Mystery Of Business & Profession Yoga In Kundali

There are important planetary combinations, as well as the other guiding factors for making a business or career successful. There are specific planets as well as some Yogas necessary to have a good business growth. Lear more here.

Mystery Of Business & Profession Yoga In Kundali


Kundali is a celestial map of the various positions of the different planets at a particular time at a certain place. These planetary positions are further indicative of the favorable and unfavorable events in the life of the native from the time of their birth.

In a Kundali (also known as horoscope in English) there are twelve boxes commonly known as the houses or ‘Bhava’. The position in the houses let us know how the things will turn for all the 12 different moon signs or zodiacs.

Houses for Profession or Business:

According to the Vedic Astrology, the following are the houses and planets responsible for vocation:

  • The profession or business has a direct relationship with the Tenth House in the Kundali.
  • When the Lord of the Seventh, Tenth and the Eleventh Houses is placed strongly in a natal chart or Kundali, then you will be bestowed with the gift of stability in your business or profession (career).
  • Along with it, Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu play the most vital roles individually for the longevity of your business or career.
  • If the Tenth House has a strong connection with either of the above-mentioned planets, then Yoga for a strong and long business will be on your cards which will last for a lifetime.

Digbali Planets

The planets Mars and Sun are famously known as the Digbal (that with extra power and strength). When they have a rock-solid connection with the Tenth House, they gain even more power. It is because of this connection, Mars and Sun provide a stable business status to the native.

Saturn’s Connection with the Moon Signs

Saturn is said to have a good and strong connection with the Tenth House (Career or Profession) in the Vedic Astrology. Conditions for a great Yoga are:

  • Saturn’s moon signs Capricorn along with Libra, Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo are placed in the Tenth House
  • Saturn aspecting the Tenth -great for an established business model.
  • The conjunction of Saturn with these moon sign (zodiac sign) forms a strong yoga for the native that will benefit him or her in the long run.

Exalted Saturn

  • If the planet Saturn is exalted in the Tenth House, then the native will prove to be extremely lucky for his or her father and his business or profession.
  • After the birth of the native, the financial and professional status of the native’s father will improve in leaps and bounds.
  • The similar condition will be experienced just in case when the planets Sun and Mars are placed in the Tenth House.
  • Furthermore, it is expected that with the exalted Saturn in the Tenth House, the native is expected tentatively to join the family or his father’s business and thereon take the thing to the next level of growth and profits.

On the similar lines, there are other planets whose placement in the Tenth House can be considered good, given the condition that their friendly planets and exalted moon signs are present in the House along with them.

Importance of the Eleventh House in the Kundali

  • The Eleventh (income) House also has a huge role demarcated for the native in order to succeed well in their respective business.
  • The Eleventh House is known as the Labha House or the House of Gains and Profits. It is symbolic of prosperity, sudden gain, wealth, income, and abundance in the native’s birth chart or Kundali.
  • One should be careful and pray that there are no enemy planets along with their aspects placed in the income house ever in their lifespan at any cost.

For instance, if Mars, Saturn and Rahu conjunction or their aspects are present in the eleventh House of Income then you may have to face multiple fluctuations in your business along with the instability of income from the same source (business).

There are many such bad conjunctions or Yogas that bring instability in your business and profession.

Role of Other Planets

The placement of other planets in the Kundali also is the dominating factor for the formation of various Yogas in your Kundali.

Questions such as 'What is the period in which the planet is?’ and 'where are the important planets placed in which house in the Kundali?', and many others.

Therefore, in order to assure stability of business and profession, one need to deeply analyze the placement of these planets to get a clearer picture about how stable is the business and professional status is of the individual.

With the help of just one or two Yogas in one’s Kundali, it is difficult to map out the future auspicious and inauspicious events that are in store for the native.

Therefore, it is utmost important that you get your Kundali or Horoscope thoroughly analyzed to obtain a further detailed insight of your future in store.