Investment in Bitcoin and Zodiac Sign

Bitcoin is an upcoming platform for investment and investors are speculating their chances of a good return. This article is an astrological guide on investing in Bitcoin. Suggestions have been made based on the Zodiac signs and their placements.

Investment in Bitcoin and Zodiac Sign


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an encrypted data string or a form of digital money that can be monitored and organized with the help of the Internet that serves as a secure ledger of transactions for buying, selling and transferring of digital money without the backup of any central banking system.
Cryptocurrencies are securely created through cryptographic algorithms that are maintained and secured through a series of computerized hardware and application integrated softwares to secure data from unauthorized access and give immutable digital transactions.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Cryptocurrency is not directed by any government or financial regulatory authorities and its working schedule ranges out of any banking system based on different type of cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum being the major players in 2021.The top five expected cryptocurrencies of 2022 are - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Finance Coin, Solana, and Cardano.

Astrological Inclinations for Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin is the recent hot topic of every country, and every third individual possesses the charisma of speculating and investing in any kind of cryptocurrency. There is a clear revelation in a horoscope related to the Zodiac sign which indicates sudden luck for abundance or monetary gains.
But exactly how good are you at saving money, as per your Zodiac sign?

The celestial planets have a very striking role to predict the fluctuations of gain/loss of the daily scheduled positions of Bitcoin.


Jupiter is the planet of abundance that rules over wealth, prosperity and overall financial gains. The strong and beneficial Jupiter in any horoscope will bring success in any endeavor related to financial investment due to wise decisions that are taken at the right moment.


Mercury is the planet of intelligence and analytical mind when it comes to trading/business. Monetary intelligence and analysis play an integral part in speculative decisions for consistent gains. A strong and unafflicted Mercury will lead an individual towards monetary success without any hurdle.


Moon is the significator of wealth. It has a strong connection to the speculation of money vis-à-vis cryptocurrencies. A strong Moon provides mental and emotional balance, which is crucial for speculating well and holding investments for future profits.


Rahu is the prime significator that caters to cryptocurrency/Bitcoin or any sudden gain of wealth in life. If the position of Rahu is strong in a person’s horoscope or if it is placed in the 11th house of gains, it will validate one with excellent luck for gains from speculation in money matters.

Houses consist of the other striking feature that confirms luck in speculative gains.

  • 1st house – refers to the house of Self.
  • 2nd house – indicates accumulated wealth.
  • 4th house – represents peace, comfort and property.
  • 5th house – represents speculation about money matters.
  • 8th house – this house is indicative of luck with regard to sudden gains and assets. The strong and beneficial 8th house will always bless the person with opportunities that will bring abundance of wealth.
  • 9th house – is the house of luck and fortune.
  • 10th house – is indicative of your efforts, for instance, to learn about the working process of cryptocurrency in the market.
  • 11th house – generates good gains.
  • 12th house – symbolizes loss.

Overall, the strong placement of planets and houses that make the various combinations in a person’s horoscope will relate to their success vis-à-vis investment in Bitcoin.

Which Zodiac sign makes a Good Investor?

  1. Aries

Aries are not very focused on their financial future, but their thrill-seeking attitude is a surprising factor as an investor. They have a comfortable attitude towards market volatility, which makes them the strongest investor who possesses strong willpower and stamina to sustain speculation for a longer duration with monetary gains. Persistence with self-courage is the reason for success.

  1. Taurus

The tough exterior Taureans are well known for their feet planted firmly on the ground, but reality check indicates that they are hesitant investors as they shy from unknown dangers. They believe in disciplined and safe investment that covers all the traits of risk to the lowest profile and minimum investment returns. They will invest in Bitcoin with sturdy bounce, so that they can maintain an overall strategically balanced profit from investment.

  1. Gemini

Gemini are ruled by mercurial instincts, are versatile with respect to their knowledge quotient, including their investment but are very uncomfortable with market volatility. They have a low average of investment in Bitcoin as per data available. Gemini love to invest in the money sector that will bestow them with gains, without any discomfort to their mental peace.

  1. Cancer

Cancerians are one of the most emotional Zodiac signs that crave for family stability and comfort. They are one of the lowest investors, as they are not very happy with any kind of speculative market volatility. They prefer to invest in low profile risk investments and are not very consistent with their investment deposits. Cancerians are advised to ensure that their investment profile is properly diversified and that will make them more secure.

  1. Leo

Leos are very striking and dominating, love to be generous with their gifts, even if their financial journey is distorted. They are very comfortable with market volatility, but their focus is to make investment in short term plans in high growth profiles. But Leo investors have to ensure that their investment profile is sturdy and grows with time.

  1. Virgo

Virgos are born perfectionist and they prefer to pay all their dues in the provided timeframe but as an investor Virgos have an average graph. They are not comfortable to play with market volatility and do not target for higher returns on their investment with a long timeframe. Virgos are bound to have a strong investment base with confidence and strong planning.

  1. Libra

Libra is represented by scales that predict balance in every arena of life. They have the brilliant streak of crosschecking every fact thrice before committing to any task or deal. Librans are the least confident investors with respect to Bitcoin as they are not very progressive with market volatility and focus more on gains through more sturdy and less profit investment schemes.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio has a flair for investments and management of money. They also have the attitude to invest in risky investment strategy with high gains. The general reading of Scorpio investment plan is evenly balanced that reflects their secretive investment strategy. This indicates that the consistency of their investment plans will always give good results.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius are well known for their adventurous spirit, and they move in life for materialistic gains with optimism. They cannot be progressive investors in Bitcoin as they have the profile of taking high risk in investment without being aware of the market volatility. The investment plan is not very progressive for them in the absence of stability.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn have the best natural instinct vis-à-vis investment and will rarely work on their impulse. They will invest in well-planned growth strategies rather than quick profit schemes. Capricorns have a well-planned, consistent approach that is not affected by market volatility and invest by planning for good gains during the low time of any speculative money matter like Bitcoin.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarians are born humanitarians who love to invest in relationships rather than in the investment market. They can be stressed by market volatility which reveals that they have average investments with shortest time-frame even when they can calculate the benefits of long-term investments. They can manifest their investment with planning for long-term like Bitcoin, which will give them good dividends in the future.

  1. Pisces

Pisces have an idealistic attitude towards life and they are not at all money minded. They have low observation and are less happy to stress their senses with market volatility. Pisces have a good record for investment in cryptocurrencies, but a firm financial planner can be their savior for managing investment money with gains as well as for consistency in money matters.

Overall, Bitcoin holders are prescribed a small piece of advice for the year 2022 - investors may have a tough period from July 2022 to August 202; take care of your investment in cryptocurrency. Predicting Wealth with Special Lagna/Ascendant