Astrological Analysis and Suggestions for a Blooming Growth in Career

A successful career is a per-requisite for leading a fruitful life. Even though life is full of ups and downs in your career trajectory, the effects of unfavorable planets can be nullified by using the means of astrological tips and remedies. Find out how you can have a blooming career, following few basic Astro suggestions.

Astrological Analysis and Suggestions for a Blooming Growth in Career


A good career or a satisfying job is one of the most essential ingredients for a happy and effective living. Successful career is a dominant need for everyone’s professional trajectory. Career brings you name, fame, success, and wealth. It becomes such an important part of your life. Your entire sustenance depends on what career you choose for yourself. Getting the job that you desire or crave for is not easy in today’s world. This is due to the increasing competition and struggle.

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Life is not bed of roses with fragrances but full of challenges. You must make provisions for securing your dream seat. You have been preparing yourself, brushing your intellectual skills and upgrading your mental caliber. All these, to make a successful career for yourself. Lot of factors are responsible for your success. When you are confident of your capabilities, or you have a doubt, certain simple astrological steps or tips will push your luck in your career stance with positive chimes of success in all your efforts.

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Astrological Interrelation with your Job or Business:

As per Vedic Astrology, there are two houses that are responsible for career graph of any person – 10th house and 7th house. The 10th house is for job or business related activities. The 7th house represents professional partnership, professional image, public performance and career related trips and tours.

Main planets related to job or business:

In Vedic astrology, the main planets that can give success in job or business along with self-efforts are the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. All of these planets together and individually too. This helps you to achieve success and recognition in your professional work.

  • The sun represents ambitions and goals. It also symbolizes authority, power and denotes high position and strong will power.
  • Mars represents physical energy and motivation. It also bestows passion, zeal to work hard and confidence on the natives.
  • Mercury is the planet for intelligence and intellectual mind. It denotes analytical power and understanding.
  • Jupiter gives good opportunities in job or business. It is the planet of knowledge and wisdom.

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Astrological Factors Responsible for Failure or Success in your Job/Business

Failures and obstacles in career are serious setbacks in the professional life of a person. The native might feel mentally disturbed. They may be afraid to take risk and often face financial drain. Reasons can be many folds why one’s career graph is on the low. However, astrology has answers to all the possibility and timing of career problems. It also suggests measures to avoid and reduce those problems.

The placement and strength of planets often produces yogas and dashas. Some of these are favourable for the growth in career while others cause unfavourable situations. This is the reason for ups and downs in one’s career.

Auspicious placement of planets in the 10th house will yield good results. This will be in terms of getting a good job or a promotion or even an increment. It is also likely to get gains and profits in business. At the same time, if the planets are weak or ill-placed in the 10th house of career, it can result in negative outcomes like delay in getting a job, delay in promotion, failure or obstacles in job or business etc.

Astrological Remedies which will help in Securing Job, Promotion and Gains in Business:

You may be facing hurdles and problems in your professional front, despite you giving 100% of your efforts and hard work. This might be because of some ill placed planetary position.

Here astrological remedies and suggestions become important if you want to turn your professional career around. Some of the important ones are listed below:

  • The most important thing is to always try to remain positive in life. Look at your palms in morning when you wake up. It reflects positive energy and the strength of almighty for success in your career field.
  • Saturn represents profession in Astrology and Saturn is the significator of black. Therefore, one of the astrological remedies is to offer boiled rice to black crows on Saturday. This will pacify and strengthen the position of Saturn in your horoscope, bringing in positive results.
  • Every morning you should offer water to the Sun in a copper vessel with jaggery added in it. It will strengthen your position of the Sun. You will become more authoritative and powerful in your career dealings.
  • When you are going for a job interview/business meeting or deal, keep a red handkerchief in your pocket or bag. Preferably wear red shirt or top on that particular day. The colour red will bring you good luck and boost your confidence. Red signifies positive energy. In stressful situations such as interviews, colour therapy (that radiates positive and auspicious vibes) becomes essential.
  • Even though this is not an astrological remedy, but it is best to avoid panic and fear. Try to keep a calm and cool mind. For this practice mindfulness and meditation to achieve that peace and clarity of mind.
  • Failures, delays and challenges come in everyone’s life. The idea is to stay positive and keep good hope despite these obstacles. Manifest what you want and how you want your career trajectory to be. After that work hard towards achieving that goal with a clear and progressive mind.

However, at the end, it is your self-effort and hard work, along with the divine grace of God, that you will achieve success in your life. This success can both professional and personal. Build on your skills and talents. It will surely push you towards a good growth in your career.

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Vastu Tips for Good Career Growth in Job/Business

Vastu is the science or system of architecture. It helps in proper designing of layout, space management and spatial geometry. It brings in positive energy by activating the aura of spaces. Within your office space or business realm, there are certain things to do and certain things to avoid. Given below are some tips to stimulate positive vibrancy to enable speedy growth in your career.

Avoid sitting with your back towards any entrance door. You must let the fresh air and energy circulate in your workspace area.

A cluttered workplace must be as it attracts more negative energy. You must take care that your focus is not disturbed.

Your place of work must have good lighting to ward off negativity.

For home office set-up, your office space and master bedroom should not be adjacent to each other.

While working, you must have a wall towards your back. Back wall represents support.

There should be open space ahead of you, from where you sit. The space represents the scope of new and innovative ideas at your workplace.

All the water sources at your workplace should be fixed to avoid any kind of leakage. This is because flowing of water represents loss of money.

In your office area, all heat generating gadgets should remain in the southeast corner.

You should sit on the east or the north corner as it is believed that this direction is favourable for attracting money.

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Our basic nature is such that we always want the best of everything. We always aim higher and better, but intuitively we want to achieve more in life with lesser effort. For a happy and stable life, a successful career and a job is quite essential. Money benefits and good earning through a successful career and hard work is the dream that all of us see. Astrology helps in this regard to just fast-forward this process.