Zodiac Elements Can Tell You a Lot About Yourself

There are four elements in astrology: fire, earth, air, and water. Each of twelve signs falls into one of the four elements. This way, three signs are ruled by one element. What is your zodiac sign element? Find out the basic traits of each Astrology element and their compatibility with the other elements.

Zodiac Elements Can Tell You a Lot About Yourself


Know your zodiac sign element

Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Basic traits of each element

Fire signs are adventurous, spontaneous, and unpredictable. They love changes and lookout for people with whom they can have fun and experiment with new things.

As we all know, air increases the supply of oxygen, which results in the fire burning more rapidly. This is one of the reasons why fiery signs get along with airy signs pretty well. Their intimacy is quite strong, and they both love having fun in the relationship. They stimulate each other and bring excitement and uniqueness in bed as well.

The casual outlook of the air sign and their curious mind compliments the passion and energy of the fiery signs when these two signs indulge in romantic and sensual pleasures.

The natives of the fire sign need constant admiration from their partner. The earthy signs cannot give them the kind of attention they require. Being critical and lost in their thoughts, the Earthy signs can never be in sync with the fiery signs. Similarly, the flirtatious nature of the air signs can make the earthy signs insecure. Earthy signs cannot satiate the intellectual thirst of air signs.

The air signs do not click with the other signs of this element. Air signs need the passion of the fiery signs to fulfill their sensual needs.

The sentimental water signs on the other hand need an emotional bond to connect with someone on a deeper level. They appreciate and crave a partner who does not have a commitment phobia. Earthy signs need security in love, which is why they go well with the water signs. The stable and loyal attitude of earth signs makes them a perfect fit for the water signs. They are patient enough to fulfill the needs and desires of the water signs in a much practical and realistic manner.

The giving nature of the earth signs makes water signs feel emotionally secured and connected. This also guarantees long-term sexual compatibility.

Water signs cannot understand the intellectual need of the airy signs. Also, the silent approach of the water signs is very frustrating for the air signs. The emotional nature of the water signs may not go well with the flirty nature of the airy signs.

Thus, we can infer that the fire and air signs complement each other and the water and earth signs click with each other.

Compatibility of Elements

  1. Fire and Fire

Fire with Fire is a very energetic and passionate combination. The intimacy between these two signs is always very intense. Life is a never-ending adventure for these two people. A very strong love combination between these signs makes your relationship exciting. You both are likely to have a great time in bed.

One of the most active pairs of the zodiac, they never fall short of energy and never get bored.

However, their short-tempered nature causes problems in the relationship and this is where the real struggle begins. Being start forward and upfront about things, these signs are likely to have ego-clashes in the relationship. They tend to have fierce arguments but they soon make up between the sheets.

  1. Fire and Earth

Fire with Earth is one of the most stable and steady combinations. Fiery signs are confident and this inspires the earth signs to do great things in life. Earth signs get most of their energy from their fiery partners. In return, the Earth sign gives practical knowledge to their fiery partners. Many ideas of the fiery sign become practical with pragmatic thought of the earthy signs.

The relationship may start smoothly. However, the practical nature of the earthy signs can sometimes become a boring factor for the fiery signs. This may cause stress and frustration. Nonetheless, the earth signs makes the fiery signs more systematic and organized. Once they match each other’s energy, there is no going back.

  1. Fire and water

Fire with Water is a strange yet steamy combination. Water can add sentiments and emotions to the basic instinct of the fire signs. Fiery signs, in return, teach the watery signs how to make practical decisions in life.

Water signs are inspired by the passion and energy of the fire signs. Water signs, in return, teach the fire signs to become more empathetic towards people. This can be a good combination as both the signs are extremely intuitive and they agree on each other’s differences.

  1. Earth and Air

Earth with Air is a combination of practical approach and logic. The air signs help the earth signs develop their imaginative powers. However, on the other hand, the sensible earth signs show the air signs the actual reality of things. This pairing can help an earthy sign feel liberated from their responsibilities. Earthy signs can teach the air signs how to connect ideas with reality and to make the mind and body synergize.

Once committed, these signs will stay loyal. However, there would always be a mismatch of imagination and pragmatism. Thus, a compromise will be needed for sure. Although this is a great combination, yet their preferences may not be easily fulfilled. The strange ideas of the airy signs, to indulge in bed pleasures, may not be accepted by the earthy signs. Also, the practical approach of the earth sign may make the airy signs less stimulating. Nothing much between the sheets is likely to happen between earth and air sign partners.

  1. Earth and water

Earth with Water is a pretty good pairing of two vital energies. Both work towards the nourishment of each other and a balanced relationship can be seen. Water with its emotional approach can soften the earth sign and a deep intimate bond is developed which could make the earth signs feel more secured. This is one of the most stable combinations of the zodiac.

Earth signs teach the water signs some important tactics to deal with their emotions more virtually. It provides a direction to their intuition. Similarly, water signs help the rigid earthy signs to look beyond perfection and become empathetic. This appears to be a great combination, which will grow and flourish over time.

In the matters of love and romance, the loyal and passionate emotions of the water signs gives the earth signs a sense of being at home, where they can feel more relaxed and secured. The nurturing attitude of the water signs melts the hard-core earth signs. Sensually, the classy nature of earthy signs and the deep intimacy of the water signs create magical orgasms.

  1. Air and air

Air and Air signs, being intelligent and logical, understand each other in the best way. They make some logical decisions and their imaginations go beyond boundaries. Initially, they motivate each other. They have many shared interests and their thirst for knowledge keeps them curious for a long.

Being ruled by intelligence and logic, no unnecessary dramas take place in this kind of relationship. During conflict or disputes, they like to have a practical discussion with their partner. However, the only issue in their union is that they both lack the required passion and emotional intimacy. Hence, their relationship more than often remains only plutonic. Also, they might spend very little time in bed. However, when they do, that experience is out of the world. The fantasy of these signs is far beyond anyone’s imagination.

  1. Air and water

It might seem very satisfying for a water sign to see an airy sign being so curious about them. However, this is just a game that the Water signs play with the Airy signs by considering their natural tendency as emotional interest.

Air signs can make water element convey their emotions through words, and it gives creative expressions to the water signs, which they usually lack. Similarly, water signs can introduce the importance of empathy and sentiments to a logical airy sign. This combination blends the feelings and intellect in a very subtle manner. However, you will see some drama happening between the Airy and Watery sign. Once they overcome this initial hiccup in their relationship, they can grow beautifully as a strong couple. Romantically, they fail to understand each other’s needs as airy signs cannot tolerate the emotional dramas of the water signs. Also, they consider the Airy signs rude and dry. However, if they learn to adjust to each other’s needs, they can build emotional and physical intimacy with their partners.

  1. Water and Water

The combination of Water and Water builds an emotional connection that is based only on sentiments. Connection made between the two of them is mostly unpredictable. However, if they balance the emotions and logic, they make a good pair. But if there’s too much emotional drama involved, it will cause stress and tension in the relationship.

Having a high level of empathetic attitude, they understand each other and feel thankful for each other. The depth of the relationship will reach beyond any parameter. However, these signs may become hysterically dependent on each other for their emotional wellbeing, which might cause problems in relationships.

They pay a lot of attention to physical and sensual engagement. Whenever they indulge in sensual pleasures, they connect on an emotional level. They do not need words to communicate their feelings and let their actions speak.

  1. Earth and Earth

The signs that come under the element Earth are practical, pragmatic, and real. The partners belonging to any of these three Earthy signs know each other quite well. They are one of the most loyal and faithful signs of the zodiac. They think and work together to shape a better world.

They follow a practical approach in life and relationship matters without going deeper into emotions. These signs maintain a very harmonious and peaceful relationship with each other. They try to make their partner feel secure in the relationship. Being practical and mature, they tend to overlook minor conflicts and disputes. They invest a good lot of time into a person before giving any commitment to him/her. Initially, they may take it slow. But once they are all-in, they are all-in for good. In love, this sign is classical and old-fashion. They do not enjoy too many adventures in bed.