1. "Wait for your dasa to change for life to change"
  2. sudden unexpected changes can be described by dasa change
  3. it is possible to be prepared for the changes in life by studying dasa system

What is dasa?
Certain celestial events that earmark the beginning of change in life should draw your special attention. These phenomena are the 'Change Agents' bringing about changes in life whether for good or for bad. In astrological terms, we call them the 'major-minor' period or dasa. Human lifespan is said to be under the influence of one or the other 9 planets at all times collectively known as Vimsottari Dasa.

Our lifespan thus is divided into 9 major periods. Each of these periods is ruled by one of the 9 planets and lasts for a fixed duration of time. In order to predict the precise changes & life events, these 9 major periods are further broken down into sub periods called 'Bhuktis' or 'major-minor' periods. These periods, depending upon their time spans (anything ranging between 3 months & 3 & 1/3 years) are responsible for bringing about sudden and totally unexpected changes in life.

Understanding the significance of dasa in your life
Whenever you have experienced a change in life, whether for good or for the worse, the reason behind it has been a change in your operating dasa. It is so famously said that "wait for your dasa to change for life to change". For instance, if you are running Rahu-Ketu dasa currently, it will have special powers in your chart and will indicate the areas of life that will involve the most changes and transformation in the coming years; making you either see a meteoric rise or crash out during this phase. Similarly, Venus-Jupiter major-minor period could bring in great effects similar to recovery of a lost kingdom, property and stature. If you were to map out your last 10 to 20 years, you will be able to know the changes the life has undergone, under each dasa. And it repeats itself in a cyclic manner of opportunities & challenges. However, please note that these are all sudden and the most unexpected changes. Sudden because, one is usually complacent in life before a major-minor period begins and is taken completely off guard and shows a lack of readiness for the much changes taking place around his life now!

Why you should go for Detailed Dasa Reading
Much of these major-minor periods are the complex & unpredictable periods that offer mixed opportunities and challenges. There could be very sudden transformations in career and health or meeting of your future love partner which may culminate into a life-time relationship or relocation to a foreign land. These periods are capable of bringing about some of the most unexpected changes.

The Detailed Dasa reading will offer the current trends and changes that one would be undergoing in his life. Since these trends will have far reaching effects in the next 5 to 6 years of life, this reading could prove to be your guiding force for the coming years and keep you updated for the potential opportunities & caution about your own decisions made during the major-minor phase. It will also cover the breakdown of how the next dasa (major-minor period) & the coming years would be for you. It will earmark the dos and don’ts to mitigate the ill effects if any in order to make the most of the opportunities possible under a phase.


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