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The role of Ascendant in your Profession

A detailed analysis of your 10th house of profession can reveal which career will be best for you. The article talks about the astrological significance of your ascendant & its role in your profession. It also shares the relation of your rising sign with the 10th house to predict the best career options for you.

The role

As per the Vedic Astrology, Ascendant is considered to be the most crucial house as it is the first house in the natal chart of an individual. Ascendant is also known as ‘Lagna’ in Sanskrit in Vedic Astrology and gives important hints about the facade, brain and its capacity to think, personality, health and well being along with other important aspects and dimensions of mundane life. Around 60 – 70 percent of the total prediction that is made is done on the basis of the analysis of the ascendants. Any of the planets can be the Lord of the ascendants as the natal chart of an individual (barring Rahu and Ketu who are not the Lords of any of the ascendants). As we all know, there are in total of 12 ascendants and their prediction individually will depend upon these 7 planets and their planetary position at the time of the native’s birth. The condition, placement and the direction of the Lord of the ascendant play an essential role in the income or financial, personal, professional and mental state of a native.

In this article, we are quoting a few examples to make the point clear as to how important is the role of ascendants for your profession.

Aries Ascendants

In the case of Aries ascendants, the Lord of the 10th House (House of Career) will be Saturn and the Lord of the ascendant is Mars. In this ascendant, the Lord of financial or income status (Eleventh House) is also represented by the planet Saturn. Therefore, one should go for career options related to the planets Mars and Saturn.

Mars represents career such as real estate, profiles related to hotel or restaurant, any mechanical field, any sport related field, Army, and Police, etc.

Saturn represents any technical field like software engineering, lawyer, law and order, medical profiles, profiles related to agriculture, oil, and iron and many of the likes.

Libra Ascendant

Venus is said to be the Lord of the ascendant as per the Vedic astrology and Libra ascendant along with the planet Moon as the Lord of the Tenth House (House of Career). Hence, those people who have Libra ascendant should choose profiles that are related to the Moon and Venus planets.

Venus represents any field related to art and creativity, fashion, designing, photography, boutiques, cosmetic good, female garments and apparels, perfumes, hotel industry and many more of the likes.

Moon represents profiles related to beverage manufacturing, production of dairy and milk products, speculative acts, share markets and many more.

Sagittarius Ascendant

As per the Sagittarius Ascendants, Jupiter is the Lord of the ascendant in the moon sign along with Mercury being the Lord of the Tenth House (house of career). Those individuals who have Sagittarius ascendants are assured to excel in the field associated with Jupiter and Mercury.

Jupiter represents education, teaching field, administrative profiles, clerical job, religious activities, and the likes.

Mercury represents any profile related to consultation or commission that does not require high investment at any point of time, brokerage, Chartered Accountant profile, advisory field and many more.

Capricorn Ascendant

According to the Capricorn Ascendant, Saturn is the Lord of ascendant and Venus is the Lord of the Tenth House (House of Career). Also, both of the planets have a friendly and cordial relationship with one another. Therefore, Saturn and Venus related fields and profession will be extremely beneficial for the Capricorn ascendants.

Any technical profiles such as software engineering, lawyer, law and order, medical profiles, profiles related to agriculture, oil, and iron and many of the likes are represented by Saturn.

Venus represents several fields related to art and creativity, designing, boutiques, fashion, hotel industry, photography, female garments and apparels, cosmetic good, perfumes, and many more of the likes.

Similarly, there are multiple such fields related to the other ascendants and their Lords which can let a person know of a suitable profile according to the Lord of the ascendants along with the Lord of the tenth House (House of Career).

Apart from the Ascendants, other elements such as the planetary placement and position, retrograde movements of the planets, degrees, malefic effects, also need to be considered and thoroughly analyzed as they have a huge role play in the professional life of the native.

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