professional life.

  1. Libra: Sharp and amplified instincts

Libra natives are governed by Venus and are all about beauty and grace. They usually are keen on keeping others happy and thus come across as people pleasers. Thanksgiving for you is a big event for the social Libra natives as it creates an opportunity to mingle and socialize with different groups and circles.

This Thanksgiving, your instincts will be sharp and amplified. You will engage with your friends and family at a personal level. This will bring out everyone’s true intentions to the forefront. You will play the best host and balance out any kind of negative emotions.

This Thanksgiving you may realize the importance of your relationships and try to bring a balance in compromise, partnership, and commitment. This weekend gives you the time for reflection on your personal connections.

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  1. Scorpio: Mindful and inspiring to others

You are quiet, intense, and brooding. Usually, you are different than the others. Adventurous and spontaneous, you take Thanksgiving as an opportunity to quest your inner adventuresome spirit. Meeting friends and family takes a back seat for you.

The Thanksgiving weekend for you comes as a respite from work and personal commitment, where you can invest your energy and interest on yourself. You take this as an opportunity to connect with your spontaneous and unrestrained side.

This Thanksgiving, you will be mindful and inspiring to others. You are responsible and mature. However, change your perspective at times to see the bigger picture.

  1. Sagittarius: Fun Factor of the group

You are wild child, the free-spirited Sagittarius. For you, Thanksgiving is all about fun and frolic. It is exciting to meet friends and family and spend time and in company of each other with the only agenda of having fun.

You will be in the limelight, bringing the fun factor in the group. Your motive is to show everyone a good time and have a memorable 2021 Thanksgiving weekend. Easily you can spring from one group of friends to another and bounce from conversation to conversation.

You will be smitten with love and enthusiasm this festive season which sets the tone for the upcoming rest of the year as well. You have the grit to overcome challenges which will push you to a path of self-discovery and contentment.

  1. Capricorn: Well-deserved time to cool off

Capricorn natives are pragmatic and a little set in their ways. You give maximum importance to you career and therefore are very business minded. Holidays and festive weekends make you a little slack, much to your disappointment.

Being almost a workaholic, you deserve this time off to cool yourself during the Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t feel guilty about having this time to yourself. Let your guard down and have the calm effect of friends and family wash over you.

However, Thanksgiving 2021 will make you more sentimental, given how difficult the past year was. You will be thankful to have this time with your family and spend quality time, catching up with your close ones.

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  1. Aquarius: Charitable spirit and kindness

Aquarius natives are wired differently than the others. You are dynamic and magical but not everyone’s cup of tea. On Thanksgiving, it brings you the opportunity to be near your dear ones and spend time with them.

You are quite controversial in choosing your topic of discussion and it brings you great pleasure to educate others about the perils of the society. You may even rope in your friends and family into different volunteering activities.

Your charitable spirit and kindness draw others towards you. You are chatty and friendly during this 2021 Thanksgiving. Your feelings may be uninhibited, and you will do what is best for you and your peers.

  1. Pisces: Break from monotony

As a Pisces native, you are dreamy, intuitive, and empathetic. You are a dual sign, often with your thoughts wandering in two opposite directions. Let yourself enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend by giving yourself a good break from the monotony of life.

It is a great time to catch up with friends and family and laze around with comfort food, get-togethers and binge watching. This much needed time off will bring you a break from reality and help you to zone out into the world of your own.

Even though you are in close association with your friends and family, there are chances that you are still missing those who could not be present with you. Instead of choosing to be in the present, you are feeling a disconnect.

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Thanksgiving is a time, where you give thanks to everyone who has crossed your way and brought about positive changes in your life. It is the time when you recognize the importance of others in your life and take this time to reflect on good deeds.