Astro Suggestions for Getting your Desired Job

Getting a job and to retain it properly is dependent not just on your own hard work but also a lot on the placement of stars and planets. Though without your own efforts even astrological benefits won’t yield results but certain remedies can be used to complement and facilitate your career. Read more to find out what needs to be done for a smooth sailing career graph.

Astro Suggestions for Getting your Desired Job

Job or business are both very well-known career terms, which determine the financial quotient of an individual to live a stress free life and sustain all the materialistic comforts of life. It is very essential to have a successful and stable job. Due to upcoming challenges in the pandemic, it is very crucial and hard to sustain in your present job or to even find your dream job is not easy.

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Astrologically speaking, at certain times despite all your hard work and efforts, miracles do not work due to the fact that either your planetary configuration is weak or not auspiciously placed in your horoscope. The primary house for jobs is the 6th house which grants us strength as well as struggle. The 10th house shows our profession and the 3rd house depicts our dedication and efforts. The position of these three houses and their strength play a vital role in overcoming challenges in getting jobs. Saturn is the chief significator in finding a job or service. So, the placement of Saturn should be strong and impressive to facilitate good planetary position for professional success. Astrology has always been a good guide and beneficial source for proper suggestions for success in attaining a good job or a career.

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Astrological Suggestions or Remedies:

  1. Sun is a powerful planet in relation to your career or job success. So offering water at the time of Sunrise brings positive energies at home and improves relationships at workplaces with colleagues or bosses. Take water in a copper vessel and add a little jaggery and offer this water to the Sun every morning.
  2. Offering boiled rice to crows is one of the simplest astrological remedies that would help to pacify the planet Saturn's ill effects. According to the old scriptures of Vedic Astrology, Saturn is said to symbolize the significator of profession and career and crow represents the planet Saturn.
  3. To attract wealth you should rub your two palms slightly with each other every morning as soon as your eyes are open. It is prevalently said that doing this, pleases the Goddess of wealth and she blesses your life with wealth and prosperity.
  4. Reciting Lord Ganesha's mantra, "Om Gan Ganpatye Namaha '' who is also depicted as Vighna Vinashaka (who destroys hurdles and delays), would be beneficial for those who face constant delays and obstacles in getting a job.
  5. Visiting the Temple of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and reciting Hanuman Chalisa every day if you face hurdles in your professional life. By praying to Lord Hanuman, all the hurdles, difficulties and challenges you face in your career will be sorted out in a destined manner.
  6. Another effective tip for a successful career would be to take a lemon and cut it into four cloves. Now, with the utmost devotion recite the mantra "Om Shree Hanumate Namah” 21 times with the lemon in the right hand and keep the lemon in your pocket or purse. This remedy will help you to be successful whenever you go for an interview or meet some important person for work related to business.
  7. For professional growth and increment - feed birds with cereals and water. Offering the birds a mix of seven types of cereals, namely Barley, Kaale Chane [chickpea], Wheat, Bajra [Pearl Millet], Rice, Urad (Black gram whole raw) and Moong Dal [yellow split gram], can help you manage all your career-related problems.
  8. Remove physical and mental clutter around you to rearrange your life! We have a tendency to stress, thus removing the excess of non-essential things cluttered around your home and workplace blocks your positive energy and there is a dilapidation [decay] of the positive aura around you.
  9. Donating almonds very often to the less privileged ones especially on Sundays, this is also one of the strong and simple astrological remedies to make your career a success.
  10. Feed wheat balls to fishes on Monday and Wednesday to get a promotion or hike in salary.
  11. The worst enemy of every native is panic and fear that steals their efficiency and happiness. This makes the success in life negligible if you do not possess a positive bend of mind. So despite failure and challenges through contradictory situations, always try to remain positive and hopeful for gains with your efforts.
  12. Donate without expectation i.e. pure donation - Saturn is the lord of destiny meaning the karmic debts could be compensated by deliberately and affectionately donating to the less privileged ones!