What it takes to become a successful physiotherapist?

Find out how planets play a role in making one a successful physiotherapist.

What it takes to become a successful physiotherapist?

“A physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist,

the heart of a humanist, and the hands of an artist”

- Anonymous

A physiotherapist or a physical therapist, in medical terms, are considered as experts in alleviating movement dysfunction through exercise therapy, pro-active care, and application of some therapeutic agents, thereby enhancing the person’s quality of life. World Physical Therapy Day is an opportunity to celebrate these medical professionals, whose contributions to the health field go unnoticed, most times.

In 1996, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) designated 8th September as World Physical Therapy Day. It gives a recognized platform to physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution the profession makes in the society and the challenges that the domain face.

Amid a lot of debate on the recognition of physiotherapy as a core medical profession, the field has garnered a robust fan following. Not only there has been an increase in the number of people who are taking the route to physical therapy to treat musculoskeletal disorders, but the volume of medical students who are taking up this specialization to pursue a career has also gone up. The demand for this profession is not only growing in India, but is also intensifying on the global landscape.

It is thus, both interesting and important to discuss some crucial astrological combinations that offer a successful career in physiotherapy.

Venus, the benefactor of medicine

To begin with we need to understand the physiotherapy is basically a medical science stream and any inclination to this branch will come through Venus. If Venus is well-placed, in all its strength, in your birth chart, you will have a natural inclination to take up a course in medical science, as Venus is the karaka for medicine, in Vedic astrology. Beside this, a strong presence of Sun and Moon are always considered beneficial as it represents the power of your ‘inner self’ and ‘outer self’.

Other than Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are the important planets to be studied in the natal chart of a physiotherapist.

Rahu is the karaka of bones and it is one of the key planets to be considered in the birth chart of a physiotherapist. A well-placed Rahu will give you the required know-how of treating problems related to bone. Similarly, if Ketu (indicator of yoga, meditation) or Mercury (which signifies nervous system, creativity and hands) have any connection with Jupiter in the natal chart of a person, they can succeed as physiotherapists. This combination specially works well for Cancer moon sign ascendants.

Saturn and Mars, play crucial role in giving a successful career as a physiotherapist

Saturn is believed to represent joints, in Vedic astrology, and thus, a strong Saturn in your birth chart bestows you with in-depth knowledge of joint treatments. For Mars, the planet specifically represents physical strength and since physiotherapy requires a lot of physical labor in diagnosing and treating the patient and making them movable, assessing strength of Mars becomes fundamental. In fact, a combination of Saturn and Mars in the birth chart of a native, creates favorable yoga for a doctor’s profession.

Not to forget the role of Jupiter and Sun

Though Jupiter and Sun doesn’t directly influence the career of a physiotherapist, but there role is important in laying the foundation of the process. Jupiter is the karaka of wisdom and you will need its blessings in gaining appropriate knowledge in the field of physiotherapy. As for Sun, it will allow you to acquire name, fame and status from the profession that you will take up, which in this case is physiotherapy. A combination of Sun and Saturn or Sun and Mars is also believed to give favorable opportunities in the domain of physiotherapy.

Moving over the planets, the role of houses in your natal chart becomes important in identifying the possibilities of you becoming a successful physiotherapist.

First and foremost, your 1st house has the central part to play in ascertaining your future as a physiotherapist. So, if Venus makes an association with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in your 1st house, you will have an innate interest in the field of medical science.

Once your interests are established, you will need to get specific and quality education in the said domain. Here the role of your 5th house becomes very important. Any connect Venus with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in your 5th house, will help boost your education prospects in the domain of physiotherapy.

Moving ahead, the role of your 10th house comes into play. This house signifies your career. The strength of this house is essential for attaining success in your professional endeavors. And, if any of the above planets occupies, aspects or relates in any other way to your 10th house, you will, in all possibilities, prosper as a physiotherapist.

Whether you will be an independent physiotherapy consultant or will work in a hospital, can be identified by looking into the 6th and 7th house of your horoscope. Your 6th house denotes job or service, thus giving you a profession in hospitals, nursing homes or medical institutes. Your 7th house symbolizes business, and hence its strength will offer you a successful run as an independent physiotherapy consultant, who will practice through their own clinic.

Last but not the least, judging the strength of your 11th house is crucial to establish your income possibilities from the chosen profession. Therefore, a healthy association of any of the benefic planets for physiotherapy profession in this house will assure you good income prospects from this specialization.

While this is just a generalized overview, specific and more accurate predictions can be made through analyzing the birth chart of the native. If you have queries in this respect or if you want to share some more astrological anecdotes on this topic, please feel free to write in the comments section.