Vimsottari Dasa Reading

Vimsottari Dasa Reading


‘When’ is as important as ‘What’ will be in your future!

Dasa is a unique concept in Vedic Astrology that allocates fixed time periods, ranging between 6-20 years, for specific planets to manifest their effects in your lifetime. It is an ultimate truth that the effects of a Dasa in operation overrides all other effects that are experienced due to various transits of planets, such as Sade-Sati and others.

  • The Dasa system has been in operation for more than 2000 years in India. It has turned out to be the backbone of Vedic Astrology and, in the hands of an expert astrologer, is an infallible tool to predict your life story.

What is the Significance of Dasa?

The Dasa system has a full cycle run of 120 years that is split into 9 parts, which are owned by each planet. We enjoy those parts of this cycle where the contributing planets are powerful.

  • Whenever you have experienced a change in life - whether for good or for worse - the reason behind it has always been a change in your operating Dasa. It is about timing trends in your professional, financial as well as personal matters irrespective of its tenure.
  • You could have a very strong planet in your birth chart but if that particular planet's Dasa does not operate at the right stage in your life, it would be like a 'rain in the ocean', i.e., amounting to no benefit.
  • Similarly, you might have observed that while someone flourishes very early in life, for others success may come late. This happens because of a benevolent Dasa becoming operational either very early or very late in their lives.
  • Each Dasa comes with an inter-period and each change brings an opportunity and also some challenges.

Types of Dasa in the Vedic System

Vedic system has many Dasa types that were devised for many different purposes:

  • Vimshottari Dasa
  • Ashtottari Dasa
  • Yogini Dasa

However, over the centuries, Vimshottari Dasa has come to be used as the default Dasa due to its very precise and scientific structure. Unless specified, Indastro usually uses Vimshottari Dasa as the reference for Dasa Fortune Reading.

General effects of Dasa of each planet

  • Sun: A Sun period usually points to changes in your soul & affects your self-esteem & assertions/goals in life – Total Period of 6 years.
  • Moon: A Moon period brings changes in your emotions as well as your mental peace & creativity – Total Period of 10 years.
  • Mars: A Mars period brings changes in your passion as well as your courage & confidence – Total Period of 7 years.
  • Rahu: A Rahu period brings changes in something which is very close to your heart as well as your self-realization & confusion – Total Period of 18 years.
  • Jupiter: A Jupiter period brings changes in your wisdom & knowledge; affects your spirituality & happiness – Total Period of 16 years.
  • Saturn: A Saturn period brings changes in your emotions & affects the challenges & achievement of goals in your life – Total Period of 19 years.
  • Mercury: A Mercury period brings changes that are close to your mind & intelligence as well as to your righteousness, virtues & goals of life – Total Period of 17 years.
  • Ketu: A Ketu period usually points to changes in your personality & affects your self-realization, salvation, & goals in life – Total Period of 7 years.
  • Venus: A Venus period usually points to changes in your happiness, your self-pleasure & luxury goals of life – Total Period of 20 years.

Benefits of Dasa Fortune Reading

  • Each dasa is actually the signature period of one of the 9 planets in your life & the connections it makes with your other 8 planets. This report will work out the combined effects of each planet on your destiny, the effects of each such planet combo & their combined chemistry on your fortune & destiny.
  • The most amazing part of the dasa story is the contradictions that sometimes come up - as a planet that brings a career elevation can also create health problems for mother at times OR a career downfall could also bring an opportunity in an overseas location creating the next path for you.
  • This analysis would be a 360 degree view of how the planet will play a part in your destiny & how karmic effects would play out for you.
  • Each such combination responds to remedies also that we shall suggest in the reading.
  • To make it more useful, you can ask us ONE specific question along with your reading or opt for a webchat after we have processed your reading.

Helpful Tips:

  • Dasa table-based dates: To time events in your life most accurately.
  • Find out best period for career, love, finances, public recognition, etc.
  • Identify sudden unexpected changes for the good or worse.
  • Predictive forecast for various Dasa changes in the next 3,5 & 7 Dasa cycles

Report Size:

12 Pages