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  1. "Wait for your dasa to change for life to change"
  2. Sudden unexpected changes can be described by dasa change
  3. It is possible to be prepared for the changes in life by studying dasa system
Understanding the significance of dasa in your life
Dasa, a Vedic phenomenon is the 'Change Agent' that brings about new life patterns of life whether for good or bad. Whenever you have experienced a change in life which has a deep & long lasting effect, the reason behind it has been a change in your operating dasa. It is so famously said that "wait for your dasa to change for life to change".

The present situation warrants understanding if the changes are just a mild bump in your destiy or you have undergone a dasa change? For instance, if you are running Rahu-Ketu dasa at present, it could just make one crash out during this phase. Similarly, Venus-Jupiter dasa period could bring in great effects similar to recovery of a lost kingdom, property and stature too. It is possible to map out your last 10 to 20 years with your dasa periods also.

Why you should go for Dasa Fortune Reading
Much of these dasa periods are complex & unpredictable and offer mixed opportunities and challenges. However, the dasa period of your rising sign, planets connected with 10th house of your chart and exalted planets prove to be highly favourable.

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Dasa Fortune Reading decodes the trends and changes that you would undergo during different dasa periods. Since these trends will have far reaching effects over the next 5 to 6 years of life, this reading would keep you prepped up for the potential opportunities & obstacles both. It also enlists the dos and don’ts to mitigate the ill effects if any, to make the most of the opportunities possible under the different dasa periods.

At the same time, you would know if the current situation is here to impact you for a long time or it is just a little bump and life would come back on track.

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