10th house & your career

4th December is regarded as the Navy Day. On this auspicious day, Indastro pays humble tribute to the Indian Navy personnel and veterans who fearlessly protect our coasts. As India celebrates the Navy Day, we take a look at the important astrological planets and houses that help in paving your professional career path. The 10th house of your birth chart represents fame, honor, success, working environment, professional choices, livelihood, and the most important aspects of your career. In this article, you can learn how a detailed reading of your horoscope and the 10th house can determine your career direction.

10th house & your career

In the Vedic astrology, the Tenth House has direct links with the success and failure of one’s career graph and path. It is said that the greater the number of planets present in the Tenth House, there will be higher chances of positive activities to take place in his or her life.

As per astrology, the Tenth House is the Karma Bhava which is directly related to the work the native does along with the profession one chooses for them. It is an extremely crucial house for the career of the native. A deep study of the native or birth chart of the person along with a deeper analysis of the Tenth House will open the mysteries related to career such as what line of work would be chosen by the native, what kind of job role will follow, that is will be the owner or the employee of a company and the likes of it. It also helps in answering questions such as if you will hold an authoritative position or work as a subordinate and what will be your income or earning capacity.

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Astrological clues are present amongst the career choices that we make for being successful and ahead in the game of life. There are a few particular fields of a career that have a strong connection to the particular planets and houses. These connections are known as Astrological Clues in layman’s term.

The success in your career depends on facts such as the position of the ruler of the tenth house along with the various aspects associated with the house. It is important to note that the ruler f the Tenth House is completely dependent on the birth chart of the native with the planetary positions of various planets. Hence, in other words, we can say that different people have different planets as the ruler of the Tenth House which ultimately leads to their choice of career further. Therefore, it is imperative for a person to choose a career field related to his/her Tenth House in order to be successful in their particular field.

When the Tenth House is ruled by different planets; the career options and aspects of the growth for the native change accordingly. In the following article, we will discuss how various planets as the ruler of the tenth house affect the career decision of the native. The flow of the article is based upon the strongest ruler of the Tenth House followed by the rest in the list.


People, those who are associated with the fields such as oil, gas, refinery, railway, hard metals industry and are pretty successful in their respective fields, and they have a really strong position of Saturn in the tenth House. Therefore, Aquarius and Capricorn moon signs will also have a great connection with their Tenth House and will be able to achieve a new height in the career related to the above-mentioned fields. These moon signs are known for their tendency of being extreme workaholics with a great sense of ambition.


People with a really strong connection with the tenth house are generally known for being associated with the career options related to calculation and numbers. Therefore, career options such as accounting, brokerage, profiles that involve huge calculations will be a good option for those with strong Mercury in their tenth House. Mercury is also closely related to speech and communication hence, career prospects such as those involving public speaking such as public speakers, politicians, teachers will also suit them a lot. Moon sign falling under Mercury, namely Virgo and Gemini have a strong connection with the Tenth House.


Individuals with the extremely strong position of Venus in the Tenth House are known to be particularly associated with career choices such as those related to the fashion industry, media, photography; cosmetics, jewelry, and hotel industry have a successful career in their lifespan. Venus in the Tenth House also associates the individual to the industries such as music, singing and speaking as well. They experience a stable financial situation throughout their life. Hence, we can safely say that Taurus and Libra will have a bright future in the above-mentioned career choices with the strong connection of their ruler in the Tenth House.


People with a strong placement of Mars in the Tenth House are known to be massive powerhouses of energy as well as enthusiasm. There career option for them is also associated with the field that helps them utilized their pool of energy. Hence sports such as hockey, football, wrestling, and cricket are few of the sports careers for the Mars oriented individuals. Apart from sports, other profiles that require leadership qualities along with the sense of ownership and being the center of the action will also be a suitable profile for them. Profiles such as that associated with real estate, Hotel industry, and army are a few to fall into the category that is supported by a strong Mars in the Tenth House in their native or birth chart respectively. Aries and Scorpio are the Mars oriented moon sign who experience this strong connection of Mars with the tenth House and can pursue any of the above-mentioned career choices.


When the Sun is strongly positioned in the Tenth House, the native possesses entrepreneurial abilities and qualities. This particular arrangement is also known to give the individual certain exceptional qualities such as leadership, authoritative, strong resolute character, excellent management skill, high recognition, the capability to master an art completely. Therefore those who are successful in career options such as those related to sports, clerical profile, high government post, judge and many more have a strong Sun in the Tenth House of their native or birth chart along with a strong connection between the Tenth House and Leo moon sign.


People who have Jupiter strongly placed in the Tenth House of career are bestowed with the blessings of huge expansions, success, and popularity in their particular area of expertise or their business. They share a bighearted and compassionate character. Therefore, career options in the field of education, teaching, administrative role, high position in religious organization and activities or events, social and charity-related profile, and many others have a super strong Jupiter placement found in the Tenth House of the native’s birth chart. Therefore Jupiter ruled moon sign Sagittarius and Pisces also have a strong connection with the tenth House and the mentioned job profiles.


The tenth house of any birth chart is representative of the character, status, karma, career, position and ambition and other such important aspects of the native’s life. For such individuals; ‘More is Less!’ as they constantly work to achieve something worth working for in life. Such people have a successful career in the field such as those related to the production of dairy products, related to the production of beverage and other liquid products, and speculative activities such as related to share market, gambling etc as they Moon has a strong connection and placement in the Tenth House and hence people who belong to the Cancer moon sign benefit a lot from this connection in the specified fields.

To conclude, we can say that the Tenth House represents the native’s highest aspiration and accomplishment to reach the new zenith of success and the various ruler of the house play a huge role in choosing the right career path for the individuals as per their birth chart.