Lawyer as a Career for Scorpio moon sign

This article maps the personality traits of Scorpio Moon Sign with the combinations & yogas written in the Vedic scriptures that hold the key to become a successful lawyer.

Lawyer as a Career for Scorpio moon sign

In Vedic astrology, professional success or failure is not merely decided by the potential to earn from the chosen career or by simply assessing the results of individual efforts. A successful career should in fact comprise the whole gamut of activities which will help in making a person capable of doing a job and sustaining it too.

In this light, a lawyer’s profession need to be examined for the right set of skills, the education prospects, income generation potential and the zeal to make it big as a lawyer. For Sagittarius, in particular, the natural affinity to towards this profession is fairly good. Their ethical and positive approach towards work and life, in general, also make them a good fit for a profession in legal and law domain.

The strength of Jupiter allows you to chase your dream of becoming an effective lawyer

A true Sagittarius native will never knee-down in front of challenges and will achieve the target, no matter what. A good lawyer, does require this trait of never giving up in the course of fighting for truth and justice.

The challenges are immense in this profile and sometimes the complexities and severity of the cases tend to drain you out of your energies. At this time, you need the positive influence of Jupiter and its wisdom to fight off the adversities. Interestingly, Sagittarius is owned by the planet Jupiter and its lordship bestows a lot of wisdom and acumen to the natives.

Specifically talking, Jupiter as the lord of Sagittarius occupies the 1st and 4th house in the natives birth chart. This placement makes you attain a pleasing personality, calm and serene attitude. You are able to execute work with wisdom and maturity. If the same Jupiter is placed in your 6th house, your destiny will favor your desire to become a successful lawyer or legal practitioner.

To reach this point of becoming a professional lawyer you need to first attain outstanding educational qualifications in the field of law.

Most of you might want to pursue higher education or take up professional studies to further your career. However, not all of us can actually get high levels of specialized education. The failure to do so could partly be attributed to the lack of willingness and determination of the person and also to some significant house influences in astrology.

In Vedic astrology, the 4th, 9th and 12th house in your birth chart signifies the level and quality of your basic and higher education and also the place of education. For Sagittarius ascendant, Sun is the lord of their 9th house and is placed in the 12th house, thereby making an association with Saturn by its aspect; if with this position, Saturn also comes to occupy your 4th house of Jupiter, it will create a positive combination for you to receive good education in the field of law. This placement also strengths your prospects of higher education, within the country and even abroad.

Your next step should be to excel in the legal domain, for this you need to take on specialized roles to get reasonable gains in return.

Specialization is the core to achieve greater heights and success in the chosen field of career. Being the jack of all trades isn’t a good idea if you want your career to progress in the right direction. While being an expert do count for professional gains, not every profession offers you the scope to achieve in-depth knowledge of a domain. But where have you it, you must grab it! Fortunately legal and law has a horde of varied specialization to choose from. Each of these require a different skill set and approach, but the fundamentals of law is common to all. A combination of critical planets here can help you make good amount of money from the chosen field of legal specialization.

The role of Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Ketu is rather important in this part. For Sagittarius moon sign native, Saturn is the lord of 2nd and 3rd house.

  • If Saturn is connected with Jupiter in your natal chart, with its placement in the 4th house in its own sign and it also aspects the 10th house in Virgo or Mercury sign, you will get a lucrative career as a lawyer.
  • This placement also favors your career as a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate or property dispute cases.

When Mars, which is the lord of your 5th and 12th house is placed in your 8th house and aspect of Jupiter on 5th house along with placement of Ketu in the 5th house is there, you will be able to get a successful career as a criminal lawyer.

Last but not the least, if Mercury, the lord of your 7th and 10th house, is placed in your 6th house in Taurus sign, it augments your communication and intelligence to align well your profession of a legal and law professional, which will further allow you to make good money with your wisdom and hard work.

  • Influence over your speech also comes through this placement. It must be noted here that a lawyer’s profession is not about being an orator but they should be highly logical, rational and clever in their speech, so blessings of Mercury is essential for them.

All these planetary placements and combinations provide an overview of the prospects of a Sagittarius native in the legal and law domain. If you want a personalized career prediction report, you can register here for an exclusive and detailed birth chart analysis report.