An Astrological Analysis of Shah Rukh Khan's Horoscope

(Moon Sign Based)

Shah Rukh Khan is one of foremost actors in our country at the time. Known for his intelligence and versatile acting, he is currently the reigning King of Bollywood. We present to you an astrological analysis of his life through the lenses of Vedic Astrology.

An Astrological Analysis of Shah Rukh Khan's Horoscope

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most beloved actors of Bollywood, who over the span of more than 25 years in the industry, has become a household name. “King Of Bollywood” or “Badshah” of the Indian cinema, Shah Rukh Khan has huge fan following not only in India, but also across the globe.

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Shah Rukh’s Achievements:

Shah Rukh Khan has won fourteen Film fare Awards, Two Lifetime entertainment Awards along with Three Asian Film Awards. He is a prominent Actor and Producer and the owner of Red Chilies - a production company of Motion Pictures.

Shah Rukh Khan is self-made actor who was born in a middle-class family. Without being from the film fraternity, he touched the pinnacle of Bollywood with his efforts and charisma. His initiation into Bollywood was through his debut movie – Deewana in the year 1992. Winning the heart of the people with his talent, there was no stopping him after that.

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Horoscope of Shah Rukh Khan:

Name - Shah Rukh Khan
Date Of Birth - 2nd November1965
Time Of Birth - 02:30:00
Place Of Birth - Delhi
Longitude - 77 E 13
Latitude - 28 N 39

Lagna Chart:

Astrological Analysis of his Birth Chart:

Shah Rukh Khan possess Leo ascendant which is the fiery sign. Its lord Sun is the most powerful planet of the solar system. The Sun placed in the house of courage and initiative in Libra sign [Venus] makes him a daring man and powerful actor.

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He started his Bollywood career with the zing of negative character in his debut movie but still won the hearts of public. This was possible due to the placement of Moon in the Capricorn sign [Saturn] and posited in the 7th house of public image, which was very progressive in terms of popularity.

  • Venus and Saturn are one of the strongest planets of the Shah Rukh Khan’s horoscope.
  • Saturn in Aquarius sign in the 7th house indicates its beneficial role for his popularity in the public eye. He has retrograde Saturn in his birth chart which made him a good actor with daring zing. Saturn’s lordship of the 6th house of health endowed him with good and robust physical health.
  • Venus is well placed in the 5th house of creativity and has the lordship of 10th house of career and 3rd house of courage. It indicates that he would put in hard work and has inherent talent of acting skills that blessed him with the success in his movies.
  • Mars owns the lordship of the 4th house of stability and 9th house of luck and fortune. Mars is posited in the 4th house in its own sign which rules success and popularity. It indicates that it will keep him as an icon of living legend in people’s vision for a long time.
  • Mercury, the lord of the 2nd house of wealth and 11th house of gains, where Mercury is poisted in the house of stability indicates the sustained wealth profits, dominance, success, and knowledge of his talent. These were some successful steps of the ladder which took him to heights of popularity.
  • Moon has the lordship of the 12th house and is well placed in the 6th house in Capricorn sign. It will bring forward good health and full family support irrespective of his success or failure.
  • Jupiter, which heads over in his ascendant, has an important connection with planet Mars and Venus. Their combined relationship between seventh, ninth, fourth and eleventh house of Vedic astrology reveals that it will give him the wisdom to enhance his acting career more which is ruled by Venus. The fourth house planet Mars will give him vibrant energy to carry forward with his success and popularity where his acting career, personal and financial life will be successful in coming future.

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How Will His Coming Years Be?

Shah Rukh is currently under the Saturn Mahadasha till 6 March 2027. Saturn is strong and has a good position in his natal horoscope. Saturn in transit is placed in his 6th house of health and litigation and 7th house of public image.

It will bring clips of support till it moves to the Aquarius sign that will bless him with good health and give him slow and steady pace of stardom in his mature roles.

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Destiny is very strong in its tread over any horoscope, but it can also have its negative impact. This is visible from Shah Rukh Khan’s natal horoscope.

If we take his eldest son Aryan Khan’s arrest in 2021, we can refer to Saturn, the lord of the 6th house of legal matters and Jupiter, the lord of the 5th house of eldest child.

In 2021, Shah Rukh Khan was going through the main period of Saturn, which is still in progress, along with retrograde Jupiter placed in the 6th house of legal matters. This placement of Saturn and Jupiter brought forward the issue of his son.

The next Maha dasha of Mercury will be excellent for his career growth and he is advised to keep vigilance over his health. Overall, he will be blessed with good fortune and excellent time period for gains.


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