Kangna Ranaut's Horoscope Analysis

Kangna's rise to the Bollywood's top actresses has its astrological roots. We explore in this article what made her the queen of Indian Cinema.

Kangna Ranaut's Horoscope Analysis


There is always a time period for each bollywood heroine to rule the world of glamour and make her fans go crazy. At this time the movie loving audience is offered hit movies of the heroine one after the other – rather quickly. Many reasons and circumstances come up (or they are manufactured?) which contribute the name, fame and success of the actor.

The heroine becomes a ‘hot’, ‘sought after’, ‘much discussed’ property and can easily be called the destiny’s “Queen”

In this article, we have picked up one such actor for two reasons – One, she fits into the above criterion and second this is her birth month. In case, you have not guessed about this celebrity then let me inform you that it is Kangana Ranaut – the reigning Queen of Hindi cinema.

Kangana Ranaut is entering her 28th year of life on March 20th 2014. The available information tells us that she started her career in 2003 in the world of modeling, which she soon left to join theater acting. This lasted till 2005 / 2006.

Film Acting Career

The well known director Anurag Basu offered her a role in the film Gangster. The film was released in 2006. There has been no looking back since. Every year one or two films of her have been released. With every film she has been found to be maturing in her acting and confidence. Although it cannot be denied that she has experimented with her looks a lot – much more than her contemporary perhaps.

Currently she is in the lime light for her films Queen and Revolver Rani. It is hoped that she will give many more movies in the near future and we will also examine this astrologically in this article.

Kangana Ranaut Horoscope

She was born to a Rajput family in Himachal Pradesh. The birth details available are as follows:

Date of Birth : 20th March, 1987
Place of Birth : Bhambla in Himachal Pradesh
Time of Birth : This is not known, therefore, in this article we have adopted the system of transit of planets (both from Moon and Sun signs for better accuracy)

The horoscope casted, tells us the following about the position of planets:

  Sun     Pisces
  Moon     Scorpio
  Mars     Aries
  Mercury     Aquarius
  Jupiter     Pisces
  Venus     Capricorn
  Saturn     Scorpio
  Rahu     Pisces
  Ketu     Virgo

Observation of the Astrological Facts in her Horoscope

  • She has a very powerful Hansa Mahapurusha Yoga present.

This is capable of giving her a fair complexion, beautiful face and the skin which has a golden luster. As per the classics, the sexual urge in the native is insatiable. The person enjoys variety of physical and material.

  • Sankhya Pasha Yoga

This makes the person adept in work, skillful in earning wealth, yet having numerous drawbacks.

  • Debilitated Moon

Not only the Moon is debilitated but it is sharing the zodiac sign with Saturn. This is likely to give her a lot of mental disturbances and also make her lacking in self confidence at times. The proximity to Saturn run a potential danger for her getting into low mood / depression during the adverse period which could be during the not favorable dasha and / transit.

The readers may ask that why this double negative future has not made her insane so far? Well the answer from me would be a quick one and that is because of the aspect of great benefic planet Jupiter, in addition to the condition that the result fructify only during the dasha and the sub dasha of the planets.

  • The combination of Sun and Jupiter

This gives her many benefits and this is further enhanced by the facts that Jupiter is in its own sign and Sun is in the friendly sign.

However, there is Rahu also present in the same sign which reduces the benefits.

To interpret the meaning of the positioning of these three planets, let us examine their placement from Sun sign. This positioning takes place in the first house itself. This shows that the native will go up much higher on the ladder of success, name and fame in her life. She will get almost all the materialistic pleasures which the world can offer.

However, there are two observations to caution her. One during her later years, she will have to guard against the tendency to gain weight. Second, the positioning of Rahu – Ketu makes the subject of harmony and stability in relationships a challenge.

  • Placement of Venus

As seen from the Sun sign, Venus the representative the performing arts and beauty is in the eleventh house and also from Moon it is in the third house and also in the friendly sign – Capricorn. This confirms that her taste and interest in Cinema and also her source of earning is Cinema / Performing arts.

  • Placement of Mars

Her Mars is in its own sign – Aries. This is good. Also when seen from the Sun sign, Mars is the representative of wealth and savings. From Moon sign, it is in the sixth house. This shows that she will be keeping her money safe and be very aggressively crashing the competition which is so very important in highly competitive film industry of India.

The presence of Mars in second house can also indicate surgery on the face.

  • Role of Saturn

This would make her a determined person – almost to be extent of being very rigid and unshakeable in her thoughts.

Confirmation of above Astrological Observations from the events in her life so far

  • Relationships

It is a well known fact that Kangna Ranaut has had quite a few unsuccessful relationships / linkups in the film industry. As per the website of a leading national daily, the first person to whom she got attracted to was Mr. Aditya Pancholi. This affair lasted quite some time in spite of a huge age gap and then it ended as if there was never a relationship. Subsequently, Mr. Adhyayan Suman – son of Shekhar Suman entered her life during the making of Raaz – 2. This too ended up in a break up to be followed by a short lived relationship with Mr. Ajay Devgan - which probably never blossomed. The other person whom she is said to have dated was Nicholas Lafferty- a UK based doctor and scientist. Currently she is single.

  • Passion for Cinema, Achievements and Recognition

It is very difficult to stick to the film industry for so long and be successful. Her life history has proven that not only she has the passion but dogged determination to be successful and I am sure, she is making good money too.

Kangana won the Filmfare Best Debutant Award for Gangster in 2006. In 2008, she again received the Filmfare as well as the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Fashion.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

We need not go into the details but it is well known that she has gone under the surgeon’s knife more than once to augment her beauty and assets.
Astrological forecast for next 12 months

Currently Jupiter is in the Gemini and shall move over to its sign of exaltation after June 20, 2014. Jupiter being her first lord and fifth lord respectively it is foreseen as follows:

  • Tremendous in her self confidence
  • Vast improvement in her acting skills.
  • Also she will be blessed with better and ambitious thinking. Therefore, she is likely to be more choosy in her forth coming selection of projects. At the same time she would like to go in for bigger banners and big budget films.
  • July 2014 onwards she may take some junior artists under her wings and play the role of their mentor.
  • She may launch her own business / production house – either independently or in collaboration.
  • Kangna Ranaut will taste still better success of her movies or shall we say that her career will accomplish greater heights.
  • She will need to guard against ego related issues.
  • Also she has to be realistic in setting her ambitious goals not very high.
    Till almost upto the year end, Saturn is exalted in Libra and is directly opposite her native Mars, Square to Venus. This means
  • There could be problems with finances. The resources will fall short of the needs and it would be difficult to get financial help.
  • Death / Accident near and dear one.
  • This indicates excessive lust leading to down fall or in fame if not check in time.
  • The enemy / competitors / ill wishers are likely to do their best in foiling the right steps taken by her to make further progress in life.
  • Some ill health.

Overall she is going to remain quite busy, and act in more movies for which she may also earn accolades during the period of next year or so.

We wish her a lot of success and a great year ahead.