Is banking & finance a wise career choice for Gemini ascendants?

Those who are born with Moon in Gemini, has Gemini as their moon sign or those who are born in the rising of Gemini have a dual nature. They are an air sign and are quite high on emotions. But they have great talent in the areas of communication, writing, analytics and calculations. On the functional part, Gemini moon sign are more inclined towards spreading information, creating and sharing solutions, and to advise others, so any career which demands these skills would perfectly suit them.

Interestingly, banking and finance do touch upon some such qualities and thus, it is considered as a mediocre career option for Gemini ascendants. Why mediocre and not good? Because, this profession demand consistency and patience, which most Gemini natives are devoid of, and thus they may not excel in this domain, but can do fairly well with some supportive planetary combinations and related house strengths in their natal chart.

For the starters, Mercury lends a great support to Gemini moon sign, in providing the right direction to their aspiration to make a career in banking and finance domain.

Being the ruler of this zodiac sign, Mercury has the lordship of 1st and 4th house of their natal chart. This placement helps boosts a Gemini natives desire to take up a career in banking and finance domain, by positively influencing their attitude and basic education to meet the fundamental needs of this field.

Moreover, a more favorable condition for a Gemini ascendant to succeed in the baking and finance domain would be to have Mercury positioned in their 4th house, having an aspect on the career house with Jupiter as the lord. This placement gives the Gemini ascendant a natural flair for consultancy jobs in the financial services sector. They can also succeed as freelance financial consultants and may also start their own business with this placement in their birth chart.

The strength and lordship of the 2nd and 11th of the Gemini native also favors their career in banking and finance.

As the natural tendency of the Gemini moon sign is to prosper in fields which offer a lot of scope for travel and movement, the planetary influence of their 2nd and 11th house combine to give them favorable results on these grounds.

Moon is the lord of their money house and Mars is the lord of their income house. This placement makes the native action-oriented and thus they progress in professions which requires them to act swiftly and use their physical and mental strength. Also, this is a positive placement for verbal proficiency. A Gemini ascendant is thus, blessed with a meticulous and refined speech to progress in profiles such as, mutual fund advisors, wealth management consultants and in transactions and operations involving public dealing.

Some other auspicious planetary potions and combinations in the natal chart of Gemini ascendant that favors career in banking and finance include:

  • Strength and placement of Moon, which gives the Gemini native skills in reasoning with wisdom, quick-wit, understanding of the minute details. The only thing lacking here is indecisiveness.
  • Lordship of Venus in the 5th and 12th house makes the Gemini native skilled at money handling and public dealing jobs.
  • Saturn being the lord of 8th and 9th house may give change of place, slowly and steadily.

However, things can be more encouraging to ensure you success in banking and finance domain with the following planetary placements.

  • If Mercury is placed in the 9th house and makes an association with Venus (in the 12th house) and Jupiter is also well-placed in the birth chart of a Gemini ascendant, it accelerates the prospects of higher education and career growth in the country of origin and even abroad.
  • If Jupiter is placed in the 10th house the native will be meticulous on studies and work-related matters, because this placements of Jupiter aspects basic education, career gains and also influences the additional source of income of the native.
  • If Venus is placed in the 5th house in its own sign it provides excellent public dealing skills to the native.
  • As the lord of the 12th house, Venus will support change of place in the same role or designation.
  • If Venus is placed in your 5th house, in its own sign, will give you excellent public speaking skills. And, as the lord of the 12th house, it may give you option in the same field abroad.
  • If Saturn is placed in career house, with lordship of Jupiter, or Jupiter is placed well in the 10th house career, the person develops an inclination for a steady job.

While success and progress is one thing, you need to make the ends meet to lead a good life. Thus, your profession must give you good gains and income prospects for a better life.

In the natal chart of a Gemini Jupiter influences the income generation capabilities of the native. Fortunately, Jupiter is the lord of 7th and 10th house in your natal chart, and will thus aspect your money house, which signifies that financial gains will be evident through wisdom and action. In simple terms, this suggests that self-belief and hard work will give you good income gains from a career in banking and finance sector. You will earn as much as your hard work.

Alternatively, if Jupiter is afflicted or weak in your birth chart, placement of Moon and Mars can help support your income gains. If Moon the lord of money house is placed in the house of income and Mars (lord of career house) is placed in the 2nd house or 6th house of the Gemini ascendant, a person can get excellent gains with little efforts in the right direction.

Know your true calling…

Career progression for Gemini demands constant change, so they will do well in jobs which requires travel. To clear your misconceptions, banking and finance does involve a lot of work-related travel for various profiles, including sales, marketing and financial advisory roles. In fact banking is quite a movable job, where the employees are transferred on a periodic basis to various locations, inside and outside the country, depending upon the reach of the bank or financial institute. So, if banking and finance, as a sector, is something that excites you and you want to pursue a career in this field, just look out for the right opportunity to realize your professional ambitions.

This is a broad representation of how a Gemini moon sign will do in a career in banking and finance domain. For more accurate career prediction get your exclusive Career Analysis Report.