Arvind Kejriwal's luck & fortune

Arvind Kejriwal's rise to fame is written in history. In this article we track his past, present and future from astrological view point.

Arvind Kejriwal's
Arvind Kejriwal first shot to fame as the key person behind the formulation & implementation of RTI ( Right to Information) act in India. He, however came in limelight as a part of Social Activist Anna Hazare’s team members launching a movement for Lokpal Bill. He is in news for reasons besides his Social Activism now, as he has chosen to take the route of Politics in India. Last year he formed ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ – a political outfit and is contesting Delhi State Assembly Elections as a Chief Ministerial candidate.

So what promises does the chart hold for Mr. Arvind Kejriwal - the latest entrant on the political scenario of India? Can he take on the big and established parties like Congress and BJP? Will he have a successful political career? Let us try to decode these from his horoscope.

The horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal below has been prepared based on the data available in the public domain.

Date of Birth: Friday, August 16, 1968
Time of Birth: 23:46:00
Place of Birth: Hissar

kejriwal horoscope

Let us first analyze the horoscope and the auspicious yogas (combinations) along with the Dasha and Transit system.

The Ascendant
It is Taurus Lagna with the exalted MOON posited there. The Lagna lord VENUS which is the also the lord of 6th house of competitions and mental stability is well placed in a square – the 4th house.
The Lagna as well as MOON Rashi (sign) of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal are seen – Vrishab (Taurus).
There is no aspect of the malefic planet on the 1st house.

Such a person would be slim, lean and adept in some art such as music or painting or acting.
He is likely to be a home loving, happy, virtuous person blessed with Matra Sukha (happiness on account of mother).

This combination of planets makes him a person who would be able, self made. He will earn name, fame by self exertion.

Arvind Kejriwal is a person who is ambitious and would apply his “heart” as well as “head” in a persistent and steadfast manner till he achieves his goals. To help him achieve his goals, he is blessed by nature with courage, a competitive spirit, determination and some vindictive nature. The Lagna being a fixed and earthy sign, with exalted MOON in it, multiplies these qualities manifold. The public has already seen these qualities since his appearances on the national scenario when he joined Anna Hazare’s movement for Lokpal Bill.

The Nakshatra
Arvind Kejriwal is born in Kritika Nakshatra – 4th pada. It is the Nakshatra of SUN. In his natal horoscope, SUN the lord of 4th house.

Kritika literally means “the one who cuts”. Mr. Kejriwal does seem to display this quality in his approach towards his opponents. Also in general, his basic stand is against corruption and the corrupt. When loosely translated it can also mean the ability to be critical – which he has and has it in abundance.
Such a person has a very penetrative observation with a deep desire to explore what is hidden beneath the surface. Those born under this constellation are usually believers of “tit for tat” approach and are not easily forgiving.

Kritika is a restless Nakshatra, ever indulging in activity – be it in the form of leadership, education or fight. The 4th pada of Kritika Nakshatra falls in Pisces Navamasha which is ruled by JUPITER. Hence this explains his leadership qualities and the group work (leader of Aam Aadmi Party - AAP).
SUN is the rural of the Nakshatra, which gives the native a lot of energy and independence. Just like SUN’s rays such persons have direct approach.

If you have been following Mr. Arvind Kejriwal on TV or through Newspapers, you would confirm the presence of such traits in him.

3rd House
The 3rd house is the indicator of courage and the ability to meet challenges. Mr. Kejriwal has MARS in his 3rd house – the best possible planet to support this trait. In addition, the lord of 3rd house is MOON which is exalted and well placed in the Lagna - as discussed in the previous lines.  This combination is very good for courage, will power and mind stability. The debilitated MARS, of course, restricts the native which otherwise could have made him a ruthlessness person.

5th House
The presence of KETU in the 5th house makes him a sharp but critical thinker. At the same time, he would be constantly worrying. This could be mentally torturous if not controlled or may give birth to scheming mind.

Also this may give him digestive problem from time to time.

6th House
This is a house of employment, competition, health, disease etc. VENUS is the lord of this house, besides being the Lagna lord. Two malefic planets MARS and SATURN aspect this house. The closer study of the role of these two planets in the birth chart of Mr. Kejriwal will indicate that he will have a career which will be involved in dealing with masses and also fighting with the competitors. In order to be successful, he will have to fight and get victory.

10th House
This is the house of career, profession, name and fame. It would be interesting to thoroughly analyze various hidden messages coming from this house. Firstly, SATURN is the lord of this house. Secondly, SATURN is debilitated and is in the 12th house. This connects him with masses albeit, he would have limited appeal. This is understood by the present state of affairs where he is like by a certain class of intellectuals but is lesser known or favored in the rural India.

Also he may have to face of monitory loss or defeat or subjugation at times during the adverse dasha period coupled with adverse transit of planets.

Thirdly, the 10th house of Mr. Kejriwal is being aspected by four planets – SUN, MERCURY, VENUS and JUPITER. This confirms his present interest and role in politics and affairs of the country. Such a combination of planets makes the person very skillful, self made but not very happy in his place. He is under constant pressure or threats from others which will keep him worried.

The current Dasha and the Transit of Planets
Arwind Kejriwal is currently running the Maha Dasha of JUPITER since 17th August 2004 and the sub dasha of VENUS since 29th June 2013. Although the Dasha of JUPITER is likely to give him many challenges and surprises but it will also make him professionally ambitious and a politically active leader. His decision to fight election and cleanup the corruption in the society is perhaps inspired by the sub dasha of VENUS which is his Lagna lord as well as the lord of 6th house. Both the planets are placed in the 4th house and are aspecting his 10th house of profession.

It is quite certain that at least during the dasha of JUPITER (up to 17th August 2020); Kejriwal will remain politically active and also ambitious.

Currently, there are 4 planets moving over his 6th house including the exalted SATURN. Also the transit JUPITER from his 2nd house is aspecting the 6th house, 8th house and 10th house.

The Results
  • As per the calculations based on Dasha system, Transits of Planets, he and his party should get a noticeable number of seats in Delhi State Assembly Elections taking place in December 2013.
  • At least till August 2020, he will be an important player in the regional politics.
  • He may also be known and noticed at the national level.
  • The presence of favorable Yogas (combinations) in his horoscope such as Gaj Kesari will bless him with intelligence, success, fame, power and position.
  • The presence of RAHU in the 11th house, will ensure extra ordinary gains, popularity and social status.
  • The other Yogas present in his horoscope such as Budha Aditya Yoga, Raja Yoga and auspicious placement of planets shall fortify his position further.
  • However, it is doubtful if he would become the next Chief Minister of Delhi or would get any position of fame easily. One of the reasons is the debilitated SATURN. He will have to exert himself to achieve anything professionally.

The Verification
kejriwal horoscope dashamsh.

Using the Ashtakvarga system, it can be seen that the following houses have more than 30 points each:
  • 1st House (Strong individual, good health, balanced mind)
  • 2nd house (Wealth acquired by self efforts, speech)
  • 3rd house (Courage, ability to face challenges, stamina)
  • 6th house (Employment, competition, subordinates)
  • 11th house (Gains from efforts, social circle and friends)
Let us also study the divisional chart D-10 to go deeper into his professional success.
  • The sign in the first house is Aquarius whose lord is SATURN. Thus he will have to work hard and face challenges before success greets him.
  • SATURN will give him persistence.
  • SATURN being the 12th lord also, he will at times have to concede defeat. In other words, it will not be hands down victory for him.
  • MERCURY the lord of 5th house and 8th house will link the application of mind to his line of work and can also give sudden twists in the form of unexpected gains and losses.