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Medical Profession and Astrological Combinations Go A Long Way!!

Find out which planet plays an important role for the medical professional in your horoscope. Find out if you are bestowed with the qualities of becoming a part of one of the most prestigious professions. This article explains all the essential astrological factors for a career in the field of medicine.

Medical Profession and Astrological Combinations Go A Long Way!!


Career has become the biggest concern of the youth today and it is evident that they are pretty committed to getting their dream job at a decently young age thus increasing the level of challenge and competition for everyone around the world. In astrology, especially Vedic Astrology, it is easy for one to predict what sort of professional field one shall choose in order to be successful in their professional front at the time of birth. With a diversified and expanded reach, astrology also gives an insight in the fine details of the professional life such the tenure between switching job, the lifespan of a career in a particular field, the post of the native’s profile and so on and so forth.

There are many conjunctions or combination of planets that strongly indicate the stream or field of native’s profession and other relatable topics such as what is the best fit and in which field shall he or she or he pursue the career in future which will prove to be highly successful for the native.

This is astrological combination and conjunction play a vital role in choosing the profile and profession of the native. Hence, it is essential to contact a professional and certifies astrologer to get the actual and correct prediction of the career.

The Powerful Planets

Mars and Saturn and their placement majorly represent success in the medical field. Mars also plays a decent role in choosing Medical fields as a career. On the off chance that Mars has its aspect in the Fifth House (House of Intelligence and Study) or the Tenth House (House of Career or Profession) then Medical profile such as Doctor and Surgeon are most likely to be perceived as a profession by the native.

Sun and Jupiter are the planets that play a crucial role for those who want to pursue a medical-related profession as their career. Jupiter is considered as the greatest teacher and hence the source of wisdom. If the Jupiter has its influence in the Fifth House (House of Intelligence and Education or Study) and the Tenth House (House of Career or Profession) then the native may choose a career in the medical field.

If in any native’s Kundali or Horoscope, Saturn has or is able to establish a relationship with the Fifth House (House of Intelligence and Education or Study), the Tenth House (House of Career or Profession) and the Eleventh House (House of Income and Status) then most likely the native will be able to get into a medical profession along with earning name fame, prestige and status.

Game of the Houses

Houses in the natal chart also play a prominent role in taking a career choice. The major role is played by the Fifth and the Tenth Houses. The Fifth House is a symbol of the House of Intelligence and Education or Studies which is most essential for someone who is looking forward to pursuing a medical career as both intelligence and good grades are the only two stepping stones to reach the target of the medical profession.

The Tenth House represents the House of Career or Profession. Hence it also brings in other beneficiary factors such as recognition, respect, and reward with it. In a medical profile, all these form the base of the profile hence with a strong Tenth House getting into a noble profile of a doctor or a surgeon will be not a difficult job for the native.

The Second House (House of Wealth), the Ninth House (House of Fortune) and the Eleventh House (House of Income or Status) also share the credit for being in supporting role for the native in order to choose a medical career. When the powerful planets such as Sun, Saturn, Mars or Jupiter have a combination or a relation with these houses, it indicates a planetary combination in support for a Medical profession.

Ascendant of the Moon Sign

If the native has Scorpio, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendant, then choosing a medical profession will be extremely in the favor of the native and these natives will also have a strong inclination towards the medical field since the initial days more than any other career options.

Majorly, it is seen that the renowned surgeons and doctors have the combination of Mars and Saturn in their natal charts around the globe. But one needs to keep in keep that apart from the Mars and Saturn, the other planets also play a vital role in the determination of the career choice of a native and it can be only known after a deep analysis of the natal chart by a certified, authentic professional astrologer.