Know what your destiny says about your career

This article deals with life and its purpose. The key question of karma and destiny has been answered by taking some examples and how your career takes you to your destiny.

Know what your destiny says about your career


You are on earth for a reason, not as a wonder. That is a reality despite you being a fresh birth or reincarnated one. According to astrology, if you have Ketu in Lagna, then you are a fresh birth. Astrology is a branch based on reincarnation, but still, it is a mystery, why the cycle of birth takes place. Whatever the reasons are we are here to perform some duties and then to liberate ourselves from some bonds. After all, all religious texts speak about liberation, moksha or salvation.

Life and its essence

There are so many roles a human being has to perform while living life on earth. There are parallel universes, according to science, with different dimensions, and we live in a three-dimensional world. According to Narada, he says there are different living beings, like yaskhas, gandharvas and daityas and more. All have some duties to perform and career is an important factor in our life. Through the career and the role which we handle, we are known to others. In ancient days, woman were not that much into being a careerist, but nowadays woman are outshining men as careerists.

What is Karma? How does it connect with your destiny?

Astrology chart has twelve divisions and the tenth division is the main division for the career. This division is known as the house of Karma.

Karma, a Sanskrit word that means"action," is a base concept in some religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism.

It has a wider meaning and it denotes the cycle of cause and effect. Newton’s third law is famous, but Hinduism spoke about that much before that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It can also be a person’s thoughts and words. The tenth house indicates all those thoughts and actions in the official capacity and in public life.

Everyone is born with his own destiny

Destiny is the future events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. He moves towards those things through his Karma. His Karma has an active role in removing his karmic baggage which he brought from the past birth.

Some people move abroad for work and stay there for a longer time. It is because they have the karmic connection with that place. Their destiny is taking there because the universe is giving them an opportunity to repay their debts. There will be many opportunities for us to work with, in various firms, various bosses and colleagues, all that indicates we have some karmic bondage with them.

There are various techniques to know the details of career through astrology. The planet which rules the tenth house is generally the indicator for your career. This planet will be placed in a particular house. So, your career details and hence revealed through this placement.

There is another valuable technique to understand the career sector. According to Jaimini astrology, the planet with the second highest degree will be showing what your domain is. This is a very valuable technique to find the career domain just at one glance.

How does career takes us to our Destiny: the Journey

Sometimes we wonder how some people take a great deviation in their life and come up as great leaders. The best example for the role of career in destiny making is Arvind Kejriwal. He was a bureaucrat and is now the Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015.

When we look at his chart, we will see that he is basically a social reformer. He has contributed a lot to improve the life of the society. The first movement in credit is “Parivartan” and after forming this organization, he took a long leave from his job in the Income Tax Department

Through Parivartan, he has helped public grievances related to Public Distribution System (PDS), public works, social welfare schemes, income tax, and electricity. It was not a registered NGO, so after that, he and his friends came up with another NGO, which is registered and its name was “Kabir”

He worked for a lot of social activists like Anna Hazare. India Against Corruption (IAC) movement was also an important move by Kejriwal and his fellowman.

When we study his life we can see a great deal to bring some changes in the society and his lagna, the house for personality has 3 planets in it. They are Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. The lagna itself is Leo, and Leo is the natural zodiac sign for Poorva Punya or the past birth credits.

So, it is very clear that he has a lot of good credits and debts and that’s why he is a very daring person to be in the capital and even challenge the Prime Minister. There are many other actions are going to be seen from Mr. Kejriwal.

He was a government official, but he was daring to resign his job and come out to the help of the public. His destiny is to work for the nourishment of people, and through his career, he got to know what the people want to be happier and prosperous.