Predicting Wealth with Special Lagna/Ascendant

Everyone has the desire to get assessments about their wealth quotient. Two facts that rule the strength of wealth in any individual horoscope are - wealth yoga or combinations and the direction of efforts that are ruled by special Lagna / Ascendant, houses, planets, and the running period and transit of planets.

Predicting Wealth with Special Lagna/Ascendant


Today most of the world believes in the philosophy of working hard and earning well to accumulate finances for the smooth sailing of luxuries in their lives. Individuals tend to consult Vedic astrologers to interpret their horoscopes to understand the strength of wealth generating combinations, planets and houses. It is here that Special Lagnas / Ascendants become beneficial for the astrologers to study and interpret accurately the strength of wealth generating facts in that horoscope.

Parameters in Birth Horoscope indicating Financial Prosperity

Ascendant: A strong Ascendant free from any affliction and a powerful, well-placed Moon is extremely beneficial for promoting the generation of wealth. Some people work very hard but show less progress in comparison to others who earn more name, fame and luxuries with minimum effort and hard work.

Wealth Houses in Astrology: The wealth generating houses in any horoscope are,

  • 2nd house – referred to as the house of wealth, it indicates financial matters, money prospects, accumulated wealth, and ways of earning money.
  • 5th house – it indicates good income from speculation, stocks, trading, creativity, and talent.
  • 8th house – this represents hurdles, unexpected gains, unearned money, and the financial strength of the partner.
  • 9th house – this is the house of luck and fortune, long journeys, foreign education, overseas profession, and spirituality.
  • 11th house – it generates good gains, good money with handsome profits, and fulfillment of desires through self-efforts.

Planetary Combinations for Wealth:

  • Jupiter [planet of abundance], Venus [planet of luxuries] and Mercury [planet of intelligence] are the main significators of wealth; and a strong placement of these planets in any horoscope will bless the person with financial stability. The strong placement of these planets along with their lords in the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses along with good score parameters in further charts of Navamsha will assure strong wealth generation and retention.
  • Any strong combination amongst these three planets and their lords in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th house or in combination of any of these houses will generate good wealth or strong Dhan Yoga / wealth combination.
  • Special Lagna/Ascendant: In Vedic astrology we have a series of special Ascendants - BhavaLagna [intelligence], HoraLagna [overall well-being], Indu Lagna [financial stability] - with different classification in classical astrology books that depict specific reading of our horoscope. The Rising ascendant in any birth chart is the root of all our astrological predictions for any horoscope.
  • Indu-Lagna/Ascendant - it is one of the special ascendants that is utilized in reading accurate wealth predictions. The analyzing of Indu-Lagna can add to the fine observation of the horoscope by focusing the ascendant of Indu-Lagna sign as the first house. This reorientation of the birth chart with Indu-Lagna will give new dimensions to the horoscope that will assist in drawing out precise wealth predictions.
  • Arudha-Lagna/Ascendant - it is the additional referral point that indicates how a person perceives and manifests oneself in the materialistic world. This is evident when there is an association of the Arudha-Lagna with the 11th house lord. It brings gains in a benefic association while a malefic association will result in gains by unjust means. The association of wealth retaining planets Jupiter, Venus and Moon placed in the 2nd house of wealth from Arudha-Lagna will bless the person with wealth prosperity.

Money Impulses of All Zodiac Signs

Aries: These people are impulsive with headstrong genes. They take action out of instinct. You are advised to take the second opinion of your trusted ones when it comes to finances in order to avoid any kind of anxiety over money matters.

Taurus: This is the sign of wealth accumulation and abundance. Taurus people are ruled by Venus, making them sensible rather than sensual, as they have the trait of keeping their feet firmly on ground. They love to budget their finances and make safe financial moves without creating a hole in their financial blanket.

Gemini: They are very witty, with quick reflex and response to any matter, but have the tendency of getting anxious over financial matters. So gradual scrutiny of your finances will be beneficial for your financial stability. Your dual nature makes you a good earner of money and a good spender as well. The aura of the Gemini attitude is to live life king-size, which may cause you financial stress. You are advised to avoid any kind of impulsive financial decision to balance your immense expenditure and change in the professional arena.

Cancer: These people are supposed to be very nurturing towards their loved ones and this caring tendency may force them to indulge in financial extravagance and savings, both on the same panel. They tend to overlook financial balance due to the sentimental importance they bestow upon their loved ones. On the contrary, this caring attitude also makes them come up with a financial budget for future years if they focus on providing a good nesting home for their loved ones.

Leo: They are very generous by nature and always make sure to garnish relationships with expensive gifts. They tend to hop more steps in their expenditure and disturb the financial track more than expected which at times makes them anxious and upset over financial restrictions. To sustain your consistency vis-à-vis a life of luxury, maintain a journal of your requirements to balance your finances, mental peace and harmony in relationships.

Virgo: They are born perfectionists and have the innate ability to focus on minute details. Hence, the absence of a detailed financial study puts you on the anxiety track over the output of your wealth. You should make a ritual of maintaining a daily or weekly journal of your income and expenditure. Setting up any kind of auto saving method for wealth retention will bring you a sense of security.

Libra: These people have the unique ability of doing two tasks at one go, as partnership and balance is the astrological domain of this sign. The analysis of your wealth stability always strikes with the factor of anxiety, so finding yourself a wealth planner for your wealth decisions will help you attain a smooth-sailing, balanced approach.

Scorpio: They have the aura of mystery and the ability for intense action and reaction to any matter. Wealth management is the natural talent of Scorpios who love to handle money matters with wisdom for future savings and security. But trust as a factor can hold them back from making wise choices vis-à-vis investment and profit growth. A personal chat with family or a financial planner will help you save for the future and bring stability.

Sagittarius: They are bold, free-spirited and adventurous; but are sentimentally prone to indulge in splitting their savings into any matter that holds their attention. All caution over finances then goes through the air and they have the anxiety barometer rising when restrained by money. The sustenance of wealth can be seen in the bigger horizon by saving in advance via automated savings.

Capricorn: This is the sign of responsibility and non-impulsive attitude towards money and wealth matters. But you are also anxious about balance vis-à-vis earning and expenditure. Material security is a big asset for your mental stability and status quotient. Planning your financial assets and wealth retention will give you the security of taking care of the material needs for you and your loved ones.

Aquarius: This is the sign that holds a collective picture on a large canvas. In this context, they can be anxious with respect to their financial responsibility. They really love to connect with people and talk about wealth perspectives to gain different views and extensive financial knowledge, to take care of their monetary matters with extra vigilance.

Pisces: They are free-spirited with more of spiritual inclination than material abundance. They need to realize that spiritual growth will be more when financial stability for oneself and loved ones is not left on luck but is manipulated with logic and intelligence. You should seek the help of a financial planner for wealth stability and consistency.

In a nutshell, we can say that astrology is a general calculation of your horoscope, keeping in mind special components, that provides guidance to all Zodiac signs in matters of handling finances and wealth.