Which celebrity do you share your sign and traits with?

There are so many things that you may adore and admire about your favourite celebs. It indeed is so cool to share your personality traits with your favourite celebrities, based on the same moon sign zodiac. Find out about who you share the most traits with. Read more…

Which celebrity do you share your sign and traits with?


We all have your favourite celebrities, whom we totally adore. Their larger than life lifestyle and the journey to stardom fascinate us. We are captivated by their personality, hard work, fashion sense, humanitarian activities, and their social consciousness. However, mostly we enjoy their personality and their rise to fame. Both of these can be traced back to their intrinsic traits as defined by their zodiac moon signs.

Easiest way to find out what you have in common with these celebrities is to find the commonalities in your zodiac. Whichever zodiac you are, sure you can relate to traits in your favourite celebrity. Keep reading to find out which celebrities share the same zodiac moon sign with you.

  1. Aries:

You are strong, confident, energetic, and determined. You always voice your opinions clearly and frankly. Creative, adaptive, and insightful, you are a force to reckon with. Your fiery energy is contagious and makes you highly competitive. You won’t rest until you have made your mark in the world. You are impulsive, sometimes impatient, and prone to temper, but that is only because you are so passionate about things that you care about. You are the life of the party and the motivator among your peers. Feel the resemblance with some of your favourite celebrities?

You are charmed by Emma Watson’s determination and social causes, Reese Witherspoon’s passion, Jaya Bacchan’s grit and determination, Jackie Chan’s insight, Heath Ledger’s passion and Murali Vijay’s energy. Aren’t you now?

  1. Taurus

Powerful, hardworking, and dedicated Taurus, you take life seriously. You can be a bit stubborn but you are incredibly supportive and patient. You like the finer things in life and find pleasure in all things beautiful and aesthetic. You are extremely romantic as well. Sensual, strong, and indulgent, you make the life of others around you better for them. You are goal oriented and work hard and diligently towards achieving your targets. You are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. Sure, you find alikeness between you and your favourtite celeb!

Gal Gadot, the wonder woman is a Taurus native. You are impressed by her courage and hard work, aren’t you? Similarly, you find yourself having the passion of Saurav Ganguly, the romance and sensuality of Anushka Sharma, the dedication of Chetan Bhagat, the indulgence of David Beckham and the overall amazing personality of George Clooney.

  1. Gemini

You are affable, quick-witted, and affectionate. You are an extremely social person and love to extend your hand of help to anyone in need. Your duality in character adds to your mysterious charm. You are driven by intellectual and physical stimulation. You are vivacious and versatile, which makes you extremely adaptable and flexible. You are creative and very vocal about your likes and dislikes and at the same time, you never impose your opinions about social and humanitarian causes on others. You must already be thinking which celebrities you share these amazing qualities with?

Marilyn Monroe, the effervescent style icon and Angelina Jolie sure grabs your attention with their versatility. Similarly, you sure must admire the intellectuality of Morgan Freeman, the quick wit of Barrack Obama, the affability of Lionel Messi, the poise and charm of Shilpa Shetty and Ameesha Patel and not to mention the creativity of Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp.

  1. Cancer

You are emotional, sensitive, and extremely value-oriented. Your nurturing soul makes you very popular among your peers. Traditional and loyal, you are known for your big heart and congeniality. Sometimes you give out a tough outer vibe, but you are soft and mushy inside and love life. You use your protective outer shell to prevent being exploited for your soft heartedness. You are powerful yet vulnerable at the same time.

I am sure you are spellbound by the beauty, grace and compassion of Lady Diana, the passion of Pablo Neruda, the traditional value system of Katrina Kaif, the loyalty of Prince William, the sensitivity of Tom Hanks and the versatility of Danielle Radcliffe.

  1. Leo

You are brave, strong, and high-spirited. You have a zest for life. Bold and fiery, you are so talented that you can enthrall the audience just by you presence. You like to live freely and consider the world your stage. You love being the centre of attention and are unstoppable when it comes to realizing your dreams and aspirations. You are a born leader and a great source of inspiration to many. You like to be opulent and loyal, and live life like a celebrity.

Naturally, you are enamored by the bravery of Meghan Markle, the spunk of Jennifer Lopez, the magnanimity of Mahatma Gandhi, high spirit of Kishore Kumar, the sincerity of Rahul Bose, royalty of Saif Ali Khan, and of course the charm and beauty of Julia Roberts.

  1. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists and have a keen eye for detail. You are an earth sign, which keeps you grounded. You are hardworking and goal oriented. You are analytical and honest. You have a great sense of empathy, even though you are not very emotional in the outset. You are methodical and organized and that brings a lot of clarity in your way of living. You are patient and are willing to wait out the bad period in order to achieve what you wish to get accomplished.

Beyoncé, the most popular pop icon of all times, is a Virgo native. You sure are impressed by her perfect portrayal of her life, the hard work of Serena Williams, target-oriented like Virat Kohli, perfectionist like Kareena Kapoor and analytical skills of Leo Tolstoy.

  1. Libra

You are the epitome of grace and magnificence. Ruled by Venus, you have eyes for aesthetic and beautiful things around. You are fair-minded, just, and love harmony in your life. You are charming, emotional, and stylish. Balance is the essence of your life. However, your obsession with external beauty can make you seem vain to others. You are family oriented and have core traditional value systems. You are super chill to be around and deeply care of societal and environmental issues. I am sure you are already counting celebrities in your head, whom you find similarity with.

You are enthralled by the gravity and style of Amitabh Bacchan, the grace and beauty of Kate Winslet, the social rebel Leonardo DiCaprio, the playfulness of Ranbir Kapoor, the depth and emotional complexity of poet Rumi and the chic coolness of Will Smith.

  1. Scorpio

You are quintessentially intense and mysterious. Your intensity and determination can often leads you to amazing heights. You are passionate about your work and your values. You are constantly on a mission to grow and evolve yourself. You believe in transforming yourself into a better person. You are confident and often complex, lending to an air of mystery around you. You love challenges and don’t shy away from difficult situations, if things do not go your way.

You sure find resemblance with many a celebrity. You see yourself as mysterious as Scarlett Johansson, intense as Lady Gaga, passionate just like Bob Marley, as evolved as Nelson Mandela, as confident as Mark Zuckerberg and as tenacious as Roger Federer.

  1. Sagittarius

You are funny, honest and always a go-getter. You are charismatic and life of a party. You are supremely independent and intellectual by nature. You always have a soft spot for animals and advocate their rights. You are talented and cultivate every bit of it to become a better version of yourself. You love to travel and thrive on your freedom. You are adventurous, optimistic and focused. You are known for your positive vibes and cool shenanigan.

I am sure you can identify yourself with Oprah Winfrey’s intellect, the charisma of Jennifer Anniston, the go getter attitude of Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, optimism of Donald Trump, the genius of Pablo Picasso and the adventurous spirit of Mike Tyson.

  1. Capricorn

You are organized, practical, and professional. Your ambition is skyrocketing, which is very endearing. You are a philosophical, a good friend, and a great judge of character. You cherish your goals and work hard towards accomplishing your targets. You are grounded and very caring. You have a natural flair for leadership roles. You are family oriented and traditional in your outlook.

You are sure to find semblance with a lot of celebrities like the caring nature of Kate Middleton, leadership qualities of Michelle Obama, the fun loving spirit of Jim Carrey, the hard work of Earnest Hemmingway, the patience of Osho Rajneesh, the charisma of Salman Khan and of course the overall king like personality of Shah Rukh Khan.

  1. Aquarius

You are intellectual, a problem solver, and slightly quirky. You believe in non traditional progressive ideas. You are a great innovator and quite futuristic in your approach. You are gracious and patient. You are revolutionary in your ideas and are extremely interested in changing the world for the better. You are a game changer and fearless. You are open to challenges an face them with fortitude and courage. You are also artistic, insightful, and generous. You are philanthropic and a proponent of equality.

You are charmed by the non-traditional approach of Britney Spears, the revolutionary ideas of Russell Crowe, the zeal of Priety Zinta, the progressive attitude of Angela Merkel, the tenacity of Muhammad Ali and the genius of Woody Allen.

  1. Pisces

You are emotional, sensitive, and courageous. You love your dreamy vision and have an aptitude for imagination. You work towards your goal with a zeal and passion. You are compassionate, creative, and artistic. You are selfless and trustworthy, very soulful and deep. You have a flair for music and thrive in its glory. You tend to overthink since you are so passionate about all the things you care about.

You endorse celebrities who you has the same level of passion and perfection as Aamir Khan, the soulfulness of Michael Jackson, the compassionate vision of Martin Luther King, the grace and poise of Audrey Hepburn, the musical genius of Rihanna, the creativity of Coco Chanel and the courage of Kangana Ranaut.